O34 Final Taping for new Non Skid & Rationalizations (!)

I spent several days last week helping tape off every part of the deck and cockpit that will NOT be painted with non skid. Conceptually all (!) of the hardware has to be installed in final form/location before the non skid pattern can be laid out around the parts. So.... after all the layout is done with 'Fine Line' tape, everything is covered with paper and green tape to keep any and all drops of paint from settling on parts, especially any prior painted surface or plastic parts, or...
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  • Side deck closeup taped.jpg
    Side deck closeup taped.jpg
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  • Side Deck Port Taped.jpg
    Side Deck Port Taped.jpg
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  • Forward portside.jpg
    Forward portside.jpg
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  • Taping for non skid.jpg
    Taping for non skid.jpg
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  • Transom taped.jpg
    Transom taped.jpg
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  • Main Hatch taped.jpg
    Main Hatch taped.jpg
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  • rear cockpit.jpg
    rear cockpit.jpg
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  • Cockpit taped.jpg
    Cockpit taped.jpg
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  • Cabin top taped 3-25-21.jpg
    Cabin top taped 3-25-21.jpg
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