O34 Prep. for Non Skid & Other Details

The taping off the pattern for the non skid is coming along quickly. There has been regular discussion about where to have it stay slick and where traction is required. Then, there are esthetic concerns about where to have purposeful gaps and boundaries and "water channels". It's all features I have seen on other boats, but this is the first time I have been involved in the layout. You have to think and rethink about where you normally plant a foot for routine work on the deck and cabin, or...
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  • Bow taping 3-23-21.jpg
    Bow taping 3-23-21.jpg
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  • Tape Pregress aft 3-23-21.jpg
    Tape Pregress aft 3-23-21.jpg
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  • Cabin front taping 3-23-21.jpg
    Cabin front taping 3-23-21.jpg
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  • Cabin top taping 3-23-21.jpg
    Cabin top taping 3-23-21.jpg
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  • Coclpit taping 3-23-21.jpg
    Coclpit taping 3-23-21.jpg
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  • Cabin port side new port.jpg
    Cabin port side new port.jpg
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  • New fixed ports done 3-21.jpg
    New fixed ports done 3-21.jpg
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  • Furnace installed 3-21.jpg
    Furnace installed 3-21.jpg
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