1. P

    Prop Problems

    Have a '70 32' Ericson After having a BAD vibration when put in gear , we dove on the boat and found broken prop. Lots of corrosion and also no nut on shaft. Any help on what to expect/ shaft size/ where to find used 3 blade prop and help on problems to expect. (can it be replaced in water??)...
  2. CSMcKillip

    rudder problems

    Do these need to be tightened?
  3. S

    Refueling problems

    Does anyone else have problems with the diesel foaming and backing up through the line and spilling out? It takes me like 30 mintues to add 25 gallons. There is no way I can hold that nozzle full open to get fuel in there. I have to let it trickle out into a funnel to fuel up.
  4. C

    Universal parts and problems

    got a 11 HP model 15(sea cooled). Ran with water valve closed. ate up impeller. Replaced and removed the thermostat. hooked up fresh water after pump, Seems to cool OK, this way. Removed exaust manifold.Need to replace.(new one $500) Questions: 1. How big a stream should come out from the pump...
  5. R

    Ericson 30 Plus Advice

    I am closing in on buying a 1980 Ericson 30 Plus. The boat looks good other than some cosmetic issues and suits my needs well. Of course I will get a survey but would love to hear from owners about the boat in general and any trouble spots to look out for before buying. Thanks, Rhicke
  6. Sven

    Problems with Dr. LED ?

    Since we just bought a few this thread is a bit disturbing: -Sven
  7. K

    Starter Problems with Ericson 30+

    Have a 1984 30+ with Universal 16hp engine. Recently began to have starter problems after replacing the starter with a rebuilt one. If I use the glow plug as recommended, then add the starter button nothing happens. If I release the glow plug the engine starts. Was told about a possible...
  8. treilley

    !!WARNING!! Garmin GPS date problems starting last weekend

    If you have a Garmin chartplotter, your date may be wrong which will affect tide/current data. Here is a temporary fix until Garmin can permanently fix the firmware for these units. If the date displayed on the GPSMAP 21xx, 22xx, 3xxx, 4xxx or 5xxx series is displaying December 31, 1989 or...
  9. J

    Ericson 26 Head Problems

    Hello all. Two months ago my wife and I became the proud owners of a 1985 Ericson 26. The bones of the boat are good, but I am finding that the PO didn’t do routine maintenance. This site has been great for the research before we bought the boat, and for the maintenance that I’ve done since...
  10. mherrcat

    Problems at Lewmar?

    I was talking to a rigging company today and asked about a Lewmar product. They said they were having problems getting Lewmar hardware. I asked if they were going out of business and he said something like, "That's what everyone in the industry is waiting to see." I searched on the web and...
  11. A

    Problems with E-35 Main halyard

    The main halyard on our recently purchased E-35 MK III tends to slip when we try to tighten the luff on the mainsail. In looking at the running rigging specs, I see that it calls for 58-feet of 3/8 line, and 42-feet of 3/16 SS wire spliced in, but the previous owner replaced it with only 3/8...
  12. mherrcat

    Problems staying logged in with iPhone

    When I use my iPhone to access the forum I cannot stay logged in for longer than it takes to view one or two posts. It's kind of annoying because I use my iPhone a lot on weekends when I'm at the boat. Is this an iPhone issue or a website issue? This also sometimes happens when I access the...
  13. B

    DC Electrical Problems

    At the end of last year I discovered my wet cell batteries were no longer wet. Over the winter I tried to resusitate them and was marginally successful with 2 of them; I replaced the 3rd. This spring I also noticed the charger (Lewco 20-amp) was boiling the electrolyte even on the lowest...
  14. treilley

    Odd cooling system problems

    Sometimes when motoring my engine stops pumping raw water. It stops coming out of the exhaust and it sounds like the water lift muffler is dry. I take it out of gear and rev the engine a few times which seems to kick start the flow but stops when it drops back to idle. If I get it flowing and...
  15. K

    e35-2 aux. water tank problems

    just purchased a 1980 e35-2. One of the problems the boat has is a leak in the aux. water tank under the cabin floor. Would like to by-pass the tank and if possible remove the tank, would lie to know if anyone has had a problem like this. Trying to find a good drawing of the layout of the...
  16. M

    Bow Stem Problems?

    I was on the bow this morning, and noticed that the metal bow stem moves fore and aft when I jiggle the forestay. I hadn't noticed this before, but I didn't look, either. The gel coat cracks in the area have not changed since I bought the boat 14 months ago, so I don't think this is a recent...
  17. J

    Olson 34 keelbolt problems

    Listmates, My boatyard has just discovered that my keelbolts are shot. One was rusted all the way through, the others in bad shape. The proposed fix: buy a keelbolt kit from Catalina and fasten these new lag bolts into the lead of the keel. In addition, carve a hole in the front of the keel 10...
  18. A

    Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel problems?

    This was extracted from another list that I participate in. "For those of us who prefer to burn clear road diesel vice the dyed marine diesel (easier to monitor particulate and microbial contamination) , note that as of October 2006 the EPA has required refiners to produce "ultra-low...
  19. Jeff Asbury

    Buccaneer Days at Two Harbors had some problems.

    Buccaneer Days at Two Harbors had some problems. I guess one person died. I have a friend who works in Emergency Services who was moored at Fisherman's cove and he saw the body come in to the office and then airlifted out. Apparently this guy got in a fight with his girl friend and took off...
  20. R

    Anyone had problems with ethanol in gasoline?

    My trusty 8hp Mariner outboard, mid-80's model, succumbed to carb damage due to ethanol in the gasoline. The rubber tip on the needle swelled up and wouldn't allow the carb float to drop and allow fuel into the carb bowl. I had the carb rebuilt but nobody could answer the question of is the...