1. Solar Arch is Finished

    E26-2 Solar Arch is Finished

    So I finally launched and got the arch assembled the rig went up and oh my god the back stay missed it. I planned on it but you know that guy Murphy. Its putting out about 8 amps of DC and I'm happy as hell.
  2. NMEA 2000 Network Installation Pt. 2

    E32-200 NMEA 2000 Network Installation Pt. 2

    At present I have two GPS antennas - one dedicated to the AIS that does not share location data with the network, and the second self-contained unit. I had originally planned to copy @footrope’s antenna installation on the frame of his dodger. Craig helpfully pointed me to the same special...
  3. AIS generally, Raymarine AIS700 specifically

    E32-200 AIS generally, Raymarine AIS700 specifically

    Summary: AIS transceivers are good - try to buy a 5 watt one. The Raymarine AIS700 will not, on its own, publish GPS location information to a Raymarine SeatalkNG network, and so any AIS avoidance alarms on the Raymarine SeatalkNG/NMEA 2000 network require an independent GPS input in addition...
  4. Splicing tiny wires

    E32-200 Splicing tiny wires

    This note like my other one on coaxial cables has been marinating since late May, 2020. As part of my boat network upgrade I wanted to add a remote microphone to my helm while moving the radio head unit below deck into my navigation system. The connectors for the remote mic cable were too...
  5. Connecting coaxial cables

    E32-200 Connecting coaxial cables

    Luke: Dang it Yoda, I didn't fly all the way to the swamps of Dagoba to learn about some Ham radio soldering baloney! I'm supposed to be out there having adventures! Reefing! Tacking! What about Han and Leia and - Yoda: Mmmmm, so the electrons will surely conform their behavior to your...
  6. NMEA 2000 Network Installation Pt. 1

    E32-200 NMEA 2000 Network Installation Pt. 1

    Summary: It cost about 5.5 grand and 40-50 hours of work. Much longer time waiting for parts than installing. Wiring DC connections is easy. Wiring coaxial connectors and tiny wires is more frustrating. Introduction This project started with a desire to add an autopilot, an AIS, and while...
  7. [Little victories] Connecting SeaTalk to SeaTalkNg

    E38 [Little victories] Connecting SeaTalk to SeaTalkNg

    We have recently been busy with the big project of tidying up our electric panel (hopefully more on that soon), so to add a quickly rewarding piece of excitement along the way, I decided to tackle a more simple project: try to connect our nav instruments to our newly installed autopilot. In the...
  8. NMEA 2000 Network Design, Electronics Upgrade

    E32-200 NMEA 2000 Network Design, Electronics Upgrade

    "Ko'olea felt the wind across his cheek, the beams of light soaking into the apex of his left shoulder, and saw the fringe of whitewater on the outer reef. The pink men repeated the names of their contraptions: “Chronometer, Compass, Sextant.” He felt pity for these strangely-dressed men who...
  9. M

    e38 Electronics Upgrade musings

    G'day E Owners, the other woman, 'Merrimist', my 86' E38 has the original Datamarine sail instruments, Log, Wind speed, wind angle and Depth gauges fitted into the cockpit port side fwd of companionway, Depth being the only one working fitted. All accessible through a nice little cupboard door...
  10. T

    Running Power Cables Through Mast

    I'm new to sailing and to Ericsons. I recently purchased Windsong, a 1970 Ericson 35' MKII as a lien sale which was stripped of electronics. I plan to do long distance sailing and will be upgrading her with all new electronics but am running into an ignorance issue on my behalf: How on earth...
  11. L

    Instrument and chartplotter advice needed

    Hi, This is my first post. We acquired an E38-200 this spring. It has original Datamarine Link 5000 depth, wind, speed setup, Garmin 182C, and Furano 1621. The Furano and Garmin work fine. The Datalink is close to dead I think. The depth appears to work when under sail but with the engine...
  12. Graham Cole

    Electronics refits etc.

    Hi Guys and Gals- I haven't been on in a while- too busy doing the boat refit and repair thing- I was wondering if you would take a look at this company video we made and give your opinions. ... This is a link to YouTube, so I think it is safe. Sorry this one is a stink pot but it pays the...
  13. C

    Time for Electronics

    The DockFather sez I don't get to go to the Channel Islands without Radar cause it can get Wicked Foggy UP there :cool: Will be looking for ChartPlotter / GPS / FishFinder / Radar System. Well....is it RayMarine or Foruno ? I am leaning Foruno :confused: Happy Navigating :egrin: :egrin:
  14. B


    I need to update my VHF, being that it stopped working the day I bought the boat. I was looking at the Standard Horizon Intrepid LE. I also want to aquire a GPS and was considering the Standard Horizon CP150 chart plotter. I was told that the US Coast Guard is going to mandate the DSC function...
  15. M

    Signet Electronics

    Hi there. I'm in need of information, and/or access to dealers and tech info for Signet electronics. Mostly to do with their knotmeter and digital sounder. I've cruised their site, but it doesn't give me any dealers or service outlet locations for my area. (Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada). The...