1. Bow Shot

    Bow Shot

  2. Forward Deck

    Forward Deck

    I pressured washed the whole deck. Looks great except for the hand rail we took off. Epoxy and a lot of sanding required too.
  3. S

    Reinstalling a bow eye.

    I have an Ericson 26 that I launch and retrieve from a trailer. One of the previous Owners removed the bow eye from the boat as they craned it in and out. I am looking for any information on a replacement eye/ eyebolt that I can use to retrieve the boat and stabalize the bow on the trailer...
  4. S

    E34T Bow Roller and Hot Water Heater Install

    Hello all, I just finished the install of the new Lewmar bow roller which will accommodate the 22 lb. Lewmar Delta anchor on my E34T. Thanks to everyone that contributed a couple months back on bow roller ideas. As the stem is very tight, options were limited but did a ton of research and...
  5. DanielW

    E28 - Anchor set up - Double bow roller

    Hey there Anyone set up a double anchor roller on an E-28? Space is a wee bit tight but I'm sure it can be done. Before I hit the drawing board I was wondering if anyone else had sage advice, experiences to share, photos etc. My current primary is a 15kg CQR, which is really a bit too...
  6. M

    Bow Roller

    I have an Ericson 35-2. I am rebuilding every system in preps for cruising. Has anyone installed a bow roller on the narrow bow? Need pictures and ideas. Thanks Monty
  7. S

    E34 Anchor Bow Roller

    I am seeking some ideas for a bow roller on the E34T. I've attached a pic below of the current set up. Given that the roller would be offset around the stem fitting, I am thinking to relocate the existing running lights to the pulpit railing which would leave room for many off the shelf roller...
  8. S

    E28+ Bow repair question

    My 28+ is 1982 vintage and while preparing the boat for an early splash this spring I noticed that part of the metal "U" on the bow had broken off exposing the deck/bow connection points. Clearly to keep water out of the boat this needs to be repaired. I highly doubt that a replacement part is...
  9. bigd14

    Nav Light on Bow Pulpit Question

    I am relocating the bow lights to the pulpit and am wondering about how to seal the holes I will have to drill (or, figure out a way to make sure it all drains out somehow). The wires will enter at the top and exit on the aft stanchion base on the port side. If any water gets in it will travel...
  10. F

    How to remove anchor locker, rebed bow fittings?

    Hi, I want to rebed the bow pulpit and cleats, and can't really get at them from the underside due to the anchor locker being in the way. There is very little space between the anchor locker and the hull to get my hand and a wrench in there to the underside of the deck. I am thinking it...
  11. adam

    E29 - Masthead and Bow Light Questions

    Please help solve my confusion. I have switches in my fuse box for a masthead light and bow light. Neither do anything at the moment. But both of them have wires coming off of them. I haven't yet tracked down where they go. There is a light (non-functional) 2/3 of the way up the front of...
  12. D

    Lead Ingots in Bow

    Just removed 400 pounds of lead from the bow of our E 31I. We moved some equipment around, and moved the stern anchor to the bowsprit. She sits level now with the water line about 2 inches lower. Now we have room for another water tank, and all chain rode. I heard rumors of this ballast being...
  13. C

    Bow Light

    As usual, if something can go wrong, it is almost certain to. Went to put a new lamp in my port bow light last Saturday. I first very carefully removed the screws making sure I didn't lose them. Next proceeded to start removing the cover and lens. Didn't want to come off easily so I thought...
  14. WBurgner

    E38 Bow Light

    Anyone know the manufacturer and model number of the bi-color light on the bow of the E38's circa 1984? Mine is broken and I need to order a replacement, but I am two hours away from the boat. It looked like a small Aqua Signal and the top piece I brought home is identified "SK79". I have not...
  15. M

    Bow bumper rail

    Anyone know how or where I can replace the Bow Bumper Rail on a Ericson 35? I unscrewed the 2 bolts and took off the one side that was still intact. Looks like the front bumper just goes over the rubrail and there is just some putty or resin fill under the bumper.I bought her like this last year...
  16. B

    1981 E38 anchor locker / bow cleats advice w/pictures

    1981 E38 anchor locker / bow cleats advice (PICTURES) So as most projects go I started this with the intent of finishing in a day. I wanted to replace the forward bow cleats and re-bed all forward hardware. The PO has installed a custom aluminum bracket under the weak anchor pan. He wanted it...
  17. M

    Bow Pulpit

    Recently purchased an E35-MKIII that had storm damage and needs a little help. The rudder has now been replaced with a new one from Foss Foam (original oem and they did an excellant job fabbing a new one) but I am now looking to the pulpits and lifelines. Does anyone know who built the original...
  18. K

    Rotten core at the bow

    There are a few things about the 1974 E27 that we have concerns with. Another is that the bow of the boat on the deck is very springy/squishy. I've read basically every thread on this site and other about rotten cores. The rot extends about 20 inches back from the bow. The PO replaced a...
  19. F

    Advice please on moisture in the bow

    Our 1984 E30+ has a bulkhead at the foot of the V berth (ie. at the bow of the boat). The approximately two feet of bow/hull that is walled off by this bulkhead contains the anchor locker (enclosed and accessible from the deck), a drain hose from the anchor locker through this space and exiting...
  20. Akavishon

    bow stemhead/anchoring issue

    After a month long cruise with numerous nights spent on anchor, I've come to realize that my current anchoring setup is not really ideal. I'm turning to the forum for guidance what can be done to improve it, within reasonable budget constraints ;) I have a 35lbs CQR on 25' of chain and 200'...