E25+ Rebuilding of our E25+ interior

When we bought west wind, the headliners were in really bad shape, and when we first washed the boat, we realized the bad state the portlights seals were. So wife went crazy and started stripping out the old headliner, plus the million staples, and now I'm happy to share some good results.

The headliner was replaced with PVC paneling and moulding,
for the ceilings, we used vinyl flooring,
the portlights were all removed, we then did the powder-coating of the frames, and the reglazing...
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nice work thanks for sharing. Good ideas. What did you use to attach the ceiling?
How thick is the ceiling? I am concerned about using something to long and punching thru
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So for the headliner we use some PVC stripes (that you can see on the first picture) glued with 4200 to the fiberglass, for some of them we did use a 3/4 inch long stainless steel screw, that, yes, made a very small hole on the internal fiberglass layer, but it's sealed.

on the sides we also used the same pvc stripes, glued with construction gorilla glue.

the beadboard is 1/4 inch thick plus 1/4 of the pvc stripe, we use 3/4 inch screws to screw the beadboard into the pvc stripes that were previously bonded.

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