1. Macerator and Accumulator Replacement

    E381 Macerator and Accumulator Replacement

    Boats with access to deep water are plumbed for overboard discharge outside the three-mile limit. They discharge only from the holding tank, unlike older systems which permitted direct flow from the toilet. Since pump-out stations are not always handy, overboard discharge is pretty much required...
  2. davisr

    anybody else have 1-1/4 inch waste outlet thru-hull?

    I recently removed the original waste outlet through-hull. It is is 1-1/4 inches. The norm, I believe, is 1-1/2 inches. At any rate, on my boat someone in the past used a reducing coupling to join the toilet's 1-1/2 waste hose to the 1-1/4 valve on the 1-1/4 through-hull. Not sure why they would...
  3. J

    Deck Non-Skid paint "Grizzly Grip" ...don't waste a nickel

    About a year ago, I said that I was going to refinish my newly restored deck by applying a non skid application. I ordered about 2 kits(gallons) of Grizzly Grip (textured paint), on line at www.grizzlygrip.com. After following their instructions, exactly!, and speaking with their advisors, I...
  4. J

    Waste Connection

    For years I have been using a universal rubber funnel connection when pumping out the holding tank in my 1985 Ericson 32. Lately I've started to research the proper thread size of the waste connection on the port side of the boat with little luck. A 1-1/4" npt NozAll Pumpout Adapter is too small...
  5. D

    Waste Holding Tank Happiness

    Currently working on replacing 27 year old toilet system on my E33. Planned to reuse holding tank, until I found several cracks around collars where intake/ exhaust fittings attach to tank. Big bummer. Surprisingly the original manufactures label was still attached and a part number stamped into...
  6. Keith Parcells

    Whale Gusher 10 waste pump

    As I attempted to service the manual pump for the waste pump out, I found it to be beyond service. There is significant corrosion on the flanges and I am unable to remove several of the screws that secure the two flapper valves, even with an impact driver following a PB Blaster soak. I...
  7. N

    no waste holding tank

    I just bought this 1977 e27, It has no waste holding tank, and i am about to re-store this Old girl to full glory, Engin, Head, teak, ( hatch ) any suggestions will be appreciated.
  8. Bolo

    Waste tank replacement

    Last year, right after we bought our E-32 III, I removed the hand pump, "Y" valve, etc. to prevent any waste to be pumped over board. Good thing too because later we were boarded and inspected by the Coast Guard on the Chesapeake Bay. :0305_alar They were very "pleased" that we couldn't pump...
  9. G

    Waste Tank Vent

    After a great sailing season, I'm planning on completing the insallation of a waste tank in my E27. I started the project last winter but never finished it. Sailing seemed to take precedence over any and all work that got it the way. My question is... where should I place the waste tank vent...
  10. K

    Waste Tank Smell

    When we flush the head, or when we tack to an aggresive heal, these horrable smells are coming from the vent. The PO didn't use the boat much the past few years and the local marina guy recommended to do a good pump out then clear water with a product called Rid X. The theory being that the...
  11. E

    Waste Holding Tank

    We had our first sail this weekend with some guest on the boat ( 5 total). Pumped the tank before we left and filled it before we got back to the dock. It looks like it may be about an 8gl tank. :eek: Question is has anyone installed a Lectra/San on a E38? I have friend who has one on...