1. A

    Ericson 26-2 rudder gaskets?

    Hi All, I am a very seasoned sailor, just went from a Bristol Corsair 24 to buying an 1984 Ericson 26-2 sailboat. Great boat but I think the last owner might have lost some of the bushings or a gasket or something because the tiller has about n inch or less of play up and down. When I inspect...
  2. T

    Ericson 25 Parts For Sale

    We recently acquired an Ericson 25 which has soft decks and unfortunately not able to restore. We do have parts available if anyone is in need. Centerboard, Rudder, Mast, Boom, Sails, Cushions, etc. If anyone here is interested in purchasing, it would be greatly appreciated. Will certainly help...
  3. G

    Rudder Post Leaking

    I have a 1980 model Ericson 30+ and I have just discovered that a significant leak has developed from the top of the rudder post when the boat is underway. Can anyone tell me if they have taken out a rudder before to repair such a leak? I presume there must be some kind of rubber seal to...
  4. L

    E27 rudder cracks

    My 1973 E27 is a project. I have a couple of cracks in the rudder and I'm wondering whether it would be a big mistake to put it in the water this weekend and wait until fall to make the needed repairs.
  5. trickdhat

    Rudder Rebuild Questions

    During haul out, I noticed a quarter size hole in luffalee’s rudder apx. 2” behind rudder post on the top edge. There was a small amount of rust stained water just below the surface of the hole, so I drilled some exploratory holes around the area. Of course, the rudder was wet and there was...
  6. M

    Martec Folding Prop

    Very Subjective question here, but I just purchased a used Martec Elliptical folding prop that was beautifully refurbished at the factory. It fits perfectly on my 3/4" shaft (1970 Ericson 32 w/Atomic 4), but (during dry test fitting) as the blades extend, they hit the rudder and overlap the...
  7. M

    E32-3 Haulout - Seascape @ San Francisco Boatworks

    Hello Fellow Ericson Owners! I have owned Seascape, an Ericson 32-3 (vintage 1985) since the fall of 2013. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area and I race and cruise in the bay and in near coastal waters. I have been reading this site for a few years but never really contributed much. I recently...
  8. Christian Williams

    Yacht Specialties Installation Manual Available

    I discovered I have the original Yacht Specialties Steering Manual, which covers installation, chain, cables, quadrant, stops, Morse cable control head attachments, and so on in detail. YS is long out of business but was the OE manufacturer for many Ericsons. See below.
  9. H

    Rudder Craft Kick Up Rudder For Sale

    Hello, I have an underused Rudder Craft High Performance Kick Up Rudder for sale. It is taking up space, and I would like to sell it on the cheap. Aside from some minor scratching of the plastic, this rudder is in excellent working condition. Please respond if you would like to see pictures...
  10. davisr

    Ericson 25 Rudder Repair

    In a recent thread in the Design sub-forum there was a discussion regarding the E23 and the E25 rudders. Perhaps some of the year models have rudders made of 9/4 mahogany. I know that my E25 rudder does not; rather, it is constructed in a fashion similar to that of the centerboard - a carbon...
  11. B

    Wheel feels sticky while underway

    While I'm underway in my E29 it feels like my rudder is sticky. At the dock it feels free and easy but after a particularly big run in front of a twenty knot blow and accompanying seas all of the sudden it feels like something is wrong. Everything looks fine at the top of the rudder post where...
  12. J

    ericson 25+ rudder questtion

    Hey All, I've just purchased our very own 1981 Ericson 25+ in Seward, Alaska. I've had to do some repairs/upgrades (naturally, it's a boat after all!), but I have noticed that rudder is out of alignment for the tiller handle. Is this a major problem? Should I pull the boat out of the water...
  13. Christian Williams

    E32-3 Emergency Tiller Specs

    Both the rudder post extension and the crossbar are 40" long 1/8th" wall aluminum tubes. The post extension has an outside diameter of 2 and 3/8ths. The crossbar ("tiller") diameter is 1 and 1/2". The slot in the post tube is 6" long, declining in width from 3/4" to 1/2". This rig makes a...
  14. Christian Williams

    Rudder Packing Gland Identification and Service

    Ok, tomorrow I re-pack the rudder packing gland and would like to do it right. This gland, which may be Yacht Specialties, has four bolts--not three, like the similar Edson model. In this design, both flanges are meant to be installed hard together. There is no adjustment to regulate...
  15. A

    Wanted: Rudder for 1973 E-27

    Poor Coffeespoons parted from her mooring and washed up on the beach and lost her rudder. :esad: I can have one made but would love an economically priced used one.
  16. S

    Spade rudder installation

    Aloha, OMG, I think I just figured out how to post on here:) I am going to be installing my rudder on my Ericson 23 MK1, 1969 sailboat. The rudder came with the boat although I do not think that it is the original. It weighs a ton! I am in the process of fiberglassing and Q-celling the...
  17. B

    Does my pintle or my gudgeon on my E39 need to be repaired?

    I have an E39 that I bought a year and a half ago and I'm suspicious of the play in the lower gudgeon. At the time that I bought it I had to re-install the rudder and just about everything else... but after getting the rudder on I noticed that it has enough play in it to clunk back and forth...
  18. simdim

    Rudder travel e29

    Folks, I am replacing my crooked and waterlogged rudder on e29 77 and wondering what should be the correct rudder travel (in degrees). Also what is the correct procedure for stuffing box repacking ( assume there is one on e29 right under quadrant)? Cheers, Simon e29 '77
  19. J

    rudder replacment

    I have a 38-200 that has a very wet rudder, looking into Foss who has the pattern to make another for 1K. Does anybody have recent experience with Foss and the quality of the work they do? Their price seems reasonable the local boat yard wants 3500.00 to fabricate a new one. <?xml:namespace...
  20. ignacio

    E35-2 Rudder Bearing Replacement

    Hi all, I'm going through the surveyor's findings and recommendations on a 35-2 I'm considering purchase of, and the survey include the replacement of upper and lower rudder beariings. After speaking with a yard about this, it's clear more information is needed. So, how does one go about...