1. kapnkd

    Simple Tip on enlarging an already cut hole too large for a drill bit.

    We purchased a newer style multi-purpose transducer that is a slightly larger diameter than the old one. This presented a problem of increasing the size of the opening in the through hull. Last thing I wanted was not to have a snug fit around the transducer caused by irregular filing and...
  2. J

    transducer location?

    I have a 1969 e26 and am armpit deep in overhauling the whole boat it seems. At this time I am looking for a place to install a transducer inside the boat against the hull. Has anyone had any success with installing a transducer against the hull using epoxy? At the moment I am unsure if the hull...
  3. A

    Speed Transducer

    I am upgrading the instruments on my boat this spring and using a Standard Horizon CP 180i as the display for all of my instruments. To make this work, I need to find a new speed transducer. The original is a variable reluctance (2-wire) transducer and I need to find a hall-effect (3 wire)...
  4. mherrcat

    Can you identify this transducer manufacturer and model?

    Attached are some pics of the speed transducer on my boat. It has not been installed since I have owned the boat. (The through hull fitting has always had a blanking plug in it.) It appears to me that the through hull fitting and the transducer will not fit each other; the transducer is shorter...
  5. HughHarv

    Speed Transducer Brand

    I have a wheel without paddles but don't know what brand I have. There is no obvious logo on the display or on the transducer. Anybody able to identify the brand from this foto?
  6. A

    Installing a FishFinder transducer

    I in the forward hatch of my E27 opposite the speed log a good spot? would be a glue on transducer.
  7. F

    Problem with Raymarine ST40 bidata transducer

    Hi, The temperature reading on our Raymarine ST40 bidata instrument has started reading wrong--it reads at 12 degrees celcius when the actual water temperature is 9 degrees, and when left on the temperature reading increases steadily to about 25 degrees celcius, with the boat at the dock in 9...
  8. E

    In-hull mounting - Airmar P79 transducer

    Hi All, I'm looking at adding fish finder/bottom contour information to my GPS - I'm really after bottom composition and contour more than fish, and this requires addition of a 50/200Khz transducer. There are many flavors available, and the one Garmin has for in-hull use e.g. don't cut a hole...
  9. M

    depth transducer installation

    Hi there peoples. My question is about installing a depth sounder transducer in E27 I really don't want to drill another hole in a bottom of my boat, so I want to know if it's possible to shoot through the hull? I know, i will loose some range this way, but I know, people have done it on...
  10. O

    transducer location - e 27

    I'm going to install a depth sounder on my e 27 and was wondering if anyone had ever installed the transducer in the hollow area aft of the keel? pro's? cons?
  11. T

    Data Marine Mast Head Unit repair or replacement

    My original mast head anemometer has slowed to an unbalanced crawl. To make matters worse, a big bird tried to sit on it and when it spun on him, his frantic flapping in getting away, knocked off the directional fin. The dilemma now is what to do. The other original instruments still work well...
  12. F

    In-hull transducer

    I want to install an in-hull transducer on my Ericson 23 II. Is the hull solid fiberglass or cored? I have never drilled a hole in the hull, so I don't know. Where is the best location for placement of the transducer? Any other advice for epoxying the transducer in place? Thanks, Fred Nelson...
  13. Mindscape

    32-3 Knotmeter Transducer

    Has anyone removed the knot meter transducer on a 32-3 while in the water? If so how did you get to it? My knot meter just stopped working, first it started reading to high (saw a reading of 9.2 knots, was pretty sure I wasn't going anywhere near that fast in 10 knots of wind:) ) Then it...
  14. EGregerson

    transducer cable

    I'm replacing the depth finder in my 87 34; the transducer cable enters a hose in the v berth area and snakes under the starboard settee where it emerges in a compartment near the navigation station. the fun part is that the cables are seized up so that they will not pull thru; they won't budge...
  15. Gmilburn

    Depth, GPS Transom Transducer Question

    Hi all, With the risk of offending the purists, I need to replace the stock depth finder on my 1977 E-29, and am considering a Garmin or Humminbird Fishfinder. They are now quite common and have built in functions such as Depth, Water Temp (I dont really care about that), Speed (via GPS) and...
  16. CWM

    E27 fathometer transducer location

    FYI: The attached photo is of the location of the transducer in my 1973 E27. Note that I used silicone sealant to glue it directly to the hull. The use of a lead line, verified the digital readout while at the berth. Note that the prop shaft (and the Atomic 4) has been removed, as I am using...
  17. J

    transducer location

    i looking for the transducer on a 1987 E38200. i suspect it may be leaking but i,m not sure of the location from inside the boat.
  18. M

    shoot-thru (in hull) depth transducer? E27

    Anyone use one on their Ericson 27? If so, where did you mount it, and did you mount it with epoxy? I've read that balsa coors are difficult to read thru. Given my boat's over 30 years old, I'm trying not to break the bank with 'feature-creep'. I just want to keep it smart and simple...
  19. J

    Knotmeter Transducer,over where?

    The E32-2 I own has a Signet knotmeter transducer, on the port under the sette seat near the forward bulkhead. I've read an article that states the transducer should actually be about 1/3 forward of the keel. Does anyone know if "this" is a better location. I would have to bore a new hole...
  20. G

    Problem with transducer?

    I am in the first season of ownership of a 1976 E-29 hull number 492 and I cannot get the depth sounder to work. Its a Datamarine unit, I had a trouble code and sent it back to Pocasset MA. for repair got it back with no trouble code just not reading the depth. Does anyone on this list know how...
  21. J

    Depth transducer on E27

    Hi folks....I am refinishing the below waterline hull which has years of "who knows"protective paints. I would like to know .........Do I paint the bottom of the bronze/brass fitting which houses the transducer? Is this a lexan or an acrylic plug? Thanks for your feedback.....John