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O34 2020 Re-Fit, Paint Progress

As of this week the hull is primed, first coat, and that layer is now sanded. A technique I find interesting is the method for sanding (320 grit) without missing any spots. Note the black material that is being removed along with some paint. This is a carbon black product, just for this purpose. It is wiped on with what I would call a large soft "powder puff" and goes on quickly.

When sanding, the paint dust and the carbon dust is all vacuumed up by the hose that leads back to a vacuum...
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  • Cockpit primed corrected.jpg
    Cockpit primed corrected.jpg
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  • Hull, port, sanded.jpg
    Hull, port, sanded.jpg
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  • Sanding Primer.jpg
    Sanding Primer.jpg
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  • Deck, primed twice.jpg
    Deck, primed twice.jpg
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  • Bridge deck area primed.jpg
    Bridge deck area primed.jpg
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  • Stern view, ready for prime.jpg
    Stern view, ready for prime.jpg
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  • Aft cockpit 1st primer.jpg
    Aft cockpit 1st primer.jpg
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