1. T

    Discoloration of Hull @ Prop Drive Shaft

    Hey friends, I have a 1978 Ericson 27' that I put on the hard this year. After taking a look at the bottom I noticed some discoloration around the drive shaft on the exterior of the boat. I examined the inside and it' pretty dirty where the drive exits the engine and goes through the hull but...
  2. davisr

    Ericson 25 Hull Restoration

    Some time ago I had finally had enough of the dull and pasty looking hull that I had inherited from the previous owner. Drawing upon the advice of Maine Sail in his Sailnet article on the subject, I compounded, polished, and waxed the hull. Some time later I did the same to the deck and the...
  3. P

    Hull # for 1988 E32

    I recently purchased ERY32827C888. I'd like to understand what the number means and also confirm that the vessel is indeed a 1988. Can anyone advise on this?
  4. gadangit

    E39 Hull Thickness

    Happy New Year everybody! Recently I had a shipwright (really!) tell me that he thought the hull on our boat was pretty thin. I know for a fact that the hull above the waterline at the V-berth is about 5/16", just like the layup schedule said it would be (ask me how I know.) I also know the...
  5. M

    through hull on keel E27

    New owner of a e27, the boat have a through hull at the bottom of the keel on the aft bilge. now open to drain the water with the boat on the hard. is that comun on e27. havent had time to reach down, is the valve that close it down at the bottom of the keel? what check should I perform to...
  6. juneausailin

    E 38-200 (1986) Hull

    Hi, have been looking at one of these, Just curious if this hull would be a non-cored hull? I have seen some posts mentioning Airex cores.. From the spec sheet: monocoque fiberglass hull. Can someone expand on that as well? Would be much obliged... -David
  7. C

    Hull & Deck Cosmetic Restoration

    Hi Folks, Anyone ever used this product: ? It is an acrylic top coat that is supposed to look great, and do away with buffing and waxing. Needs to be renewed without stripping every...
  8. T

    Hull Number (HIN)

    I tried looking thru the threads to see if there is a breakdown on how to decipher what the hull number of the boat is but could not find anything. I have a 71 E-29 and I think I see it as 150 something which would make sense in 1971, seeing they built about 600+. Does any one knoe how to...
  9. Greg Ross

    Layla II has been treated to new Hull Paint/ Color

    Larossa/ Brian asked for images of the new paint work on LAYLA II. P.O. had painted the boat some years ago and then proceeded to learn how to dock a boat I guess? Did the full meal deal, bottom barrier coat and hull prep and paint in two part Poly-all Interlux products. Hull is "Fighting Lady...
  10. K

    Stern Hull Questions

    I have found some I have canceled this post.
  11. davisr

    E25 rub rail and hull-to-deck joint

    There are quite a few threads out there that discuss rub rails and hull-to-deck joints. Many people favor Taco, others Wefco as sources for rub rail replacement. The hull-to-deck joint on the E25 appears to be similar in construction to what is found on other boats in the Ericson line. So...
  12. U

    Removing peeling paint inside E38 hull

    I've got peeling/flaking paint on certain areas of the inside of the hull. There's also areas where there's no paint, the areas that you don't see behind & under stuff- I want to remove all the flaking paint. Scraper works to a certain extent but it's not a surface that lends itself to this...
  13. R

    where do I find my hull number

    Is it on the title or is it stamped on the hull somewhere? Thanks for any help Roy
  14. A

    74 35 2 bilge discharge thru hull

    my bilge pump discharge was teed into the manual bilge pump line. i want to install a thru hull next to the manual bilge pump discharge. i don't know how thick the hull is in that area and have searched but haven't been able to find any mention of the thickness of the hull thanks for all your...
  15. C

    Hull Identification Plate

    When I bought my 1973 Ericson 29 the hull identification plate was missing. Did this era of boat come with one? In Canada they had initiated a requirement for compliance plates but subsequently discontinued the requirement.They did indicate the need to confirm with the manufacturer they the...
  16. CSMcKillip

    Starboard aft thru hull

    This is located on the starboard rear quarter, the boat is out, did the gelcoat fail? What is the fix?
  17. C

    Deck to hull joint leak

    Hi, I bought my 1971 E29 about two months ago and I've been poking through the site finding tons of useful information. The first thing I had to do after getting the boat home from a sopping wet 3 day cruise was to rebed all the hardware as it leaked like a sieve. After doing the windows...
  18. markvone

    Keel Type/Draft from Hull Number?

    Does anyone have (or know of) documentation that will identify the keel configuration (std, shoal or wing) from the Hull Identification Number for the 1984 - 1988 Ericson 26? It will save me a trip to visit ERY26385G888 if it doesn't have the std/deep keel. Thanks! Mark
  19. S

    E 27 hull thickness - fill and fair old through hull hole.

    I'm curious as to what the thickness of the E27 hull is,I have heard close to an inch but can't seem to find any specs. On another note,I will be doing some hull work and want to move my engine raw water sea cock to an accessible area.For some ungodly reason either the factory or some previous...
  20. Mark F

    unfinished Ericson 36C hull

    I had a camera with me when I drove through Moss Landing CA today so I took some photos. This is an Ericson 36c that has been sitting unfinished for many many years I'm told.