1. D

    E34-2 water tank selection valves

    Hello. A few weeks ago I bought a 1989 E34-2 so the boat is new to me. I am trying to find the fresh water valves that select which of the three water tanks (port, starboard, bow) feeds into the pressure pump, but I cannot find them anywhere. The manual says that there should be 3 valves under...
  2. P

    How to convert salon table to bed ? E34-2

    Hello, I am wondering how to convert the salon table to a bed on an 87 e34-2. Thanks. Phil
  3. S

    1987 E34 project on YW

    https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1987/ericson-sloop-3186526/?refSource=standard%20listing This could be a deal for someone.
  4. W

    Is the E34 a boat for racing?

    We are looking at an E34 and I wanted to know what folks who have sailed her think about her as a racer for distance and around the buoys on Long Island Sound.
  5. L

    E34 Hull/Bilge Construction

    Greetings all- so I am a yacht broker and I have a listing for an 1989 Ericson 34, and one of my prospective buyers found online that there was some reported issues with the grid systems in which stress cracks sometimes can be found in the areas around the base of the mast. Looking at my...
  6. ofshore74

    Why would anyone change the engine hour gauge on a Universal engine?

    Or on any engine for that matter? Previous owner of an E34 I'm looking at replaced the engine hour gauge on the 23hp Universal, current owner/broker put their heads together to see what it added up to. Apparently comes to around 1500hrs. But it doesn't sound like an extremely accurate story...
  7. ofshore74

    89' Ericson 34 Salon Cupboard Modifications

    I'm currently eyeballing an 89' E34 wondering if anyone has ever made modifications to the salon cupboards (port and starboard side) on one -- I believe the E38 also has a similar design. If I end up purchasing one I'd like to remove them (also curious what is behind them I.E. wood strips...
  8. P

    Kretschmer review of E34 / offshore ready

    I did not see this 2011 article on the e34 on this site so posting. http://sailingmagazine.net/article-1050-ericson-34.html
  9. 3

    E 34 1998: For Sale in Bellingham

    THE BOAT SOLD. In JAN 2015 Mandalay, Ericson 34-2 for sale by owner. 1988. Solid, well-maintained and ready to go. Strong sailing performer in up to 50 knots--ideal for multi season cruising in the PNW or elsewhere. Five sails: 3 jibs (North 139% triradial with luff "foam", Hood 130% older...
  10. E

    E34 leak in aft berth

    I've got a 1991 Pacific Seacraft Ericson 34 and have got water coming into my aft cabin from the aft locker. It looks like some kind of design or construction flaw. Water in the aft locker drains down to the base of the rudder post and instead of having a place to drain into the bilge it just...
  11. E

    E-34 Manual

    Hi All, I tried to download the Ericson 34 owner's manual but the link I found in the "Downloads and Galleries" section ( http://www.ericsonyachts.org/infoexchange/vbdownloads.php?do=download&downloadid=114 ) doesn't seem to go anywhere. Can someone help me track it down? Cheers! Ed
  12. M

    E34 Wiring Diagram

    Is there such a thing as a wiring diagram for Ericsons? I bought a used 1990 E34. I have the owner's manual and see a couple vague references to a wiring diagram. The only diagram in my manual is color coding of mast wires. Is there a more complete diagram for the boat's standard electical...
  13. S

    E34 Anchor Bow Roller

    I am seeking some ideas for a bow roller on the E34T. I've attached a pic below of the current set up. Given that the roller would be offset around the stem fitting, I am thinking to relocate the existing running lights to the pulpit railing which would leave room for many off the shelf roller...
  14. M

    E34 V-Berth Leak

    This is my first winter with my 1989 E34. Rainwater leaks into the V-birth on the starboard side. The leak manifests itself where the vinyl liner meets the birth horizontal surface about 2/3 of the way back from the front of the birth. I have found several posts in the archives about similar...
  15. C

    1988 E34 - Ericson or Pacific Seacraft?

    Greetings, We've been in partnership of a 1988 Ericson 34 (hull #262) since 1993. When bought, the boat came with a couple of original E34 brochures stating the boat was made by Pacific Seacraft - it's the same brochure found on this website in the 'downloads' section. Our boat is the sister...
  16. F

    Engine survey E34

    The surveyor’s report began by saying “the engine and related systems appear to have been well cared for, engine starts and runs clean, no exhaust smoke or fuel on the water, shifts forward to reverse cleanly.” The report also said ”Propeller shaft recently had some work to include installing...
  17. D

    Repower an E34 with a new engine.

    Presently have a 20 year old 23 hp Kubota/Universal that is getting tired. I'm down to 4.5 knots in a two foot chop and 3.5 knots in worse. I am thinking of replacing with a Yanmar 3YM30G (29 hp) but wondering about a 3JH4SE (40 hp). I have a three blade 15 inch MaxProp with new one inch shaft...
  18. D

    E34, Does it have a shower?

    I have been looking at pics of the newer E 34's from the late 80's as a potential liveaboard. I have always liked the 35's and the 34 has almost the same specs just with different interior. Can someone tell me if it has a shower as well? Thanks!
  19. Loren Beach

    '97 E-34 for sale (UK ! )

    http://www.yachtworld.com/privatelabel/listing/pl_boat_detail.jsp?slim=pp252569&boat_id=2201086&checked_boats=2201086&ybw=&units=Meters&currency=GBP&access=Public&listing_id=73591&url= Now here is something out of the ordinary... One of the last PSC-constructed E-34's, judging from the...
  20. S

    '87 E34 rub rail replacement

    Anyone know the best replacement for my 87 E34? See photo. I doubt anybody makes the exact rail.