1. C

    Main Halyard

    It appears that it is time to replace a very weathered main halyard on our 1975 E32-2. Last fall I took some measurements and this is what I found. I don't know whether this is original or not and I might not be using the correct terminology, but here goes. What is now on the boat as near as...
  2. T

    wanted to buy: E29 Main sail

    Anyone have an extra main sail for E29 in good shape? I fopund one at Minneys, Just looking for something in better shape! Thanks T Blooz traveler :egrin:
  3. M

    New / used main sail

    We need a new or used in good condition main sail for our Ericson 30+ Please contact.
  4. U

    Main Sheet Traveller Position question

    The PO of my E35-2 moved the Main sheet traveller from the bridge deck just in front of the pedestal, to the forward end of the cockpit.<O:p</O:p I had originally thought of returning it to its right full place, giving unobstructed access to the cabin. But, as I intend to use the boat for...
  5. P

    Main Sail E-25+?

    I've gotta replace my Main for my E-25+. Is there a place when I can learn what the dimensions ought to be? Thanks Pat NH USA
  6. toddbrsd

    Dropping the Main - Pointers Needed

    I am doing a little more single handing and wondering if I am doing something wrong. When I am ready to lower the main, I point directly into the wind and release the halyard clutch. The halyard runs from the clutch (near the cockpit) through an on-deck block and then through another block...
  7. R

    Main sheet bridle conversion

    Hi, Our 1978 E34t's original traveler is located just aft of the companionway - great for sail handling, less than ideal for cruising with kids and dog. Last weekend we noticed an aloha that had a similar setup to ours, where the owners had moved the sheet to the cabin top using a bridle...
  8. P

    WTB: Main Sail for E 35 MKII Wanted used or new

    I'm helping a friend locate a used mainsail. If you have one please send me a Private Message. We've searched the usual used sail exchanges and didn't find a suitable match. Warehouse sails will be the next step but funds are scarce. Thanks for reading, Passerby
  9. toddbrsd

    Main Halyard to Cockpit, E-27 (Wheel)

    Looking for some advice, pictures even better. I am considering modification to my E-27, with wheel steering, to bring the main halyard aft for single handing. My initial thought was to buy a winch and locate it within reach, but not sure how necessary that is. I am fairly new to sailing and...
  10. boethius27

    35-2 main needed

    Hi everyone. Our boat came with a couple of used mainsails off of unknown boats. Neither of them fit well and Jenny and I are trying to find a proper fitting one. We don't quite have the cash to run out and grab a new one, though we may be pressed to do so by next summer. In the meantime...
  11. J

    older Ericson 28 main for sale $50.00 plus ship

    Just bought a 1987 Ericson 28 and It came with a 2 year old Main sail plus the old (probably original) main. The old one looks OK. $50 / make me an offer.
  12. Loren Beach

    Reeving the main sheet I just found this while searching for a larger and easier-to-read version of the diagram for my main sheet configuration. These are great PDF drawings from Harken, for several different block setups. You can d/l any or all and print 'em...
  13. F

    Main Halyard

    Previously, I'd asked about the first thing you'd do as a new owner. I started looking at projects and so forth and saw some phenomenal work and workmanship! So. I generally sail single-handed, or with crew whose primary function seems to be deck candy. I don't have anything against deck...
  14. Gmilburn

    E-29 Main Sail Logo and Numbers For Sale

    I posted this as a reply to a thread in Maintenance and Mechanical--but decided it might belong here as well: I had BOATUS Graphics make a custom design "Ericson Helmet" Logo and "29" for my mainsail--only to find a new E-29 tall sail listed on EBay--which I purchased. It had both the original...
  15. R

    E27 main sheet question

    Greetings .... this is my first post .... please be gentle .... Bought a '76 E27 last weekend in Newport, OR ..... it has the split cockpit (but the wheel has been removed) with the main traveler mounted on the cockpit divider. So the block will be at the end of the boom. One of the many...
  16. D

    Advice Needed on an E-29 Tall Rig Main Sail

    Well, after 32 years my Main Sail has succumbed to the sun and the wind and I'm looking for a good used Sail. I can't find one....Anyone got an idea for a source? Or, here's a better question: The Luff is 31'6" and the Foot is 9'6". Since I've not been able to find exactly that measurement...
  17. B

    Ericson 25+ Main Sheet Traveller

    There is a molded trough with drainage at cockpit seat level for the track. I suspect a previous owner fitted this entire trough with a piece of mahogony to raise the track so the car would travel unhindered. It was poorly bedded and trapped moisture. Rainwater soaked this wood and leaked...
  18. Gmilburn

    E29 Main Reefing Setup

    Hi all, I'm eager to enjoy my first full summer of sailing my reconditioned E29-Tall this year, and have a rigging question. I have never reefed a main sail, and while I have looked at numerous sailing and rigging manuals--it appears that every set up is unique with regard to hardware and...
  19. A

    Problems with E-35 Main halyard

    The main halyard on our recently purchased E-35 MK III tends to slip when we try to tighten the luff on the mainsail. In looking at the running rigging specs, I see that it calls for 58-feet of 3/8 line, and 42-feet of 3/16 SS wire spliced in, but the previous owner replaced it with only 3/8...
  20. Gmilburn

    Zipper in foot of Main

    Hi all, I'm a bit perplexed with a zipper that extends the length of the foot of my main sail on my E-29. When unzipped, it allows the main to be "fuller" much like a loose fitted sail would be--but only by a few inches. My question is why it is there, as many sailors more seasoned than me...