1. jacksonkev

    Ericson 29 mainsail (barely used) for sale...

    I have a mainsail off of my last boat (1971 Ericson 29) for sale. Long story short, I bought an Ericson 30+ a few years ago after selling my E-29. The latter had major engine issues and a broken mast. I got a ton of low ball offers. So, I eventually took everything of value off the old boat...
  2. M

    Mainsail Ripped Ericson 28+

    <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica}p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; min-height: 14.0px}</style>I'm traveling south on the ICW, and split my mainsail in the Pamlico sound. About 2/3 up at the seam on top of a batten...
  3. M

    Mainsail foot track slides are breaking

    I have managed to break 3 of the slides on the foot of my 1990 E34 mainsail twice in the first year of ownership. The first time I and my sailmaker assumed it was the age of the plastic. But now the new ones have broken so I don't have that excuse. I have not sailed in anything over 20 knots so...
  4. IslandTime29

    Jib bag and mainsail cover E29

    Looking for a new mainsail cover and jib bag for my '76 E29. I currently have yellow, but was looking into dark blue to match the stripe on hull. Also would be interested in 8 winch covers to match. Please contact me at Thank you!
  5. S

    E27 Mainsail track insert

    I am looking for feedback/suggestions on installing a mainsail track into the bolt groove in my teardrop shaped mast and then attaching the sail to the track. Examples are Tides Marine, Antal, Harkin... On my existing setup my mainsail uses 1/2" slugs and works great until I have to reef when...
  6. V

    Mainsail for sale

    8 oz North dacron (Nordac), P=30.7, E=12.5, loose footed, sail slides, 1 set reef points, <100 hrs of use. Had it built for previous boat which I sold last year. Can't find battans. Best Offer. Call 267-799-6545. Vince Benn
  7. exoduse35

    Wanted mainsail for a 35-2

    looking for a good used mainsail, If you have one extra let me know thanks Edd
  8. C

    Mainsail cover needed

    I am looking for a used cover for my main . I have a e-27 with a boom measurement of 11' . I don't have a lot of money to pay. I could probably cut down one slightly longer if i had to. All other covers are blue.
  9. WBurgner

    Mainsail 41x39x13

    I have a used main tagged as having the above measurements. It was one of the extra sails that came with my E381. I have not used it and do not foresee ever using it. From opening it up a few years ago I recall there was a chafed area that was patched, but aside from a little wear at the edges...
  10. P

    Mainsail for sale - Ericson 35

    In So Cal - E-35 North Sail mainsail with two reef points. Two small horizontal tears (about 3" long) and wear along the leech line in a couple of places. $125 OBO and you pick up or pay shipping. Email: for more info Not sure the pictures attached, but can send...
  11. N

    In Boom Mainsail Furling

    Is a furled mainsail (boom style) any good? I mean, does it sail well and it it worth the extra trouble and expense to get one? Will the sail hold a good shape when it is furled on the boom? What about battens? I have a 1988 32-200 that is due for a new main sail. I believe that I am running...
  12. WhiteNoise

    Wanted: Mainsail

    I need a mainsail to get me by another season. Mine is in sad shape unfortunately and I have a feeling it may not make it through this season. Does anybody have a mainsail they are looking to get rid of that might fit the bill for a season? I will pay shipping. I am planning on purchasing...
  13. C

    E-29 Mainsail on ebay

    I have a 1975 E32 and have periodically been checking on ebay for a used mainsail and stumbled on this today. If I had a an E-29, and needed a new mailsail, I think I would be taking a serious look at this sail. I don't know if the sail dimensions are correct but it looks to be in great...
  14. I

    Brand new mainsail for sail - E35-3 owners take note

    We have a customer who is unable to take delivery of a brand new mainsail for an Endeavour 33 (std rig) Before it goes on Ebay I wanted to give the E35-3 community a chance to buy it. Highlights 8oz high modulus Dacron 2+2 battens (new tapered battens included) 2 reefs Radial patches...
  15. N

    CDI Mainsail Furler - Considering for E32-3

    Well I knew sailing could be expensive. After finishing a local race in wind gusts up to 33 knots I managed to severely tear my 22 yr old mainsail in our 1986 E32-3. If it is not repairable I am considering installing a CDI Mainsail Reefing System. Anyone have any experience with this or the CDI...
  16. D

    Looking For A Mainsail For 1985 E26

    We are looking for a mainsail in good condition. Specs are: Luff 30' 11" Foot 10' 5" Two reef points 5/16" diameter of slide/bolt rope that goes in the grove of the mast. Please call Daniel at 702-501-3135
  17. M

    New Mainsail

    We are anticipating the arrival of a new mainsail for our 35 MkII. We went with Dave and Edward at the Quantum loft in North Van and have been very pleased so far with their service. Dave came and measured the boat - not just the main dimensions but took all the info for jib/genoa and noted...
  18. M

    Mainsail for Ericson 34T wanted

    The sailing vessel "Bye Design" built in 1978 needs a good used mainsail. please reply to Michael Brown
  19. E

    Mainsail foot changes and other questions

    My original 1979 mainsail is coming to an end of life point. Three more new holes opening up and stretched out material around the tack that no tensioning of luff or foot will firm up makes me think it's time to start looking for a new main. I have come across a used main that is in truly...
  20. exoduse35

    looking for boom& mainsail for 35-2

    the boom on our '71 35mkll has been cut down. it has been a SF bay boat all it's life so kinda understand why but as we plan the open ended point west, and need new main sail anyway... would any one have an original laying around? does any one have info on the manufacturer of the original...