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  1. Re-packing a propeller shaft stuffing box

    E32-200 Re-packing a propeller shaft stuffing box

    Summary: I changed the packing flax material on my propeller stuffing box. It seems that no one had done this job for several years, so the difficult part was getting the packing nuts loosened up to begin with, and then extracting what I believe was the wrong-sized packing material. I am...
  2. vanilladuck

    Stuffing Box & Packing Material Choices

    Context: About to adjust the stuffing box on the E32-3 as it's dripping a little too much for my, albeit novice, taste. A drip every 2-3 seconds at the dock and a few drips a second underway in forward gear. I'm reading that it should be no drips at the dock and a 2-6 drips per minute with the...
  3. Novice stuffing box analysis, inspection, discussion

    E32-200 Novice stuffing box analysis, inspection, discussion

    A recent forum thread about another member's struggle with his "stuffing box hell" encouraged me to review my own while I have recently had my boat out of the water. As I have said many times, I don't know very much about sailboats and I'm learning everything as I go. A basic problem that...
  4. M

    FREE One wrap of 3/16" synthetic flax packing for stuffing box

    If anyone wants a 8 1/2" length of 3/16" synthetic braid flax packing, plus 3 cut segments for a 3/4" shaft, please let me know. I'll throw it into an envelope and send it to you in exchange for a little good Karma for not throwing it into the landfill. This isn't enough to completely replace...
  5. K

    E-27 Prop Shaft Hose Beside Stuffing Box

    Long story made short: 1. Boat took on water in wet slip. (Big mess!) 2. Boat donated to Oklahoma City Sea Scouts. 3. Boat now on trailer in dry slip. (Not level - but not sinking.) Amongst everything else, the hose, clamps and packing for the stuffing box need to be replaced. Packing...
  6. zube017

    1.25 stuffing box and 1.3 shaft log

    anyone ever hear of this?
  7. T

    Stuffing Box

    I've got to repack my stuffing box. She's a 25+ and no way to pull her out. I sealed the prop shaft underneath with a toilet bowl wax seal, worked really well! It looks like from what I've researched is that the way to access the stuffing box is by cutting an access hole in the quarter berth...