1. S

    Fuel pump does not run when key is turned

    Hello, When I turn the ignition key in my 1989 E28, Universal M2-12, the electric fuel pump is supposed to run, correct? Mine does not; has anyone had experience with this? The background of the question: My engine was running great when I decided to drain the primary fuel filter bowl for the...
  2. N

    Racor Fuel Filter Plugs?

    Our E32 with an M25 Universal has a Racor Fuel Filter with a 2 micron R24S element. The top of the filter has 3 white plugs/knobs. I have never disturbed them and just changed the R24S element regularily. But these plugs/knobs must have a purpose. Can someone please educate me on the porpose of...
  3. J

    Racor Water Seperator Filter Cartridge

    My local marine supply store is no longer stocking Racor R24S filters because "my diesel guy says the 2 micron filter is causing fuel starvation problems." The store is only offering the 10 micron filters. I've been using only 2 micron filters since forever on my 25XP. What say you? Shall...
  4. Sean Engle

    Bot Hell - Account Creation - New Filter

    Ok - so with the new human verification filter in place (if you want to see it, log out, then go to the 'Contact Us' form - pretty obvious to us, not so much to the bots), hopefully things will be a little smoother running now - and we can get back to a normal pattern of accounts. I will...
  5. F

    Results of fuel filter change--should it affect frequency?

    Hi, I changed the Racor primary fuel filter, secondary fuel filter and replaced the electric fuel lift pump on our 1984 E30+ today, and was a bit surprised at what I found. The Racor filter had been replaced two years ago, 311 engine hours ago (total engine hours now are 1023). The clear...
  6. Loren Beach

    Fuel Filter Change Frequency

    I got to pondering this and did a search on Racor (seemed like a good place to start...) on our site and could not quickly find relevant threads about changing filters, etc. :confused: The pondering started with a reading of this lengthly thread on another sailing site. The commentary and pics...
  7. Jeff Asbury

    Diesel filter question.

    Diesel filter question. As some of you may have read, about a month ago I thought I was going to have to replace my fuel tank. After replacing the old narrow copper lines from the tank with new rubber hoses and new barbs it seems to be okay. My question is that for the past 9 years since...
  8. A

    2GM20F Air Filter Element

    During my thorough examination of my "new to me" E28, I found that the foam in the air filter is starting to break down. Besides no longer serving its intended purpose, it is likely being sucked into the engine as it decays. I want to replace it but would like to find a better element than the...
  9. S

    Racor 220 fuel filter

    When changing out the rancor 220 fuel filter / separator element is it necessary to fill the filter unit/ sediment bowel with diesel before trying to bleed the system of air? My lift pump has no pump lever and I believe when the ignition is turned to on it activates the pump on my 1989 M-30...
  10. C Masone

    E32-3 fuel pump / filter location

    My Racor filter and lift pump are in an awful position to get at, any one have ideas on the best place to move them? Pics possibly? Just added this pic of my pump, it needs to be where it can be seen.
  11. P

    fuel filter priming

    I never replaced my own fuel filter on my Atomic 4. I have a Fram cartridge type filter right near the tank. I have heard that it's hard to bleed the air out after does anyone know how I could easily do it?? Does the priming lever alone do the trick?? Thanks, tired of...
  12. R

    Racor filter question

    Racor filter question-UPDATED Hello All, There is an old Racor FG200 filter on my E38. Its old but perfectly serviceable, I can still get elements for it so up till now I have had no inclination to change it out. However it started doing something weird. Normally the bowl is completely...
  13. simdim

    Gas primary water separating fuel filter on diesel

    Folks, Just bought a '79 e29 that was converted to diesel from gas (in '87) and discovered that water separating fuel filter clearly states "gas only" -Racor S3213. Previous owner who had her for 6 years never changed the filter - should i worry? Should I replace it with appropriate made for...
  14. L

    Raw water filter

    I just discovered that my recently purchased 1988 E-32-200 has no raw water filter for the diesel cooling system. In the Southeast USA when the water warms up people find gook, algae and even little crustaceans in their raw water filters. Is this usual for Ericsons not to have filters on raw...
  15. F

    Fuel filter

    I need help to get the replacement fuel filter for my universal M25 I found the right replacement oil filter ( Fram 3593A) but maybe somebody can tell me what is the Fram or Wix model witch can replace the kubota filter or maybe the kubota part number Thank's:esad::) Éric
  16. E

    Universal 25 Air Filter

    I have a 1987 E32-3. The engine has a circular air intake on the top of the engine. I opened the top of this anticipating to see an air filter of some kind. There was none. I asked around the dock and other owners said an actual filter wasn't really necesary. Is an air filter needed for...
  17. K

    Oil viscosity and filter

    It is time to change the oil and filter on our 1984 Universal M25 #5421. What viscosity would you suggest? I sail through the year including the Winter in North Idaho. Yep, freezing temps and snow. I am partial to using OE filters but, the cost is about $14.00 for the Universal filter...
  18. T

    Oil Residue at air filter

    I get some oil on the front of the engine around the air intake on the engine and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I just adjusted the valves and am going to look at the crankcase breather in the valve cover to see if it is clogged. I noticed in some shots on this site that some peole have...
  19. Keith Parcells

    Racor filter application

    My M-25 block mounted fuel filter has a broken bracket. Rather than replacing it with another that will break again, I am thinking of a Racor. The question is, which one? W M, Marine Diesel Direct & Defender on-line don't really address the appication. :confused: Which Racor is appropriate for...
  20. C

    Fuel lift pump Vs Primary fuel filter height

    I recently had a problem getting all of the air out of the fuel system :boohoo: for the engine to run reliably after cleaning the fuel tank and replacing the filters. It would run for a while and then stall out after a power drop. When I got a mechanic to look at it, he turned the lift pump on...