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  1. N

    E34 anchor well... how much rode?

    This is a question for E34 folks: --> If you have an E34, how much rode (and of what dia.) can you cram in the tiny anchor locker / well? My anchor locker is... tiny, compared to other much smaller boats I have seen. I think they sacrificed it to make a roomier V-berth. Anyway, before I go...
  2. R

    E34-2 1987 For Sale

    For sale my beloved E34. She is 1987 shoal draft (4'11") version. She is a perfect day/weekend sailor that is located in Connecticut. Additional pictures https://photos.app.goo.gl/7qaFQvj9qeGYRK3XA Recent updates include Aug 2016 new exhaust and diesel fill in hoses July 2017 B&G Vulcan 7"...
  3. D

    E34-2 water tank selection valves

    Hello. A few weeks ago I bought a 1989 E34-2 so the boat is new to me. I am trying to find the fresh water valves that select which of the three water tanks (port, starboard, bow) feeds into the pressure pump, but I cannot find them anywhere. The manual says that there should be 3 valves under...
  4. P

    How to convert salon table to bed ? E34-2

    Hello, I am wondering how to convert the salon table to a bed on an 87 e34-2. Thanks. Phil
  5. S

    1987 E34 project on YW

    https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1987/ericson-sloop-3186526/?refSource=standard%20listing This could be a deal for someone.
  6. W

    Is the E34 a boat for racing?

    We are looking at an E34 and I wanted to know what folks who have sailed her think about her as a racer for distance and around the buoys on Long Island Sound.
  7. L

    E34 Hull/Bilge Construction

    Greetings all- so I am a yacht broker and I have a listing for an 1989 Ericson 34, and one of my prospective buyers found online that there was some reported issues with the grid systems in which stress cracks sometimes can be found in the areas around the base of the mast. Looking at my...
  8. ofshore74

    Why would anyone change the engine hour gauge on a Universal engine?

    Or on any engine for that matter? Previous owner of an E34 I'm looking at replaced the engine hour gauge on the 23hp Universal, current owner/broker put their heads together to see what it added up to. Apparently comes to around 1500hrs. But it doesn't sound like an extremely accurate story...
  9. ofshore74

    89' Ericson 34 Salon Cupboard Modifications

    I'm currently eyeballing an 89' E34 wondering if anyone has ever made modifications to the salon cupboards (port and starboard side) on one -- I believe the E38 also has a similar design. If I end up purchasing one I'd like to remove them (also curious what is behind them I.E. wood strips...
  10. P

    Kretschmer review of E34 / offshore ready

    I did not see this 2011 article on the e34 on this site so posting. http://sailingmagazine.net/article-1050-ericson-34.html
  11. 3

    E 34 1998: For Sale in Bellingham

    THE BOAT SOLD. In JAN 2015 Mandalay, Ericson 34-2 for sale by owner. 1988. Solid, well-maintained and ready to go. Strong sailing performer in up to 50 knots--ideal for multi season cruising in the PNW or elsewhere. Five sails: 3 jibs (North 139% triradial with luff "foam", Hood 130% older...
  12. E

    E34 leak in aft berth

    I've got a 1991 Pacific Seacraft Ericson 34 and have got water coming into my aft cabin from the aft locker. It looks like some kind of design or construction flaw. Water in the aft locker drains down to the base of the rudder post and instead of having a place to drain into the bilge it just...
  13. E

    E-34 Manual

    Hi All, I tried to download the Ericson 34 owner's manual but the link I found in the "Downloads and Galleries" section ( http://www.ericsonyachts.org/infoexchange/vbdownloads.php?do=download&downloadid=114 ) doesn't seem to go anywhere. Can someone help me track it down? Cheers! Ed
  14. M

    E34 Wiring Diagram

    Is there such a thing as a wiring diagram for Ericsons? I bought a used 1990 E34. I have the owner's manual and see a couple vague references to a wiring diagram. The only diagram in my manual is color coding of mast wires. Is there a more complete diagram for the boat's standard electical...
  15. S

    E34 Anchor Bow Roller

    I am seeking some ideas for a bow roller on the E34T. I've attached a pic below of the current set up. Given that the roller would be offset around the stem fitting, I am thinking to relocate the existing running lights to the pulpit railing which would leave room for many off the shelf roller...
  16. M

    E34 V-Berth Leak

    This is my first winter with my 1989 E34. Rainwater leaks into the V-birth on the starboard side. The leak manifests itself where the vinyl liner meets the birth horizontal surface about 2/3 of the way back from the front of the birth. I have found several posts in the archives about similar...
  17. C

    1988 E34 - Ericson or Pacific Seacraft?

    Greetings, We've been in partnership of a 1988 Ericson 34 (hull #262) since 1993. When bought, the boat came with a couple of original E34 brochures stating the boat was made by Pacific Seacraft - it's the same brochure found on this website in the 'downloads' section. Our boat is the sister...
  18. F

    Engine survey E34

    The surveyor’s report began by saying “the engine and related systems appear to have been well cared for, engine starts and runs clean, no exhaust smoke or fuel on the water, shifts forward to reverse cleanly.” The report also said ”Propeller shaft recently had some work to include installing...
  19. D

    Repower an E34 with a new engine.

    Presently have a 20 year old 23 hp Kubota/Universal that is getting tired. I'm down to 4.5 knots in a two foot chop and 3.5 knots in worse. I am thinking of replacing with a Yanmar 3YM30G (29 hp) but wondering about a 3JH4SE (40 hp). I have a three blade 15 inch MaxProp with new one inch shaft...
  20. D

    E34, Does it have a shower?

    I have been looking at pics of the newer E 34's from the late 80's as a potential liveaboard. I have always liked the 35's and the 34 has almost the same specs just with different interior. Can someone tell me if it has a shower as well? Thanks!
  21. Loren Beach

    '97 E-34 for sale (UK ! )

    http://www.yachtworld.com/privatelabel/listing/pl_boat_detail.jsp?slim=pp252569&boat_id=2201086&checked_boats=2201086&ybw=&units=Meters&currency=GBP&access=Public&listing_id=73591&url= Now here is something out of the ordinary... One of the last PSC-constructed E-34's, judging from the...
  22. S

    '87 E34 rub rail replacement

    Anyone know the best replacement for my 87 E34? See photo. I doubt anybody makes the exact rail.
  23. J

    More Questions on E-34

    Hi all-- Thanks you all for sharing your detailed and insighful knowlege on E-34's in response to my last thread on E-34 engine power. Another question has come up relative to the E-34 that I may purchase. I sail out of a port where there is limited water depth and its important to have a...
  24. SASSY

    1987 E-34 for sale

    My wife and I have decided to sell our 1987 E-34 SASSY II and purchase an 86-88 E-38. We bought the boat prior to the arival of our son and now that we have begun cruising we have found that we need a little bit more room. SASSY II is curently located in Toronto Canada. She has had a...
  25. S

    Looking for an E34 or E35-3 in SF Bay Area

    If you have an 80's 34 or 35mk3 and you are interested in selling, drop me a line! Regards, Peter
  26. A

    Interested in Viewing an E-32-200 and an E-34

    My wife and I have been sailing an E-29 on Lake Champlain the past 6 years and are considering a larger boat. Both the E-32-200 and E-34 are on our short list and we would like to take a look at each model. We are not at the stage to make a purchase, but want to begin the process of looking at...
  27. D

    Thoughts on an E-34 in NC

    Hi, Donnie Long, new memember. Looking at E-34. Did the basic survey myself. Her draft is 4'11". She has a universal M28 with a 4pt motor mount and a new transmission and a hydraulic autopilot. Drawbacks: I noticed a list to starbord and a pull to the port, but I guess we all know about...
  28. F

    E-34 Universal M25-XP water pump

    Looking to replace fresh water & Raw water pumps on my M25-XP. KKMI boatyard told me when I had it in for haul out that they would either have to take the front of engine apart or pull the head to replace fresh water pump. They suggested pulling & R&R head which will cost big $. Anyone have...
  29. F

    E-34 Harken roller furling foil

    Well it finally happened this weekend. As I lowered my jib it hung-up a few feet from the top and I noticed the twin groove aluminum foil had seperated and would not allow the jib to lower. This foil has been beat up over the years and it's now time to replace it. Got a couple questions for the...
  30. 3

    late 80's E-34- prop shaft position

    We own a 1988 34. We have substantial wheel pull to port, mostly while motoring, but slight while glide/sailing. Boat is out of the water now, and I have noticed that the aft end of the prop shaft is about 3/4" to starboard of center/line of keel and small rudder skeg. The bronze skeg that...
  31. R

    E-34 Water System Vacuum Problem

    I have a problem with the freshwater system on our 1987 E-34 that we bought 2 years ago. I'm hoping that someone may have heard about or run into and solved the problem. Our E-34 has three solid polypro water tanks. One is forward under the v-berth, the second is under the starboard cabin seat...
  32. SASSY

    1987 E-34 Batteries

    Does anyone know the dimentions of the battery box on the 1987 E-34. Was it factory to have a third battery installed under the setee cushion against the galley? Any help is always appreciated. thanks, Andy
  33. B

    If the E-34 won't come to me....

    Folks, If the great Ericsons won't come to me here on the east coast, I have decided that maybe I should go to them. We are thinking of cashing out here in Maryland and moving to the San Juan islands or thereabouts. We are thinking about Anacortes or near there. Any folks here from that neck...
  34. SASSY

    1987 E-34 parts for sale:Sails, Standing rigging, Clutches, Blocks, Furling, GPS

    Standing Rigging in great shape, changing out for offshore race rig. 10 years old home port in Naples. Complete with pins, turnbuckles and shacles. $500.00 <TABLE style="WIDTH: 618pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=825 border=0 x:str><COLGROUP><COL...
  35. SASSY

    Clutches 1987 E-34

    I have purchased new clutches from Garhaur and I have a headliner question. What is the best way to access the clutch backing plates as there are no zippers were the clutches are located. Is there a trick to un-installing the headliner. Any recomendations would be great. Thanks
  36. C

    1987 E34 - SF Bay Area - DIVORCE SALE!

    Unfortunately, my prized MOONSTRUCK has to be sold. She’s located in Benicia in the San Francisco Bay Area. We acquired her in 2003 from her second owner. She’s a documented vessel. She’s always been well-maintained. New standing rigging in 2003, New UK Main 2005, New Foresail Quantum 2006...
  37. S

    1987 E34 For Sale in North Carolina

    We are currently upgrading to a newer larger boat and regretably selling our Ericson 1987 E34. We have had the E34 for nearly 4 years and love the boat and the way she handles under sail. She has been lovingly cared for and is in excellent condition. Before listing the boat with a broker, I...
  38. J

    e34 replacing hose to starboard watertank

    Good afternoon, Has anyone replaced the hose to the starboard watertank or their E34? I would like to do this, as there is a small leak, however this seem a hard job due to the fact that part of the plumbing is under the teak sole, and not accessibale. The part that's under the teak sole...
  39. J

    alternator replacement E34

    Ah, the joy of upgrading your batteries from wet to AGM, and expanding the size of your housebank (to 400 ah)....The orginal alternator for the universal 25 on my Ericson 34 is no longer helpful. I'm looking for a good alternator replacement (size around 100 Amps) with smart regulator. Anyone...
  40. Shadowfax

    Install AC on a E34

    Has anyone installed, or had installed, an AC system on a 80's vintage E34? I checked the archives and couldn't find anything. Looking for a little advice on how to run the system Thanks
  41. J

    adding extra batteries E34

    I'm increasing the battery bank on my 1987 E34, and would like to find out where others have placed more batteries (pictues welcome if you have them!) Currently I have 2 group 31 in the molded battery place next to fuel tank, and 1 starter temp. attached in the place forward of to the...
  42. R

    1989 E34

    Chandelle is being offered for sale for $65,000, very reluctantly. Age and physical limitations are catching up to me quickly. She has all North sails, 150 on Harken furling, full batten main with EZ Jax and G3 Gennaker with Ericson logo. Hard dodger. Chart plotter/echosounder, LCD radar...
  43. S

    Repair to fuel tank: '87 E34

    The diesel fuel tank in my 1987 E34 developed a small hole in the lowest part of the tank - forward end, just at the lower v part. I poked it an expanded it to about 1/8" or smaller. I cleaned the tank and it looks good from inside, as I peer in. Can a new tank be bought today? What about...
  44. L

    Looking for an eighties E34 in Pacific Northwest

    I just saw an '85 E34 at Shilshole in Seattle. Sale pending unfortunately. It looks like an ideal boat for me. Are there any others out there for sale ? Rob and Linda lrlesnie@yahoo.ca
  45. R

    info on muffler E34

    After getting parts to rebuild the engine it now seems we need a new MUFFLER too. Has anyone replaced a OE (heavy cast muffler) one and if so what did they use and how was it done... This is on a Universal M-25XP in a 1988 E-34... Come on Guys I need some help here, all I can find is...
  46. J

    E34 refrigeration

    The E34 1987 I'm about to buy does not have any refrigeration. I would like to install one and find out: - where the factory placed the compressor (as refrigeration was an option for the original owners) - in which icebox (port or starboard) the factory placed the evaporator - what...
  47. J

    E34 cable length transmission

    Does anyone know the length of the transmission cable for the E34? I'm in the process of buying an E34. It's very hard to shift the gears. Transmission is checked out ok, but very likely cable needs to be replaced. Thanks, Jolanda currently E29- Losierra owner
  48. B

    E34 design

    Does anyone know in what year Ericson changed the design of the 34 to the aft head/aft cabin layout? I am trying to figure how far back I can go and still get this neat floor plan. Thanks in advance, Freeman
  49. B

    E34 vs E35

    I have been shopping E35 MK II or MK III's (See my boat wanted post), but I have found a couple of E34's that are very reasonable and kitted out for cruising. In looking over the specs, I see that the 34 is actually longer at the water line (26-6) and wider in the beam (10-11) than the 35...
  50. Tom Metzger

    E-34 batteries

    Does anyone know if a Group 29 battery which is 10" tall will fit in the under berth battery compartment. It is a half inch taller than a group 27 or 31 battery.
  51. E

    E34 Windlass Wiring

    We've decided to put a windlass on our 1988 E34. In trying to plan the wiring routing, I've hit the great unknown are under the moulded V-berth lockers. I'n not sure what is on either side of the large locker under the middle of the V-berth. It appears that there is a plywood bulkhead on the...
  52. Shadowfax

    Bilge Pump E34

    I arrived at the boat this weekend to find my bilge pump cooked. The style of pump on my "88 E34 is not the submersible type, but has a hose pick up in the bilge, the pump itself is mounted on the bulkhead in the engine compartment. I assume the motor itself is burned up [frozen] and that...
  53. S

    proper lead for E34 with a 100% blade

    I often race my '87 E34 - even with its shoal draft. I now have a 100% high aspect blade headsail and am even using it for cruising in expected strong winds. But even when the inboard lead is at its most forward position the tell tales at the top indicate I need to move the lead forward...
  54. B

    Wanted: E-34 or E-35 Mk. 3 in Northeast

    I posted a message earlier that I'm looking for an Ericson 34 for sale in the Northeast or mid Atlantic states, the closer to central NY the better. I've expanded my search and I'm also considering the E-35 Mk. 3 based on feedback from Tim Reilly (and others). Please keep me in mind if you know...
  55. B

    Wanted: E-34 in Northeast

    I'm looking for an Ericson 34 for sale in the Northeast, the closer to central NY the better. I know Galatea is for sale, nice boat but asking more than my resources allow, and I've looked closely at Inertia in West Haverstraw, NY. Please keep me in mind if you know of any for sale, or one that...
  56. EGregerson

    Battery charger E34

    I picked up a charger that i plan to mount near the battery compartment. I found a cable led from the panel back thru the lazeratte; looks like it's pre-wired ok, but I'd like to know exactly where the factory mounted their chargers; (ie where's the hole drilled?) does anyone have a photo of...
  57. G

    1989 E-34 For Sale

    SOLD...1989 E-34 For Sale 1989 E-34, docked in Rock Hall, MD. Very clean; 'better than average' survey in March '06. New engine, 2005; transmission, '04; new canvas, '05 & '06. $68,900. For details call, 610-966-3748. As requested, additional details (Call the number above, Greg can give...
  58. B

    E-34 project boat

    Boatworks bailout is doing over an e-34 full details will be in Boat Works spring of 2007 march 14th. The boats name is Castaway anyone know her?
  59. Dferr

    1988 E-34 wing keel depth?

    Does anyone know the exact keel depth on a 1988 E-34? I was told it is 5'6". I read on the spec & Documents, that the E-34 had three different keels. A shoal 4'11 a deep 6'2" and a 5' wing. The boat I'm looking at has the wing. Can I be confident that it is only 5'? Thanks, Don
  60. S

    identifiying the decklight brand for '87 E34

    The deck light cowling part of the combination decklight/steaming light blew or broke away. I'd like to fix it or replace it, but would really like the make I have. But it seems very differnent from those in catalogs or at the marinas nearby. It has four attachment points, 2 on eac side of...
  61. Shadowfax

    Replace Outhaul E34

    FFor some perverted reason the outhaul on my E34, which is rope to wire, the wire is not stainless steel, but a ferrous metal which is now about to break due to rust, etc. Has anyone replaced their outhaul on a 34 [which is probably the same set up as the 32 & 38] and if so, what is involved?
  62. C

    E34 Stbd lazarette major project

    Keywords: Water Heater; E34; Holding Tank; Wall; I am biting the bullet! After an oh-so-faint new odor from underneath the engine (the nasty kind) and some 'ponding' just behind the muffler I embarked on the project that many of the E34 crowd have discussed: the wall! My water heater...
  63. A

    E34 Ericson or PSC 34?

    I am curious about when PSC picked up the Ericson line and began to produce their version of the E34. The description of a 1989 E34 here on the east coast does not look anything like the 1988(?) E34 Ericson Owners Manual in the Specs & Docs section. Here is the description, "Great layout...
  64. C

    Radial Drive Replacement E34

    Thanks to TD Ernesto, I had the chance to replace my Edson radial steerer on Dangriga today.:mad: During the storm the old disk just snapped. I had the steering wheel brake (new) cranked down hard but the wheel must have still moved enough for the radial drive to hit the limit which is where...
  65. C

    E34 island hopping

    For my wife and I, it appears that the next chapter of our lives is about five years off. We'd like to spend a few winters island hopping in the Caribbean. We're comfortable with the interior room on our E34 and it's suitability for Chesapeake cruising. This Caribbean plan brings to mind a...
  66. R

    E34 Kenyon Mast

    My 1989 E34 mast has two extra exit slots, one on each side of the mast, apparently with messenger lines tied to washers. Are there sheaves for these at the masthead? I need to install a spinnaker halyard.
  67. C

    Edson Radial Drive E34

    Carnage in Atlantic Highlands/NJ Harbor last weekend. Somewhere betwee 15-20 boats tore off their moorings, some sank...quite impressive what the 'left-overs' of Ernesto coupled with the High over Canada were able to whip up. The rudder (despite brand new tight brake!) must have hit the stop...
  68. R

    E34 Halyards

    Our 1989 E34 has a new StaSet X main halyard by rigger Brian Toss and an old wire with rope tail jib halyard. On the Kenyon mast there are extra exit holes on each side of the mast, apparently with messenger lines tied off. Are there extra sheaves at the masthead for these? I'm considering...
  69. Shadowfax

    Stock Prop on E34

    Does any one recall the stock prop on a vintage 88 E34? It was a Michigan Sailor, 1" shaft, RH, but I can't remember the size and pitch. Can anyone help me out?
  70. Shadowfax

    Traveler / Fiddle Block, E34

    The stock traveler on my E34 is a Schaefer affair that included a Schaefer fiddle block with becket for the lower end of the main sheet system. As the blocks on the boom are all Lewmar Ocean 2 series, I always thought that the Schaefer fiddle block was a bit undersized compared to the Ocean...
  71. Shadowfax

    E34 Outhaul

    Greetings, On my ca 88, E34, the outhaul in my Keynon boom is a wire to line affair. However the wire, for some unknown reason, is steel, not stainless steel and is now looking like it would like to break, complete with meat hooks. Why they, or Ericson [probably Ericson] would do this is...
  72. S

    Advice on best heavy wind racing headsail E34

    I race my 1987 E34 but do not have a proper headsail for 18to upper 20's. The sail must be furling. I first leaned toward a blade but am told the design of 1980's boats with large fore triangles did much better with a traditional overlaping headsail (plus I was encouraged to get leach...
  73. S

    Wanted racing blade for E34 or E35 (1987)

    Any retired sailors out there wanting to sell their racing blade headsail ???
  74. treilley

    Another E34 for sale not near me

    :boohoo: http://www.yachtworld.com/core/listing/pl_boat_detail.jsp?currency=USD&units=Feet&checked_boats=1500878&slim=quick& Still searching Tim R.
  75. treilley

    E34 buying advice

    I am going to look at an E34 this weekend:egrin: and would like to do as much of a survey before I hire a professional. I bassically want to possibly eliminate this boat before I pay for the surveyor. If it passes my exam then I will get a professional survey. So here is the question...
  76. treilley

    E34 tour

    The E34 is on my short list of next boats. Anyone in the northeast willing to give me a tour so I can get the feel for the interior space? I'll bring you a bottle of your favorite cruising refreshment. Tim
  77. treilley

    E34 Wanted

    Looking to possibly purchase an Ericson 34 from the 80s. I am in the northeast but will travel(east coast). Tim
  78. R

    E34 Spinnaker

    What are the approximate dimensions for an E34 cruising spinnaker, assymetric, gennaker,etc.?
  79. R

    re: mast E34 T

    I just wanted to thank the group for the response to my problem. The mast and problem spreader is indeed a LaFiell. They are kind enough to send me a sample section to assure that it fits. A special thanks to Seth for leading me to LaFiell. Bob E34 T "Endeavour"
  80. R

    mast for E34 t

    does anyone know who built the spars for 1978 E34 T? I need to replace a spreader and none of the spar manufacturers on the net even come close to my measurements. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bob "Endeavour" E34 T
  81. R

    E34 Kenyon Mast

    Just below the lower spreaders the track for the sail slugs is sectioned with flat head machine screws in each piece. The upper screw backed off and was sheared off by the sail slide. Do these screws just go into a flat piece inside the mast? With the missing screw, the sail slides tend to hang...
  82. T

    Replacing lexan in 1989 E34 long windows

    Our boats lexan windows are 'crazed' to the point you cannot see through them in bright light. I intend to take the windows out - they've been out to re-bed with fresh sealer before, so I know they will come out. Looking closely I think the outer aluminum is two pieces - a top and bottom half...
  83. R

    E34 Icebox

    Our Stbd. icebox drain leaks onto the cockpit sole, requiring plastic bins for the icewater to dump. Does anyone know how to access the icebox drain hose? Dick Elliott.
  84. R

    E35-3 vs. E34

    Is the E35-3 hull identical to the E34? E34 overall length is 34ft. 11in. I know that the interior is different. :egrin:
  85. S

    Cabin roof and deck construction - 87 E34

    I have no leaks but want to know the construction design of the cabin top and side decks of my '87 E34. Previous boats always were of a sandwich design with balsa or plywood inside, so that a leak from any fitting could slowly cause rot. The E34 has a full vinyl liner with zippers. When I...
  86. B

    Location of GFCI outlet in E34

    Can anyone tell me where the GFCI outlet is on the E34? The surveyor tripped the GFCI and couldn't find the outlet with it. (He tripped it to test it, in an outlet in the galley without a GFCI.) We looked everywhere and couldn't find the GFCI outlet, either. Is there an outlet with a red GFCI...
  87. V

    Mechanical drawings for E-34

    Has anyone found a resource to get copies of subassembly drawings for older Ericsons. I have a 1978 34 and need to repair/replace the aluminum keel sump and rib structure. It would be very helpful to have the original drawings for this weldment. Any information would be very helpful...
  88. B

    Wanted: Dodger with frame for E34

    We're looking for a dodger and frame for a late 80s Ericson 34. Does anyone have a used one they'd like to sell, or a recommendation on where to get one? We're located in the Northeast. Thanks for any help. -- Brooke
  89. C

    E34 100% Cross Cut Roller Jib

    I just gave a 100% North Cross Cut 8 oz. dacron jib for the E34 to Bacon in Annapolis. Catalog Number 220-WRZC-1001 on their site. The sail is in excellent shape. I replaced it last year with a 110% radial cut laminate jib.
  90. F

    E-34 Universal 25XP - RH prop recommendation

    The 2 blade factory fixed prop just is not pushing my boat through strong chop and current, where it cavitates and the boat looses steerage due to no forward speed over rudder. I looked into a Maxprop 3 blade feathering and the shop recommended 15" diameter, 9'' pitch, 1'' shaft. The cost to buy...
  91. R

    E34 Interior Finish

    Re: 1989 E34 by Pacific Seacraft. Is the interior finish oil or satin varnish. I have a few water drips down the inside of the cabin sides which acts like an oil finish.
  92. C

    E34 Drive Train Rebuild

    I posted this to the sailnet list earlier. Here it is for 'our' .ORG archives. :) Chris ------------------- Our cutless bearing was starting to wear very thin and play had increased beyond my comfort zone (which is admittedly tight), and we thus embarked on a complete clean-up of the drive...
  93. C

    E34 on the bay 11/20

    Hi, I was sailing my E35III on Saturday 11/20 just west of alcatraz I think E34 Mamora?? Took pictures, if you are out there it would be great to see the pictures!! Julian
  94. V

    1978 E-34 hull repair

    After the most recent of 'who knows how many' groundings over the last 26 years, I filed an insurance claim to help repair a 9 inch leaky crack in the hull of my 1978 E-34. The repair is going to be extensive - requiring removal of the floor and bulkhead and possibly the keel and engine. At...
  95. S

    Fuel capacity of E34 (1987)

    The specs call for 30 gallons. However even after I installed a new fuel sender, it seems that it is more like 20 gallons. I admit I have not taken the fuel to Empty and then filled back up. I have however gotten to 2/3 empty and filling back up supports 20 gallons. Is it possible that the...
  96. S

    Great success racing an E34!

    Just had to tell of the great success racing my '87 E34! While I cruised for many years I got into racing a few years ago(at ate 64) and started slowly with this boat - with an old shortened roller furling 140. Then bought an ill fitting 150 short genoa off ebay for nearly nothing and the boat...
  97. C

    Visiting E34

    A quick review of the Cruising and Racing Forum reveals that we have a guest/visitor in the SF Bay area...a 1987 E34 known as Sierra Star (piloted by Frank, her owner). There's a great story on the C&R FOrum about the trip north. Has anyone seen this boat? Just thought it might be nice to...
  98. F

    E-34 trip up Ca coast this spring

    Hello everyone. Thought you might be interested in a trip I attempted with my 1987 E-34 up CA coast from San Diego to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. No problems in socal and Catalina was great! Had a sailing buddy lined up to meet me in Santa Barbara to head north to SF. On the day we were...
  99. V

    E34 Mast, boom, mainsail, pole for sale

    In the process of inspecting my rigging this year, I somehow convinced myself that adding height to the mast, length to the boom, and upgrading the spinnaker pole to carbon were all good ideas. Hence I now must dispose of the original equipment, which is in reasonable condition for it's age...
  100. E

    New Construction of Ericson 32-200, E34 & E38

    I am trying to determine what the demand level may be for the Ericson 32-200, Ericson 34 and Ericson 38-200 as newly constructed boats. Any thoughts?