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  1. lonokai

    Lofrans windlass battery

    Hey gang, Sea Star has a windlass which I have never used in the three years I’ve had the boat, apparently, PO had wired the system to have a third battery up in the v-berth locker. There is no battery there now. Do do you think I should use a deep cycle battery there or would a...
  2. F

    1987/88 E 32-300 Where is the battery charger?

    Still have old lead acid float charge batteries and switching to AGM so need to switch charger settings. Can't find the charger and know there is one on board since a "Statpower 20+" manual came with the boat suggesting a replacement by the previous owner(s). On the assumption the Statpower...
  3. S

    E32-3 battery size

    Currently I have two group 24 batteries in the original battery box with little space to spare. Manual says there should be two 105Ah batteries in there. I do not beleive I can get more than about 80Ah from group 24 meaning the box is supposed to accept larger batteries. Christian mentioned...
  4. M

    No battery for a drill driver

    This should be filed under "Do not try this at home" While installing my solar panel, I realized that I had left my drill driver's 19.2v battery at home. Since home was 1.5 hours away, I tried to just use a screw to bore a hole into the fiberglass, and promptly bore a hole into my finger...
  5. Loren Beach

    Fuse Sizing info

    It seems like questions about batteries, fuses, and wiring concerns occur around here on an ongoing basis. This explanation of fusing is courtesy of a new article by Maine Sail. Link: http://www.sailnet.com/forums/electrical-systems/75552-battery-fuse-sizing-how-what.html The comment about...
  6. Loren Beach

    Lithium Ion battery

    I just followed an article in Yachting Monthly to this announcement on the maker's site: http://www.mastervolt.com/marine/products/li-ion/mli-12-320/ Battery Weight appears to be 121. pounds, translated from Euro Gravity Units. :nerd: I'm afraid to research the price of one! The advertised...
  7. T

    Battery Monitor + Alternator

    Just installed a Victron BMV600 battery monitor and everything is being read except the alternator charge. Per another excellent How To by Maine Sail he describes the install and also touch’s on my dilemma- “Keep in mind that many marine alternators are case grounded and thus the system...
  8. L

    Adding A Starting Battery

    I'm almost done with my Frigoboat install and my next step is to add a starting battery so I can wire my existing two batteries in parallel to increase my house bank capacity. I've read Nigel Calder's book as well as all of the excellent articles on the Blue Sea web site. But before charging...
  9. Lucky Dog

    Battery Monitors

    Some what off course... but figure there would be lots of suggestions? Even though it is -7c outside we are thinking of the spring. In Minnesota we have solar powered regatta fro schools. Trying to have some fun and learn about solar power. We also host the largest high mileage vehicle(?)...
  10. J

    Battery switch knob??

    Hi all, Does anyone know where to pick up a replacement battery switch knob (the red one, that switches between 1, 2, both, and off) for the electric panel (in this case, for a 1984 E28)? I just took over a new boat, and this knob vanished somewhere in the past, and I don't want to be stuck...
  11. Loren Beach

    "VRLA" Battery failure story

    I am not sure if this type of battery is common for boat usage, but did find the story interesting. The person posting the story seems to be comparing the failure to AGM batteries, but I am not at all sure that the technology is closely related. I know that there are a number of battery wizards...
  12. A

    second battery bank

    hi all i would like to put a second battery bank on my 74 35 II. where has everybody put there second bank. ??? thanks greg dalliance 74 35II # 325 wilmington,ca
  13. S

    Battery Charger Wiring

    I need some insight here. My '89 Ericson 32 came with two type 24 batteries connected by a Off/1/All/2 (Perko) battery switch . I have a Newmar ABC 12-15 two bank charger with the output (+/-) for each bank going directly to each battery - bank 1 output to battery 1 etc. When the battery...
  14. D

    Battery Switch E29 Atomic 4

    1. Can anyone verify whether or not you can switch batteries while the engine is running? I have a placard on my recently acquired boat that states "do not change batteries while engine is running". On a previous boat I used to start the engine with battery #1 and then switch to "both" so that...
  15. Loren Beach

    Battery Fusing Option

    We are indebted to MaineSail for this referenced thread. Having recently added some inline fuses to every smaller wire to my batteries, I find this quite a tidy solution. (I was fusing the sense wires to my panel volt meter and also the incoming leads from the shorepower charger.)...
  16. C

    Battery Charger Advice

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  17. T

    Save a Battery

    I was on an automotive sight and saw a link for this product, Save a Battery, specifically model #1702. Link is - www.saveabattery.com I wonder if it's got any use on our boats for testing or is something else out there that could take it's place. It even says it can desulphinate a battery...
  18. F

    Any thoughts on results of my battery test?

    Hi, I have two 86 amp group 27 gel cell deep cycle batteries wired in parallel for the house battery and one group 24 wet cell deep cycle for our starting battery. I have a Heart Freedom 1000 Link 10 inverter/charger, and when cruising for a weekend or a week at a time, use about 98 amps per...
  19. davisr

    xantrex linklite battery monitor

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the xantrex linklite. I'm interested in using it to monitor the charge on a 225 ah bank of 6v Trojan T-105 batteries. Thanks, Roscoe PRODUCT INFORMATION LinkLITE Battery Monitor Battery Status At A Glance The LinkLITE battery monitor...
  20. davisr

    battery compartment ventilation

    I'm thinking of using my starboard side cockpit locker as a compartment for two 6V golf-cart batteries wired in a series. Knowing that these flooded cells will release hydrogen during charging, I want to provide some passive ventilation for this locker so as to avoid the build up of this...