1. M

    E38200 1986 for sale

    Good day fellow 'E' owners, Merrimist remains on the market and is for sale, reasonable offers considered. New owner will not be disappointed but surprisingly pleased with this boat. In addition to the info below, I have this last week purchased and installed new batteries, fitted the Raytheon...
  2. D

    1986 35-3 Fuel Tank Quarter Berth water leak

    On my boat, a small amount of water accumulates at the low point closest to the engine and immediately forward of the fuel tank in a low point. I have removed the quarter berth platform, exposing the tank and all surrounding areas. There is no sign the water is moving forward along the tank or...
  3. D

    Standing Rigging Replacement

    I am planning on pulling my mast to address some corrosion issues before they go from minor to major. At same time we will do a full inspection of the standing rigging and update wiring. Given the age of the boat (and as far as I know the rigging is original), should I arbitrarily replace...
  4. S

    Thru Hulls and Bilge Questions

    My E28 is still kind of new to me, so I still have a lot to learn about it. A 1/2" plastic above the waterline on the starboard side thru-hull cracked off. I don't know that putting it back together the way I found it is the right way. The other plastic thru-hull is a 3/4". The 1/2"...
  5. juneausailin

    E 38-200 (1986) Hull

    Hi, have been looking at one of these, Just curious if this hull would be a non-cored hull? I have seen some posts mentioning Airex cores.. From the spec sheet: monocoque fiberglass hull. Can someone expand on that as well? Would be much obliged... -David
  6. A

    1986 Ericson 28 For Sale in MA

    SOLD-1986 Ericson 28 For Sale in MA Tranquility is in excellent condition. The hull is the original white gelcoat and shows near new. She is setup for easy single handing with a Stackpack main, Simrad autopilot, and solid boom vang that make raising and lowering the main a simple task. The...
  7. D

    1986 35' MkIII - Deck Drain/Fill Locations

    On my recently purchased Ericson, I have a removable access cover about three inches in diamater on the port quarter, just aft of the waste pumpout access. I also have the three water fill points, and one diesel. Does anyone know what this larger one is? I have the original documentation and...
  8. N

    1986 E32-3 Head Faucet Brand for Parts?

    Shown in the picture is the Head Sink Faucet and the broken Valve from the cold side. I can't find a brand or model for sourcing parts. If anybody knows just what Brand this Faucet is and or where I can get new parts it would be appreciated. I did try an RV parts place and they could not match...
  9. G

    1986 32-3 Review In Good Old Boat Mag.

    The July/August issue of Good Old Boat Magazine did a nice 4 page article on a 1986 32-3. The overall opinion of the boat was very favorable. Reading the article was like reading an article about my own kid considering we have a 1987 version of the same boat!
  10. F

    1986 38-200 Diesel Exhaust Hose Pathway

    Hello Everyone, I've been away quite a long time, but I'm back with a quick question. Does anyone have a diagram of the pathway for the large exhaust hose on my Universal Atomic Engine. I know it runs unseen under the sole near the shower sump basin, then disappears behind the cabin ladder...
  11. T

    Re- power 1986 35-3

    I'm thinking of replacement our orginal 21hp universal with a M-35B. Has anyone used this model with success. Thanks, Thomas
  12. S

    Original Cost of a 1986 32-3

    What was the orignial cost of the 1986 32-3? I have owned mine for five years and have always wondered. Sam
  13. F

    E28 1986 #620 getting some upgrades

    Will be scoping out the Sail only boat show deals in Oakland in a few weeks. We have a resonable budget and want to get the boat all set nice. #1 Original Traveler upgrade- thinking your normal Harken traveler setup with two lines one on each side run under a dodger. Thoughts or ideas? #2...
  14. G

    1986 E-32 Lewmar Hatch Replacement

    Hi All, I'm going to replace my top-side hatches this winter. From reading through other posts, I believe my main cabin old Lewmar Super Hatch is the new Lewmar Ocean 60 Flat. I couldn't find any posts about the smaller forward hatch in the V-berth. I think it is the Lewmar Ocean 20 flat...
  15. C

    EDEN E 30+ 1986 is for sail

    Chas and Judi are downsizing to a trailerable Ericson . It is with great intrpidation and sadness as we enter this new adventure . Eden has a darkblue hull, off white decks, white boot and cove, grey sunbrella dodger. an Edson wheel with insterments GPS is combined with a laptop with the local...
  16. P

    1986 32 For Sale in Florida panhandle

    Last chance to buy this beautiful, well equipped and maintained Ericson 32 before I turn it over to the broker. Price reduced to $39,500. Check it out at: http://www.geocities.com/prote55/Ericson32.html Let me know if you need more photos or information. Bob bobpro2@cox.net
  17. K

    Mast broken in two. Should I repair or replacement 1986 E32-3

    My E32-3 was just delivered to UT from NC with the mast cracked completely in two:mad::mad: The boat hauler, the firm that de-commissioned the mast and packed it and the broker are all denying any responsibility for the mast being broken. My insurance company is sending out another surveyor to...
  18. F

    1986 38-200 fuel tank feed faulty

    Hello, I've had a persistent problem with the fuel tank at about half full not feeding fuel to the engine in rough seas, especially on a starboard tack. The engine will quit as if out of fuel, when I know I've got 20 gallons or so left. Once the boat levels out, I can restart the engine...
  19. F

    1986 38-200 original topside colors?

    Does anyone know where I can find out the original colors for my boat? I've got to redo the topside. It's white with blue stripes. I just don't know what Awlgrip white to choose or exactly the right blue. Thanks in advance. fz
  20. P

    1986 E-32 For Sale

    This boat is in excellent condition. Here is the link to the web site which includes a detailed description as well as several photos: http://www.geocities.com/prote55/Ericson32.html The boat is located in the Florida panhandle near Destin. We keep it on a protected canal behind the house...
  21. M

    New Propellor on 1986 Ericson 32

    My old prop was a 2 blade 14 x 12. I ordered a new "Campbell Prop" 3 blade 14x7 [ what was recommended] I can only get to 2300 rpm. Any thoughts on what the correct size might be?:confused:
  22. N

    Fuel Capacity 1986 E32-3

    :confused: The Ericson literature for our 1986 E32-3 says the tank has a fuel capacity of 22 gallons. I would like to know the actual usuable fuel when filled to the top of the fuel sender. It does not seem to be a full 22 gallons to me. It is very irregular shaped so calculating the volume is...
  23. wurzner

    Insurance Costs for E38-200 (1986)?

    Just curious to see what people are paying annually for a similiar sized and year boat. I was paying 60 a month for my 1977 E32 with a gas engine and no survey through progessive. I'm curious to see what I'm in store for with a boat worth more, but it is also surveyed, newer, and has a diesel...
  24. F

    Installing aft cabin port holes on a 1986 38'-200

    Hello all, That aft cabin can get pretty hot down here in the Caribbean. I've seen Ericsons that have dual port holes in the cockpit side of the cabin. Has anyone install port holes on the hull-side of the aft cabin on a boat approximately like a 38-200? Or can you refer me to articles...
  25. N

    Correct Prop for 1986 E32 ?

    Hello, I'm new and in process of buying a beautiful E32. When we haul it next week I want to make sure the correct prop is installed for smoothest operation under power. It has a Universal MX25XP engine. What diameter and pitch should be installed? Any help is appreciated. Thanks - Jerry...
  26. D

    38-200, 1986,rotten wood from leaking port

    The forward port-side opening port in v-berth area leaked for some time, causing the wood panelling surrounding it to rot from the back side. Port has been removed, re-bedded, re-installed, no leak. But how the heck do I remove/replace the surrounding wood panelling which is slowly rotting away...
  27. E

    1986 E38-200 interior

    Hi !Me and my husband have been putting together `86 E38-200 for last 1/2 a year .It was sunk a while back in hurricane and last owner dissasembled it all and now we have a chore of putting it all back together ( electrical , plumbing , cabinetry...)We have pretty much finished electrical and...
  28. F

    Gear Shifter sticky on 1986 38-200

    The gear shifter on my 1986 38-200 is really hard to shift. So hard, it's dangerous in mooring/anchoring situations. The boat's got a new transmission, and I already disconnected the cable and hand-shifted the transmission rod, which shifts easily and smoothly. I've also removed the compass...
  29. G

    1986 E35 Mark III For Sale

    :egrin: 1986 Ericson 35 Mark III. Performance Cruiser. Good condition. Anam Cara spent her first 16 years in fresh water in Lake Michigan. Keel was modified with a bulb manufactured by Mars Keels in Toronto (4'11" draft) prior to relocating to the west coast of Florida. Teak interior...
  30. F

    Diesel Sending Unit for 1986 38-200

    Hello, I've got a defective diesel sender unit and wonder if anyone can suggest where I can get a new one for my 1986 38-200. I posted this message before without checking the box to allow email responses. Pretty dumb on my part. So please do consider this a new post. Thanks. Frank Z.
  31. F

    Gas Sending Unit for 1986 38-200

    Hello folks, I'm a new member and new Ericson boat owner (in fact, this is my first sailboat!). I'm looking forward to the whole experience. Thanks in advance for welcoming into your world. As you might suspect, there are some items to deal with on my 1986 38-200, though the boat (renamed...
  32. M

    Rub rail for 1986 E-38

    Ahoy: The boat yard where I keep my boat has asked me to see if anyone knows where to get the aluminum extrusion that is part of the rub rail on an 1986 Ericson 38. Though I have not seen it myself, it has been described to me as "short, fat u-shaped section of aluminum about 1-1/4" wide."...
  33. J

    1986 Ericson 35 Mark III For Sale

    Alibi II, a 1986 Ericson 35 Mark III, is now (sadly) for sale. She is a freshwater boat (past 9 yrs.) in excellent condition. Summary of features: deep keel, recent custom full batten mainsail and 135% R/F Genoa, Harken furler, whisker pole stored on mast track, rigid vang, Harken ball bearing...
  34. R

    Replacing a boat cushion for a 1986 30+

    I just purchased a 1986 30+ with some really nice cushions. Unfortunately, the previous owner left a wet anchor on the cushion and the salt water ate through the cushion cover. I want to replace just that cover (the others are in good shape), but the pattern doesn't seem to be in existence...