1. T

    E27 ladder upgrade

    OK, so this is overkill. Like putting steel toes on a set of Sperry Topsiders. I got tired of the starboard side ladder clip coming lose. The side of the companion ladder was cracked on the starboard side and I have tried over the years to either fill or stick wood into the screw hole to make it...
  2. Joe

    Need Help Identifying Ladder Bracket

    Try as I may, I cannot find any information on the source of the ladder bracket pictured. There are two of them on my boat, 13.5" apart. The ladder itself is missing, and I'd like find the corresponding ladder-side doodads that clip into these brackets. Thanks!
  3. C

    E 27 owners: Show me your Swim Ladder

    I'm planning on making a new ladder for my boat and I'm looking for ideas. I have an outboard on the back of mine , so going over the transom is a little tougher. I'm thinking about over the side just forward of the cockpit so that it lines up with the stanchion to use as a handhold. I would...
  4. adam

    Fixing/Strengthening Companionway Ladder

    I was climbing the ladder yesterday, and the screws pulled out, sending me crashing to the floor. (photo 1) Here's what I'm thinking to fix it, and I wanted 2nd opinions before I begin on the project. 1) Fill the screw holes and the gaps with gorilla glue, and clamp the entire ladder...
  5. N

    Securing Companionway ladder

    The companionway ladder in my E 30+ is not very secure, it has a habit of leaving its place at the most inopportune time (like when I am stepping up into the cockpit!) and if your not quick causing serious bruises. Hopefully none of you have experienced this, but if you have how have you secured...
  6. Bolo

    Ladder release

    Been doing a bit of thinking on how I would deploy the stern swim ladder by myself if I survived a fall into the water (while were my lfe jacket of course) while soloing. My E32-III has the usual Ericson setup with the Ball-Lok Quick-Release Pins and latches that need to be swung open to allow...
  7. B

    Wanted - Swim ladder for Ericson 39

    Looking for an inexpensive swim ladder that will fit an Ericson 39. If you don't have one to sell but know of where I can get one, please let me know. Thanks!:egrin:
  8. E

    E-38 Swim Ladder

    Hello All, The PO of my boat removed the transom swim latter:confused. Any one out there that has one they would like to sell? Or a recommendation for a fabricator in the S.F. Bay area?
  9. chuckd

    Companionway Ladder

    Anyone know where to find a companionway ladder for an e27? New or used. any help will be appreciated. - chuck
  10. C

    Swim Ladder Recommendations

    Does anyone have any suggestions for what would be a good choice for a transom mount swim ladder for an E32-2 and where it could be purchased? I'm having a lot of trouble finding one that will fit on the transom properly but also give me the length I need to get it down in the water for...
  11. B

    swim platform/rear ladder E29

    Has anyone installed a swim platform or permanent ladder on the rear of their boats? Getting in and out of the boat is a real pain sometimes from the dinghy would appreciate any help in this matter and maybe a photo if someone would be so kind. Thanks Bob
  12. K

    ladder info.

    Could anyone describe the original hardware used to mount the ladder to the companion way on a 1972 E-29? Does it mount to a piece of teak in a way it can be removed and stowed. :confused:
  13. C

    Swim ladder steps

    After more than 10 summers of anchoring out and swimming, it's become obvious that I am in need of some add on steps on the swim ladder on my E35-3 (notice I'm not in a hurry when it comes to these sort of things :)). I have seen some on the after market, but can not locate any that meet my...