1. G

    1981 E38 Speed and Depth Sensor

    I am installing new speed and depth transducers in my 1981 E38. When I got the boat they were originally mounted on the port side of the boat about 1 foot from the keel (underneath the rear port dining seat). I would like to install the new ones forward in the hull ahead of the keel. The...
  2. J

    Wanted - working Signet SL175 depth sounder/boat speed unit.

    Hi - I am looking for a used but still working SIGNET SL175 depth sounder/boat speed module plus the display. I alreay have the transducer and paddle wheel in place. Thanks any questions, please use private e-mail address. Joe
  3. J

    replacement depth, boat speed and wind speed instruments

    Hi all You may have read my earlier post about my E-28 getting hit by lightning. :esad:SHort story is I had Signet instruments on the boat from the PO and I made the decision to stay with SIgnet because I supposedly could re-use some of the wiring from the depth transducer and paddlewheel and...
  4. M

    depth transducer installation

    Hi there peoples. My question is about installing a depth sounder transducer in E27 I really don't want to drill another hole in a bottom of my boat, so I want to know if it's possible to shoot through the hull? I know, i will loose some range this way, but I know, people have done it on...
  5. P

    E-38-200 Shoal Draft Depth

    I have seen specs. quoting the shoal draft on the 38-200 at 4'11" and 5'3". On my canal that could actually make a difference. Were there certain years that were 4'11" and others that were 5'3". All of the Pacific Seacraft specs I have seen quote 5'3" Thanks, Paul
  6. treilley

    Datamarine wind, speed, depth for sale

    Speed and Dept are instruments only. Wind includes masthead unit that was rebuit by DMI last spring. $400 for the package or $100 for depth gauge S200DL $100 for speed gauge S100KL $200 for wind gauge and masthead unit LX360Q I am also open to reasonable offers.
  7. larossa

    Depth Sounder & Knot Meter

    Hello All, Anyone heard any cons about the new Raymarine ST70 Multi Function Instrument. I'm looking into replacing my aging Signet instruments with one unit and the Raymarine ST70 looks like the instrument to get. I also have looked into the Furuno Multi Function. What I have an immediate...
  8. Gmilburn

    Depth, GPS Transom Transducer Question

    Hi all, With the risk of offending the purists, I need to replace the stock depth finder on my 1977 E-29, and am considering a Garmin or Humminbird Fishfinder. They are now quite common and have built in functions such as Depth, Water Temp (I dont really care about that), Speed (via GPS) and...
  9. G

    Data Marine Depth Finder

    Hey guys and Happy Thanksgiving! We have an E32-3 1987. Our depth gauge seems to bounce all over the place with somewhat inconsistant readings. We sail in waters averaging 13 feet or less here in Galveston Bay. My instruction booklet says to adjust the shallow (under 20 ft) thing on the back of...
  10. C

    Data Marine Depth Sounder failing?

    Funny story this year (or not so): My depth sounder is starting to act up. Occasionally we get correct soundings but generally it just jumps all over the place w/ an occasional MDS (sp?) on the side. I suspected paint to be the issue. Checked all the wiring and moved some stuff around in the...
  11. P

    Need Datamarine S200DL Depth Display

    Hi All, Recently got myself a sweet little E27, here in the SF Bay area. My first boat, and I'm really having fun, enjoying the sailing and the projects (well, most of 'em!!!). I'm really happy with my Ericson. My old Datamarine depth gauge doesn't work. The transducer's good - I hooked it...
  12. Shadowfax

    Data Marine Depth Sounder

    I have a Data Marine depth sounder that I'm pretty sure the transducer needs replacing. I'm told that removal of the transducer is from the inside out, the opposite of the speed transducer. Apparently there is no sleeve involved as in the speed transducer, so we are probably talking...
  13. Jeff Asbury

    Are depth transducers interchangeable?

    Are depth transducers interchangeable with other manufactures displays? In other words, I have a Standard Horizon Depth Display that I purchased about 5 years ago and I hooked it up to a Standard Horizon transducer that was already installed in the boat when I purchased it. It has worked fine...
  14. M

    shoot-thru (in hull) depth transducer? E27

    Anyone use one on their Ericson 27? If so, where did you mount it, and did you mount it with epoxy? I've read that balsa coors are difficult to read thru. Given my boat's over 30 years old, I'm trying not to break the bank with 'feature-creep'. I just want to keep it smart and simple...
  15. Dferr

    1988 E-34 wing keel depth?

    Does anyone know the exact keel depth on a 1988 E-34? I was told it is 5'6". I read on the spec & Documents, that the E-34 had three different keels. A shoal 4'11 a deep 6'2" and a 5' wing. The boat I'm looking at has the wing. Can I be confident that it is only 5'? Thanks, Don
  16. A

    Navico DS200 Depth Sounder

    I want to replace the Transducer for my Navico DS200 Depth Sounder. As the Navico name is now out of business in N.A. does anybody know of a current make of transducer which will fit that thru hull? I know I will also have to replace the Instrument Display - but that's O.K. Main thing is the...
  17. treilley

    Datamarine depth wanted

    The display in my Datamarine depth instrument is cracked and peeling. Anyone have one they would like to part with. This is the 4 inch round display. Model is S200DL.
  18. O

    Depth Sounder Alarm Problem

    We were out enjoying a great sail this weekend when our depth sounder went off... after the wave of panic that welled up in my stomach, I realized that we were in a few hundred feet of water and that we had either passed over a whale or that the alarm was triggered somehow and got stuck...
  19. Bolo

    Wacky depth sounder

    I've done a few postings on this site about our new 32-3 and this time it's about the depth sounder. At sea trials and now that we own the boat, we were getting grossly inaccurate readings on the depth sounder. For instance, in our slip, which is about 8 to 6 feet the depth indicator showed...
  20. V

    In hull depth sounder transducers

    Has anyone been able to mount an in hull transducer for the depth sounder, and has it worked for you? If so where did you mount it in your boat? I have a hawkeye depth sounder which list for $100.00 and the instructions suggest to use a plastic bag with water and test it, I have had no luck so...