1. T

    Discoloration of Hull @ Prop Drive Shaft

    Hey friends, I have a 1978 Ericson 27' that I put on the hard this year. After taking a look at the bottom I noticed some discoloration around the drive shaft on the exterior of the boat. I examined the inside and it' pretty dirty where the drive exits the engine and goes through the hull but...
  2. S

    E35-2 Folding or Feathering Prop

    Amongst the projects I have planned this fall when I haul the boat is the installation of a folding or feathering prop on the old girl. I've gone over the Yachting Monthly article about said props about a dozen times. I've also looked over forum after forum trying to get a proper grip on the...
  3. H

    E35-2 Prop Replacement Question

    Hi, all. I recently bought an Ericson 35-2 and joined this group. The zinc on the prop shaft had fallen off so replacing a corroded 13" three-bladed, fixed prop is a priority. The boat was repowered with a Yanmar 3GM30F and the shaft is 3/4". Anyone have experience with this configuration and...
  4. E

    New Prop for 1988 E 32-3

    Aloha, I have to replace my old 2 blade prop, which may or may not be the original. As of a couple of weeks ago, it has been transformed into a 1 blade prop. It is still on the boat, and I have not measured it's length, and I don't know what the pitch is. I am considering replacing with a 3...
  5. yodaears

    Surfers and antifouling a prop

    Thought i would pass this along. I had my boat hauled for annual maint about three months ago and was disheartened by the barnacle growth on the prop. I don't like the idea of painting a prop, corrosion and such. So I was asking the yard what they've heard of to help. One of the dock...
  6. juneausailin

    Prop to Strut distance E38s

    Hi all, I have seen a couple Ericson 38's, including one I just had surveyed, with a large distance between the strut and prop. The ABYC recomendation is that the distance be roughly the size of the diameter of the shaft. Does anyone know why this distance is so much greater on Ericson...
  7. P

    Prop Problems

    Have a '70 32' Ericson After having a BAD vibration when put in gear , we dove on the boat and found broken prop. Lots of corrosion and also no nut on shaft. Any help on what to expect/ shaft size/ where to find used 3 blade prop and help on problems to expect. (can it be replaced in water??)...
  8. Leander

    Ericson 35-2;Universal 3B 20-what prop?

    Ericson 35-2;Universal M3 20B-what prop? Have searched 10 years of posts, but nothing quite addresses my question. Considering buying E35-2. New Universal M3 20B with VERY funky installation: prop is 3 blade fixed 12 L 10 (12" diameter, 10" pitch, LEFT hand turn.) The correct prop should be...
  9. G

    e38 - 1981 - prop shaft stuffing box hose replacement

    Looking for some advice on replacement of the prop shaft stuffing box hose. The original stuffing box and shaft log seem to be 1 5/8". The original stuffing box hose was 4 ply. The 1 5/8" does not seem to be a common size for stuffing box replacements so a new 4 ply hose does not seem to be...
  10. R

    need E35-II prop shaft length

    Hi all, My E35-II has the companionway mounted A4 engine (3/4" shaft). I took the shaft/coupling to a local prop shop for a once over and have been told it needs replacing. Being a boat the shaft replacement price came in higher than I expected but the kicker is that they are wanting to...
  11. M

    Free wheel prop or lock it?

    I'm a new owner of a 1987 Ericson 32. I've noticed in the manual that it says to "not" sail the boat with the transmission in forward gear. My question is, does this mean the recommendation is to sail in neutral or reverse? I know that there is a lot less drag on the boat if I sail in neutral...
  12. M

    Prop Options

    I'm a new owner of an Ericson 32. I'm considering putting a new prop on the boat because I'm not impressed with the ability of the 2 blade prop to push the boat through rough water. I'm concerned about the additional prop drage of a 3-bladed prop but I don't think I'm concerned enough to plop...
  13. V

    shaft lengths and prop types

    I own an E-41, Island Bird, and recently pulled the shaft and had it inspected. Turns out I need to replace it. The two shops that inspected it both agree its beyond straightening. I decided to have a new one machined and sent the specs to Marine Hardware out of Redmond WA. It seems that the...
  14. C

    Ericson 27/ Yanmar 2gm prop size

    Hi, I'm looking to replace our exisiting 3 blade prop with a 2 blade. I think the 3 blade is too small as the boat barely powers at 4 3/4 knots. No tachometer on the boat though. Anyone have this boat and 2 cylinder diesel with a gear ratio of 2.62? Is hull speed about 5.5 knots? Thanks, David
  15. I

    Which prop for Ericson 32?

    We just purchased an Ericson 32 in California and will be moving her to BC shortly. It is our first "big" boat. New engine, Universal diesel 3 cyl (46 hours) but they left the old prop a 13x10 fixed 3 blade. Almost hopeless to try and reverse with that thing it kicks to port so badly, plus...
  16. Loren Beach

    3-Blade Feath. Prop(Sold Oct '10)

    A friend of mine is selling his Autostream (aka "Martec") feathering prop. Stainless Steel, to fit a 1" shaft. These have the external pitch adjustment, and external grease fitting. Diameter is 16". I have no financial interest -- just posting as a favor. Asking price is $1500. This may fit...
  17. D

    38 prop size

    I need to replace my current 15X11 2 blade prop and was wondering what others were using. The P.O. repowered with an M35b and am trying to make a decision on a new prop, especially for powering up the California coast. My current concern isn't so much about drag, but beating into the current...
  18. R

    Prop for E30 Plus

    I am buying a 1980 E30 Plus with the 16 hp Universal. Seller is providing a new prop at haul out but I'll have some input on the selection. It will not be a folding or feathering prop. I'd thing a two blade would be better to limit drag. Any suggestions as to what works well? Thanks, Robert
  19. D

    Proper Prop / YSB-8

    We are enjoying our '78 E-27 thoroughly, but we sometimes think she's a bit underpowered. She is equipped witha single cylinder Yanmar diesel YSB-8. Our understanding is that the YSB-8 generates about 7-8 H.P. While fine under most circumstances and EXTREMELY frugal in fuel consumption, we...
  20. C

    prop size for Ericson 32-3

    Just finished my first summer with an 1985 Ericson 32-3. Great boat. Lots of fun sailing. Different story under power where speed is slow. Getting the proper rpms under load and no load. Cruising 2400 rpm I get 4.5-5.0 kts. Engine is a Universal diesel M25. Prop is a two blade fixed 12LH10. I...