1. D

    1987 E-38 Keel

    Hey guys! We are in the midst of a refit and are going to launch sometime next week. Since we've been on the hard for six months, we've noticed some rusty water weeping out of our keel/hull joint. While I would love to pull/rebed the keel, the yard we are at doesn't generally do this type of...
  2. S

    E29 tall rig and extra ballast

    Hello all, I am still an looking for an E29, and waiting to view a '76 locally that looks promising. I've only been aboard one E29, a '74 model, and I've seen a lot of other boats since then. I am curious how many E29s were the tall rig, and if there are any easily identifiable clues as to...
  3. C

    37 mk2 keel issues: help and adise please

    I am looking at purchasing a '73 mk2 37'. The boat suffered a split in the shell of the keel as pictured. Boat stands sunk into the ground and placed additional stress on keel which resulted in the cracking of fiberglass. I read the following about this keel from an article posted by the...
  4. What's a J-Bolt?

    E32-3 What's a J-Bolt?

    Ultimately, a lot can transpire during ownership, a ton of value added, or taken away and ultimately something is sold at a price where the value/cost proposition makes sense for both parties. Was this boat a good deal? Not sure… Maybe this blog is a way for me to justify and convince myself I...
  5. V

    Sizing Mars Stability Bulbs for E38 SD

    Hello All, I'm new to these forums, having recently purchased a 1982 shoal draft E38 from forum member John Butler. Among other modifications I'm considering is adding Mars Metals (MM) "stability bulbs" to the foot of the keel. I have contacted MM for their recommendations, as I'm sure they...
  6. M

    E32-3 Haulout - Seascape @ San Francisco Boatworks

    Hello Fellow Ericson Owners! I have owned Seascape, an Ericson 32-3 (vintage 1985) since the fall of 2013. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area and I race and cruise in the bay and in near coastal waters. I have been reading this site for a few years but never really contributed much. I recently...
  7. W

    '69 E-41 keel question

    I'm considering an Ericson 41 for Florida Coastal and Carribean cruising. The boat has an encapsulated 6' keel a bit long for my intended use. I've contacted Mars Metal in Canada to see if I can get some info on adding a bulb to take about 1' off the keel. My questing to the owners is, the...
  8. M

    through hull on keel E27

    New owner of a e27, the boat have a through hull at the bottom of the keel on the aft bilge. now open to drain the water with the boat on the hard. is that comun on e27. havent had time to reach down, is the valve that close it down at the bottom of the keel? what check should I perform to...
  9. M

    E-23 fixed keel lifting eye.

    I have a hoist available that can put my boat on a trailer without unstepping the mast. Has anyone installed a lifting eye so that slings don't have to be used? If so, how. Most boats that I've seen thread on to a keel bolt, but this can't be done on an E-23. The other hoist in our marina...
  10. D

    E26 Fin Keel height?

    Can anyone tell me how long the fin keel on an E26 is? I'm considering the purchase of one 1300 miles away and considering transporting myself on a friends trailer because the shipping quotes are simply too expensive. The trailer has adjustable brackets but I need to confirm that their minimum...
  11. M

    crack in keel at ballast

    I need to repair a crack at the front of my keel. It appears that it has been repaired in the past. I dug out the old repair and now have a crack that is about 3 to 4 inches long 1/8 of an inch thick and about an inch deep. When I opened it up it was wet and I got a couple ounces of water to...
  12. J

    Keel Support Question E-29

    I have an Ericson 29 and in reviewing the hull, checked the bilge and noticed no or what appeared to be rusted out keel bolts. Two of them, each in a separate section of the bilge. Now I am freaked out I might drop my keel and roll the boat!!! Since my wife prefers to sail dry, does anyone know...
  13. Commotion

    Water in the keel E 35-2

    I bought this E 35-2 in the yard and while we were stripping the bottom paint off for barrier coat, we found water leaking out of the trailing edge of the keel. It tasted like salt water (yuck) and for the most part was pretty clear. It just kept coming, so I drilled a 1/4" hole... Ended up...
  14. A

    Ericson 32-3 shoal keel vs deep keel

    Does anyone know if a E32-3 shoal keel (4'4" draft) is more tender and points less high than the deep keel model (6'2")? Thanks
  15. R

    E35-2 rudder removal: keel height needed

    It seems early but my local yard is booking winter storage already. This year I want to drop my rudder to overhaul the foil, mechanism, replace my cutlass bearing etc. I know I need to have the boat blocked higher than usual but as I can't get down to her till next week I hoped someone who has...
  16. U

    Threaded keel plug?

    I have recently acquired a 1973 Ericson 29. The boat is on the hard and the hole in question is on the starboard side of the keel just aft of midships. It is a threaded opening for a plug of some sort. The opening is just over a 1/2" and I can not find any plug to fit. Is this a standard...
  17. S

    E 26 keel bolts?

    Is the keel of the of the late 80's E 26 encapsulted or bolt on. No keel bolts are visible in the bilge. Can anyone shed some light on this. Thanks,
  18. M

    1974 Ericson 32 Keel

    :egrin: I am looking to purchase a 74 Ericson 32. Is there anyway to inspect the integrity of the keel. From the outside the hull/keel area looks good. Is there any problems I should be aware of? Thank you for any help.
  19. Kringe

    New Keel in my E-25..yaye..;(

    I have spent a very large portion of my day removing the old pieces that were lodged in my keel box from the former keel which had broken off. Removed the pin, spent 3 hours cleaning out the oyster shells that had attached themselves. Didn't take too long to get the new keel connected and the...
  20. Kringe

    E-25 keel installation

    I will be installing my new keel in the coming week and amd wondering if anyone is interested in pictures of the process. I can post pics with progress along the way. Lemme know if anyone is interested..