1. Window rebedding, glass replacement?

    E32-200 Window rebedding, glass replacement?

    After a successful morning of electronics-wrangling, I felt emboldened to take on the task of re-bedding a portlight fixed window. I believe that my windows are original to my boat, and in an ideal world I would like to replace all of the ‘glass’ that has become crazed with superficial cracks...
  2. C

    Leaking Portlight

    Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well! I wanted to reach out and get some expert advice on how to fix my leaking portlight. About a week ago we got some heavy rain and I noticed a very small drip coming from my portlight. The leak seems to be coming through the area between the glass/acrylic...
  3. enkramer

    E35-2 Opening Port Source

    Although I'd like to eventually replace all the fixed ports on my 1979 E35-2 with opening ports, I'm starting with the port in the head to get some ventilation in that space. Thus far, I haven't been able to locate any after-market ports with the same dimensions. If anyone's been down this road...
  4. M

    Adding a portlight/window to cockpit seating to illuminate quarter berth E-32

    Has anyone tried adding a portlight or access plate to the cockpit seating area (on the vertical face of the seat) above the port-side quarter berth? I was thinking about adding one or two at about calf-level when seated to help illuminate the dark cavern that is my quarter berth. I have to...
  5. davisr

    using Dow Corning 795 Silicone to caulk glass-gasket joint in portlight

    I'm wanting to hang on to my original aluminum-framed portlights with tempered glass. I plan to rebed the portlights to the exterior of the cabin with butyl tape. This question does not concern that part of the job. Instead it concerns the gasket that holds the glass within the frame. I want to...
  6. D

    Head portlight for E30+ 1981

    Hi everyone. I want to replace the small portlight in my head (the old corroded sliding one that hasn't slid for decades I'm sure). Measurements of the cabin cutout are 5 1/4" X 13 1/4". I was wondering if anyone has done this and recalls which company they used for the replacement, type of...
  7. D

    Seeking portlight vinyl interior trim.....

    Time to reseal and repair my tired old aluminum portlights. Can't seem to find a supplier for the Inside 9/16" decorative vinyl trim that has become UV brittle and shrinking like my budget! Any ideas, links, product out there? Mid 70's, unkn manufacturer, no factory markings, & 3/16" tempered...
  8. Joliba

    Lewmar portlight screens

    Does anyone know of a source for replacement screens for the old style Lewmar portlights on an E38-200? My 1988 boat has 12"x5" portlights. I'd appreciate any advice. Mike Jacker
  9. mherrcat

    Portlight gaskets

    I am in the process of rebuilding the portlights I got from the parted-out E27. I found some neoprene rubber "edging material" at McMaster-Carr that is the right size to fit the glass and frame channel; part #8057K44. It doesn't have the "lip" that butts up against the frame on the outside of...
  10. mherrcat

    Portlight gaskets

    On the interior side of my fixed portlight there is a 1/2" rubber gasket. It fills a gap/channel in the frame around the glass. It appears to be only cosmetic; not really sealing anything. Is this the case? I looked at the portlights yesterday on the 27 that is being parted out in Long Beach...
  11. J

    32-200 portlight replacement

    The two salon fixed portlights are similar but different. A lewmar light fits the front but not the aft. Any suggestion ? Bomon marine in Quebec has a nice web sight and seems very friendly and helpful. the windows would have to be custom made and if there is a standard alternative I would...
  12. G

    E35/3 portlight manufacturer?

    Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me which brand of opening portlights I have. I've sent pictures to LewmarUSA but they tell me that they are not Lewmars. I have only seen a couple of other 35/3's but they had a different style of portlight. I'm looking to replace the rubber seals...
  13. B

    Replacing portlight glass Ericson 30+

    Having shattered the glass on one of my fixed ports I was wondering if anyone would have any insight on how to replace it without removing the port. It doesn't leak now and I don't want to mess with a good thing. Thanks for any assistance.
  14. larossa

    Portlight Material

    Hello All, I’m in the process of replacing my ports. I was wondering what type of material I should replace them with, lexan or plexi glass. Any input would greatly be appreciated. Thanks, Brian Walter E31C Nemo Metro Detroit
  15. G

    Portlight Hazing

    My small oval portlights, especially the forward port side, are hazed over to the point of translucency. I know there are several products out there to clean, clear and restore them back to transparency. Any recommendations from those who have had success with this? Thanks, Gary Freeburg...
  16. Salty Dawg

    Portlight replacement on 32-2

    Thinking about replacing my leaking portlights with Beckson Model 512's. Seems to be a cheap way of fixing a perpetual problem .....$110 each.Anyone used Beckson before? Please advise!:egrin:
  17. bigd14

    Portlight Replacement in Owner's Projects

    Has anyone done Nigel Barron's portlight replacement in the Owner's Projects section? It looks like an excellent solution. I have removed all my portlights (most of which were leaking badly) with great difficulty and in the process damaged a couple of them. For they most part they are...
  18. S

    e 35 portlight replacement

    I am looking to replace the portlights on my 1970 E35 2 was wondering if anyone has any... or knows of a source that reproduces the originals? I have considered replacing all with lewmar standard stuff but I am not so sure about the 4 that are odd shaped. Any ideas or vendors would be...
  19. R

    1985 E32-3 Portlight (bomar)

    I purchased my Ericson last fall, it's time to some updates and there are 4 portlights (bomar model N3410 - pictures attached) that have crazed acrylic/glass, they do not leak therefore I'm interested in replacing the acrylic/glass only since it is the only problem. However Bomar only has...
  20. D

    28'er, Lewmar aft fixed portlight

    Okay, this very much puzzles me. I bought Nereus last fall and am fixing her up. I ordered 4 new Lewmar portlights (2 each 4L & 4R) since the current ones leaked like a sieve and looked hopeless to rebuild. I popped in the p/s foreward ones today. The cutout openings for the rear ones are...
  21. ChrisS

    32-2 Portlight replacement

    Can anyone recommend a specific brand of portlights to replace the OEMs on 1970 era Ericsons? The two small sliders on my boat are toast--the frames are decaying, and both leak when collecting spray under sail. I'm planning to tackle this one in June when school lets out, and I'd like to get a...
  22. C

    Specifications/Dimensions for Portlight Glass

    I will be replacing the glass on many of my opening and fixed portlights on a 1990 ericson 38 (Just purchased in the last few weeks). The boat is a fair distance away so taking out the glass and cutting to fit is logistically difficult. I was hoping to have the glass cut prior to travelling...
  23. Mark F


    Does anyone have a port side portlight for an E27 that they would be willing to part with? It's the small front fixed port - 14" x 6" (outside dimensions). Thanks,
  24. T

    Portlight replacement

    I have been reading and searching for a portlight that will fit our 1984, 35-3. in all the posts or replies appear to have differents measurements than mine. I did buy a portlight from Pompanette,#N3512 the problem is that it is not long enough to cover up the old marks left over from the old...
  25. R

    New Bomar portlight lenses!

    I had trouble getting a straight answer from Bomar on replacement lenses for the portlights on my E38. The originals were crazed and darn near opaque. I had my hatches reglazed by www.selectplastics.com and while I was there they said they could make new portlight lenses too. I just gave them...
  26. treilley

    Wanted: Bomar portlight dogs

    I have purchased new Bomar portlights but I do not like the new style dogs. I have been able to get the majority of the dogs off the old portlights but a few were impossible to remove without damaging them so I am looking for 2 if anyone has some old portlights sitting around.
  27. U

    Portlight frozen screws

    Hello, i'm trying to remove the portlights to repair them but some of the screws are not moving. i tried liquid wrench, a little hamering, and many screwdrivers. Is there anything else to try. Thanks francois
  28. treilley

    E35-III portlight questions

    I am looking to replace my original Bomar portlights. I am not sure if they are smoked or not. They are so crazed it is hard to tell. Does anyone know? They appear to have a slight bluish tint but I would not call that smoked. My Lewmar hatches deffinately have a smoke tint to them but this...
  29. treilley

    looking for an opening portlight

    Any of you guys who have replaced your portlights willing to send me one of your old ones? I will pay shipping. I would like to experiment on replacing the acrylic and fabricating a screen system. I would rather experiment on one that someone can live without before tearing into mine which...
  30. C

    Portlight PM

    Recently when I was replacing a fixed portlight assembly with an openning one, I found a water intrusion problem that had started to affect the interior veneer around the portlight. When the bedding on the frame failed water came in and found a void in the edge of the plywood that the veneer...
  31. Luffin it

    Head Portlight

    Does anyone out there know of a replacement portlight for the head on a 27 foot. The rough opening is 5.25 by 13.5. There doesn't seem to be a new replacement in that size. Most of the small ones are around 6" for the rough opening. If there's no replacement, is there a source for the guts like...
  32. K

    1989 32 Fixed portlight frame seperation

    Fantastic website! I am replacing the "crazed glass". It is necessary to seperate the top and bottom halves of the frame. The two halves are held together by detents swaged into a plastic piece that holds the halves together. I can drill the detents out and seperate the halves. Before I...
  33. T

    Opening Portlight Removal and Replacement

    I have aluminum opening portlights on my 1981 Ericson 38. Several are leaking so I am interested in pulling and resealing them. Has anyone undertaken this process? If so, how did you remove the opening port? Tom
  34. Jim Mobley

    Lewmar 4R Portlight Drawing

    I've noticed that there have been several discussions regarding the dimensions of the Lewmar 4R and 4L portlights and whether or not they will fit the openings in our boats. I can't (yet) answer the second part, but I have downloaded Lewmar's drawing of the 4R portlight, dimensioned it in...
  35. G

    1970s Ericson portlight gasket available

    The U-shaped gasket that sits around the glass in the frame of most 1970s vintage Ericsons is available - I had it tooled from mine. The small frames use 2'6" each, the large use 5' each. It costs $1.50/ft. Contact me at harrisgareth@yahoo.com. Gareth Freyja E35 #241 1972
  36. u079721

    New Lewmar Portlight Doesn't Match!

    One of the four slanted Lewmar portlights on my E-38 (the fixed deadlights, size 4R) had become so crazed from sunlight that I felt the need to replace it this fall. I don't know why only one crazed so badly, but at $350 each, I'm glad it wasn't all four. Anyway, I just received the hatch on...
  37. J

    interior portlight covers

    I own a 1986 ER -35 III and need to replace the plastic covers on my Lewmar portlights, which have deteriorated with age. I have been told they are no longer available. anyone have a source for these covers?
  38. E

    Portlight interior trim rings

    I own an E32-3 (1987) #713. Does anyone know if the beige trim rings that fit around the portlights can be replaced. Mine are cracked and falling apart so I am afraid to touch them.