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  1. N

    Anchor locker leak question (E35-3)

    I'd appreciate any comments re: rebedding/solving leaks in the anchor locker of an E35-3 (well, E350, which seems to be related but not quite the same from some of the pictures posted on the forum). The current pan seems to have been recaulked in the past, and while there is no evidence of...
  2. C

    Leaking Portlight

    Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well! I wanted to reach out and get some expert advice on how to fix my leaking portlight. About a week ago we got some heavy rain and I noticed a very small drip coming from my portlight. The leak seems to be coming through the area between the glass/acrylic...
  3. B

    Expansion tank for M25?

    I've noticed over the past couple months of cruising that the m25 in my E27 goes through a lot of coolant. Recently I noticed some in the bilge, and almost none in the reservoir, so I realized I had to deal with it right away. I added coolant, started the engine with the covers off, and...
  4. B

    E34-II Anchor Locker Leak Into V-Berth ... Fixed?

    The following may be of use to others who have issues with water intrusion to the v-berth. I purchased this, my first boat, a '92 Ericson 34-II last December and am getting ready for her first launch. The boat showed signs of significant water intrusion to the v-berth. I'll try to be as brief...
  5. S

    Replacement manual bilge hose

    Has anyone experience in removing and replacing the hose from the manual pump to the bilge? My bilge pump hose on my E30 has sprung a small leak. Are there aspects I need to be aware of in this replacement? Thanks, Stan
  6. G

    Rudder Post Leaking

    I have a 1980 model Ericson 30+ and I have just discovered that a significant leak has developed from the top of the rudder post when the boat is underway. Can anyone tell me if they have taken out a rudder before to repair such a leak? I presume there must be some kind of rubber seal to...
  7. E

    Question about ericson 27 mast

    Hey folks. I own a 23 foot boat, and have been looking at ericson 27s as a major upgrade. I looked at one today, and it was in great shape. However, there was a little water leaking through the mast onto the post (mostly in the bathroom area). It looks to be a recent leak. There was a small...
  8. E

    Ericson 34 - leaking chain locker

    I was getting water into the forward end of my V-berth and after removing the boards that separate the berth from the the back end of the chain locker and the bow, I located what, I THINK, is the source of the leak. The chain locker is actually a fiberglass box dropped into a hole in the deck...
  9. Christian Williams

    Rudder Packing Gland Identification and Service

    Ok, tomorrow I re-pack the rudder packing gland and would like to do it right. This gland, which may be Yacht Specialties, has four bolts--not three, like the similar Edson model. In this design, both flanges are meant to be installed hard together. There is no adjustment to regulate...
  10. E

    E34 drain holes

    I'm beginning to think that the builder was cutting corners when constructing my 1991 Pacific Seacraft Ericson 34. 1. There is a locker in the V-berth that collects water (from condensation and a leak in my chain locker topside). In the center rear of it there is a raised area that looks like...
  11. E

    E34 leak in aft berth

    I've got a 1991 Pacific Seacraft Ericson 34 and have got water coming into my aft cabin from the aft locker. It looks like some kind of design or construction flaw. Water in the aft locker drains down to the base of the rudder post and instead of having a place to drain into the bilge it just...
  12. G

    Mystery leak E28+

    The forward most bilge compartment (just aft of the head) on my 1983 E28+ accumulates sea water from some mysterious source. The water appears to be coming in through the port side limber hole (the second limber hole leads to the shower sump but that is dry and we never use it). I've checked...
  13. N

    Where do we start?

    Hi everyone!We just sailed our new (to us) Ericson 38 home to Portland ME and are very discouraged by the amount of water in the bilge. Every day, I am using a shop vac to take out about 6 gallons of water from the bilge. Where do we start looking for the source of the leak? Thanks!
  14. ignacio

    Stumped - Water in bilge

    Each time I have the boat underway and under power for at least 30 minutes or so, I end up with about 2-3" of water in the bilge (E-35-2). Since the bilge is rather spread out on this boat (vs. my E27 deep bilge), that's a pretty good amount of water. I have a PSS dripless shaft seal, but it...
  15. Mikebat

    Well, gee - no wonder they leak

    Got the fixed port frames out this weekend so I could compare the openings to two sets of drawings Bomon sent me. Just take a look at that caulking... uh... job? Looks like somebody took off work early that day.
  16. mherrcat

    Mystery oil leak?

    Over the past several weeks I have noticed a very strange oil leak. It appears as very fine specks of oil on the fiberglass engine pan and bulkhead area on the right side of (left as your are facing) the engine. Here is a before picture of the area clean and an after picture of the area with the...
  17. J

    strut leak 38-200

    Having my boat hauled today because I discovered a slow leak around the forward glass joint that covers the strut embedment. This has been an ongoing leak maybe a 1/2 cup a day for several years and been extremely hard to find. Only after cutting a new access hatch into the cabin sole did find...
  18. T

    e29 fuel leak?

    So we had a race Saturday and I ended up with about 2+ gallons of diesel fuel under my engine. I syphoned it out along with about a gallon in the area where the stuffing box is. I recently took out the tank to clean it, and I think somehow the lines drained into the stuffing box area and when...
  19. M

    E34 V-Berth Leak

    This is my first winter with my 1989 E34. Rainwater leaks into the V-birth on the starboard side. The leak manifests itself where the vinyl liner meets the birth horizontal surface about 2/3 of the way back from the front of the birth. I have found several posts in the archives about similar...
  20. N

    Rudder post leak stopped E32-3, easy!

    Ever since we got our E32-3 there has been a salt water leak past the rudder post stuffing box. Lots of salt crystals in the boat. After the last haulout I pumped a ton of grease into the cavity between the rudder post lower bushing and stuffing box. To my pleasant surprise no more leak. The...
  21. J

    E28 Transmission leak

    I just bought an E28 that had been on the hard for 13mos. I did an engine test which went very well. It started right away and we ran it for 5 minutes before shutting it down. One week later I noticed that the entire transmission fluid cavity had leaked out. The plug was tight with the seal...
  22. J

    anchor locker leak

    Hi Everyone, I am currently about to buy a 1983 35III. We had the survey yesturday and found the front bulkhead (just below the anchor locker) is completely rotten and needs to be replaced. It looks like the anchor locker/deck joint failed and has allowed water to drip onto the bulkhead for...
  23. M

    E-32 rainwater leak- rubrail? headsail track?

    I'm trying to stop up a rainwater leak into the galley storage area on my 1976 E-32. I've rebedded the stanchions in the area and the only culprits left (that I can see) are the outboard headsail track and the rub rail.<O:p</O:p <O:p</O:p First: I don't see any signs of the sail track being...
  24. R

    An interesting/annoying E38 leak....

    Heres a new one I've never seen or heard of before: On my E38 there is an engine bilge that is separate from the rest of the bilge system, no limber holes. I assume this is to collect any engine fluids and keep them from entering the main bilge. Good idea. There is also a fiberglass...
  25. A

    Raw Water Pump Shaft Leak

    I have an '86 E-28 with the M12 Universal. I replaced the impeller on the Oberdorfer raw water pump at the beginning of the summer, and had no problems. However, today I noticed a water leak coming from the seal where the pump mounts to the engine. I tried to tighten the 4 cap screws, but...
  26. P

    Volvo SailDrive/100s Bladder potential leak?

    Just bought a 79 E25+ and it has mild rust on the SailDrive retainer ring that seals the rubber bladder. Bladder seems in good shape.. Boat has been out of the water of 4 years and it's going back next week (:)). It seems that the rubber bladder is a splash guard (Above the water line?) and...
  27. H

    YSM8 Oil Leak

    I have a YSM8 engine that appears to be leaking oil. It seems to leak only when running but I haven't completely ruled out a slow constant leak. The bottom of the engine sat in fresh (rain) water for an unknown but probably long period of time leading me to believe that one or more gaskets could...
  28. EGregerson

    mystery leak

    I had fuel in the bilge the other day; a great thing to see...and smell. It had me going; checked the hoses and connections; everything seemed fine. cleaned out the bilge; got it shiny; and checked it the next morning; 6 or 8 oz of new fuel. So i put on my thinking cap and thot the hardest...
  29. R

    WD-40 Non-Skid Stain & a Transmission Question

    We had a leak of WD-40 on the deck of our Ericson. Any suggestions as to how we can remove the stain from the leak? Also, put a new Universal 23 engine and transmission in our boat. After 175 hours, we had problems with the transmission slipping. Had to replace the transmission. Has anyone...
  30. E

    Fresh Water Leak E-38

    WE had a very cold einter this year in Annapolis. Even though the boat was winterized by the yard I apprently have a split water line from the front bow tank. Has any one replaced the water lines and does any one have a diagram of the water system?
  31. R

    Tracking down a leak on E 38

    Question 1: After a vigorous 6 hour shakedown sail in 30 knots of wind our newly acquired E 38 has developed a hard to track leak that adds an inch an hour of salt water to the bilge level even when the boat is in the slip with engine off and the seacocks closed. The stuffing box and thru hulls...
  32. R

    Oil leak... in pan under engine

    about a pint of engine oil in pan yesterday... Checked oil and it was a little over full. Looked at log and yes one of my Sea Scouts added a Qt last week. could not find drips or leaks until started and then our mechanic says from the oil switch. On line I found a note about the relief valve...
  33. G

    Raritan toilet leak

    Hi everyone, Just rebuilt my Raritan toilet (PHII) only to find the fitting on the back of the bowl where the water comes in is leaking. Not sure how the fitting was installed on the porcelin originally as it must have a flange on the inside of the porcelin. Would appreciate any...
  34. C

    Deck to hull joint leak

    Hi, I bought my 1971 E29 about two months ago and I've been poking through the site finding tons of useful information. The first thing I had to do after getting the boat home from a sopping wet 3 day cruise was to rebed all the hardware as it leaked like a sieve. After doing the windows...
  35. E

    E29 windows leak

    Anyone know where I can get new window seals for my E29? I have tried applying calking to windows. However, they still leak and now I have to clean up an unsightly mess. I read the lead about replacing the class windows with Plexiglas and I don't want to give up my tempered glass windows. So, I...
  36. HughHarv

    Hull/Deck joint leak

    Got a leak in the joint, has anyone repaired the hull/deck joint on an ER/39?
  37. HughHarv

    Hull Deck Joint Leak

    I have a significant leak above the galley. The interior fiberglass tape over the joint was cracked in a couple of places right where the water was seeping in so I removed a six inches of the tape. The filler in the joint was also cracked, widest part of the hull, maybe dock damage? Anyhow, I...
  38. Akavishon

    stemhead leak

    In my never-ending quest to plug all rain leaks on my boat, I have recently re-bedded the anchor locker pan with butyl tape, and epoxied/caulked the drain hose. I'm fairly certain it's water tight now ... alas, rain is still finding its way into the bow, so my next step will be to undo all my...
  39. S

    Heat Exchanger Leak

    After reading the thread on the engine zinc being located in the heat exchanger, I decided to look at mine as I had not done it in the two years I have had the boat.....and then the trouble began. I had just finished running the engine and noticed for the first time a drip coming from the raw...
  40. J

    Cockpit drain leak

    We have a E-35, Mark III. Over the winter one or more of the 4 cockpit drain hoses froze and I'm assuming burst. Result was a very wet bilge which we've been pumping out. The hoses and connections are anything but easy to get at. Any suggestions on repairing them? Many thanks, John...
  41. Z

    New E 29 Owner looking for leak fixing advice

    Hello all, I'm a new owner in the Bay Area, having just bought my first sailboat, an E 29, a couple weeks ago. The rain has begun and, as would be expected, so have the leaks. I think there's pretty significant amounts of water coming in through the handrails (evident behind the wooden...
  42. T

    Hull-Deck leak

    I think I have a leak between my hull and deck. there is a length of rubber that runs aroound the boat that I am assuming covers thehull deck joint. Sorry I do not know the tech name for it. is it difficult to replace. nic:confused:
  43. L

    Help! I've sprung a leak

    Investigation of why the bilge pump was pumping so much reveals a leak in the fiberglass, a small fountain of pin-hole leaks. It has obviously been getting worse because I couldn't find it a couple of days aga. This picture shows the leak - it is below the edge of the shower floor right next to...
  44. K

    Raw Water Pump Leak

    Hello All: Have just noticed (during a 4 day trip) an accumulation of dried salt below the raw water pump on our Universal 5432. I assume it is probably a seal/gasket issue where the pump housing attaches to the engine block. As we are getting ready for a 3 week trip, I want to eliminate any...
  45. O

    Seawater Foot Pump / Leak

    Hello, Need some help...there appears to be a leak around the diaphragm foot pump that pumps in raw seawater. The leak may be coming from the connection of the hose to the pump or perhaps a hole in the diaphragm - given the lack of resistance I find when exercising the foot pump, my guess is...
  46. larossa

    Hull to Deck Leak

    Hi all, In the process of tracking down the couple of water leaks into the cabin of my E31, I was able to track the water coming in through the hull and deck joint and the through two of the bolts for the toe rail. The compound that was used to seal the hull to the deck was both wet and loose...
  47. J

    Annoying Leak

    Well, I have a leak that is very annoying. When it rains the teak bottom of the cabinet just forward of the galley, above the settee, on the port side gets wet. The part that gets wet is the furthest outboard few inches. During our last rain storm I went down to the boat to search for the leak...
  48. Dferr

    1982 E-38 rudder grease fittings and leak

    While in the process of replacing my hot water heater, I was poking around and found two grease fittings on the the rudder tower. One up top, and one down low. The lower fitting was very badly rusted, and as I tried to remove it, of course it broke. I'm not planning on dropping the...
  49. T

    Possible leak in fuel tank

    Any cost estimates for changing out the fuel tan on an E35?
  50. B

    E333 deck leak.

    We have a tough to find leak in the bow of our E333. It seems to be getting in around the bow pulpet, or anchor locker as it leaks through the interior under the fabric into the forward locker area in the v-berth in front of the water tank. I have already rebedded the bow pulpet which did not...
  51. S

    E-38 Major Leak!

    Well, I hate to make this post....:esad: Let me also caveat by saying this sad story was relayed to me secondhand, but I did meet the folks and boat involved prior to the event. One of our fellow Vikes from the Bay area recently purchased a gorgeous E-38-200 in Long Beach. The boat was circa...
  52. B

    Chain Plate Leak - Ericson 30+

    I just bought a 30+ and the surveyor located one area around the pump out deck plate/port stanchon bases that had some moisture. I wondered if anyone done any repair/rebedding on a 30+ in this particular area and had any hints before I start the work next week. I will need to remove the deck...
  53. K

    Cockpit drain hose leak

    Yesterday I noticed the bilge pump cycling about every 10 minutes or so. The hose under the cockpit has a split in it. So I closed the through hull under the sink and it stopped the leak. I had my son, much smaller and younger than I, do the monkey thing and crawl down into the starboard...
  54. K

    Oil Leak - E 38-200 & 32 hp Universal

    Continuing adventures of Nakesa - we have a small oil leak: the relief hose from the crankcase is dripping oil at about 1 drip per second / engine temp is > 185 degrees when we are running over 2,000 rpm's; under 2,000, the temp is 180 & oil is less than 1 drip per minute. Oil level on the...
  55. Luffin it

    Gas Tank Leak

    I need some ideas on what everyone else has done with there leaky gas tank on thier Ericson 27? I've replaced the fuel filler hose which took care of some of the problem but I now see a small amount of fuel leaking from beneath the tank above the lower bracket on the forward side. I can only...
  56. F

    Nasty leak into the galley food storage cupboard....

    I have discovered that the food storage cupboard on my E30+ (the cupboard just aft of the refrigerator opening, beside the galley sink, next to the opening for the garbage disposal on some models) gets quite wet. This seems to happen only after I've hosed down the deck (haven't noticed it after...
  57. E

    Any thoughts on this leak

    I am getting a little water near the thru hulls under the galley Sink. The water is coming down from the engine pan on the tafg. The water only appears after the boat has been sailing and heeled some. My initial thought is that it is coming from the freshwater system. Either the pump...
  58. treilley

    Exhaust manifold leak

    We ran our first race of the season tonight. I have not run the results yet but it appears as though we placed second out of about 10 boats behind a Sabre 38, When I first started the motor, Kathy smelled something burning. It was actually antifreeze. I checked the engine and there was a...
  59. R

    Anyone ever hear of a leak like this??

    I was helping out a member of my club tonight, he has a C&C 35 with a Universal M30 or M40. The crankcase was filling up with saltwater if the seacock was left open either running or shut down. The engine driven raw water pump, a Sherwood, that is so familiar to the Universal owners was...
  60. N

    E32-3 - Where do they leak rain?

    I am stumped. After fixing leaks in the aft Hatch and a stbd side Window of our 1986 E32-3 I still have a leak. But it is not coming into the cabin, only the aft bildges. The cabin is very dry from stem to stern even with the heavy rains we have been having in the great green wet Pacific NW...
  61. G

    Annoying antifreeze leak

    Hi All, I'm afraid I'm still plagued with an annoying antifreeze leak. I have a Universal M35A which is about 8 or 9 years old (1200 hrs). I have this leak which seems to appear on the starboard side of the engine & I can't for the life of me figure out where it's coming from. I've...
  62. S

    E32 Freshwater Leak

    E32 Freshwater Tank/Plumbing The aluminum freshwater tank on my 1978 E32 is located under the Vee-berth with copper pipes run aft under the fiberglass floor then into the bilge where they connect with vinyl hose then lead ultimately to the pump under the sink. A separate fresh water pipe...
  63. R

    Oil of some sort in the bilge..... Fuel tank leak?

    Hello All, Day before yesterday upon checking the bilge in my '83 E38 I found a very small amount, maybe an ounce or two of light honey colored oil sitting on top of the water in the aftmost bilge well. Seemed heavier than diesel fuel, not black like engine oil would be and not red like the...
  64. Shadowfax

    Mast Head Leak

    The mast head of my "88 E34. And I wonder why my mast leaks!! This is the first time I've tried to attach a picture, so if it dosen't come through I'll try again
  65. G

    Puzzling coolant leak - Universal

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone will have a solution for me. I have a Universal M35A 30hp 4 cylinder on my E35/3. I have an annoying coolant leak which I can't find. I've removed the heat exchanger, cleaned it, put new gaskets on it - no leak there. I've checked all hose clamps on the fresh...
  66. H

    Insane leak

    Sea Quest has developed a leak. She's a 1972 E-35 II. I discovered that the cushion on the port quarterberth up on the chart table end was soaked after the last rain. Turns out that the cabin light fixture overhead was full to the brim and then some. It took a long time to figure out where...
  67. H

    E38 water leak at companionway slider

    Happy New Year! Well, almost. MS. Claus was good to me, she got a new vhf. Took it to the boat, found I have a fair leak from rain [ of all things ]. It seems to be coming in at the starboard side of the slider, and pooling on the sole in the galley. The wood frame seems to be doing little to...
  68. J

    Transmission Leak

    Have a slight leak in the transmission on our 1983, 35-3. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  69. M

    E30+ mystery leak

    Regalus has decided to try to sink. The bilge has had a bit of water when we would go sailing. Now it has quite a bit of water. I pulled everything that I could out of her and looked for the leak. It is coming from somewhere between where the prop shaft enters the boat and the rudder. I crawled...
  70. T

    E-27 Water leak from mast step.

    I have a 75 e27 with a substantional water leak coming from a hole the previous owner drilled in the mast step. The whole is used for the electrical that runs up the mast. The water has rotted away a section of the plywood that is the wall of the head. Also with a VERY small amout of rot is...
  71. L

    E35-3 Leak Under Galley Sink

    I have fresh water (not sea water) collecting in the forward/port corner of the galley sink cabinet. The water is not coming in through any of the thruhulls in that cabinet. I have dried it out and observed the area with a flashlight and seen evidence of water seeping up out of a seam in the...
  72. D

    E 38 water leak

    I recently became owner of a 1980 Ericson 38 which has a few problems, but my major worry is a deck leak on the port side behind the dinette. It is what I consider a major leak, about a gallon between the hull and the wood, and some had gone on to the bilge after five days intermittent rain...
  73. C

    E-32 Rudder stuffing box leak (71')

    Our rudder stuffing box is leaking. Looking at a previous thread the problem is addressed for a 35-2. Is the 32's the same ? Can any 32 owners offer any advice. The stuffing box has the 4 bolts as described in the specs,but ours looks a little different than the drawing. Would like to also...
  74. Sven

    Hull to deck joint leak ?

    [also posted to the sailnet Ericson list] Another great weekend of sailing La Petite but also a recurring water mystery. We sailed down to King Harbor from Marina Del Rey, and then back to MDR, making for a wonderful 5+/- hours of first peaceful, then rail-in-the-water sailing. Once...
  75. R

    Lewmar opening port leak

    Hi, all, congratulations to everyone on the East Coast with surviving the Isabel. One more newbie question... I finally had time to investigate my portlight leak, and found beyond any doubt that it actually leaks between the frame and the fiberglass. So, next step is to rebed it. But...
  76. L

    Water tank leak

    I have an e-34t that has the water tank enclosed under the port side settee. this boat has been an on-going project and I have just recently hooked up the pressure water system in the small compartment just foreward of the tank where I found a 1/2" fitting comming out of the bottom of the tank...
  77. E

    Ericson 35-2 water leak around chainplate

    I'm seriously thinking of purchasing a 1981 Ericson 35-2. I looked at the boat today, and liked the boat. However, I noticed some discoloration of wood around the windows. Although the chainplates seem to be ok (as far as I can tell, as I couldn't disassemble the whole thing to get a true...
  78. B

    water leak

    Own a 85' 30 + last year I noticed a leak above my nav. station. Over the winter I rebeded the bases of the stantions only to find leak still there. Someone suggested that I might have a crack underneath the rub rail- has anyone had this problem ? and if so how easy is it to remove and fix...
  79. B

    water leak

    own and love my 85' 30+ for 3 years now, and started to get a leak above the nav. station. After doing some inspection I notice the water is comming in from the side where the deck meets the hull. Some one suggested taking off the rub rail perhaps there is a crack under the rail-wondering if...
  80. J

    leak at ER 35 III cabintop Guard

    I have a 1986 ER 35 III with the stainless guard over the deck box forward of the mast. the guard is thru bolted with self locking nuts on the underside of the deck and inside the headliner. A small leak has developed, and the water runs inside the headliner and is discoloring the teak cabin...
  81. S

    1988 E35-3 Leak at anchor locker

    I have a 1988 E35-3, I have a significant leak at the compartment for the anchor on the bow. I have pulled off the headliner in the forward compartment and I've been keeping the area dry inside until I can rebed the locker. The previous owner has done this once already. Does anyone have any...
  82. J

    Steering System Leak (E-32)

    Hull number 521. Rudder post is leaking on the forward side of the tube about 3 inches above the inside of the hull. There is a rubber boot (3.5" x 5.0") covering the the section of rudder post tube between the bottom of the packing gland flange and the bottom of the tube. I replaced the pipe...