1. N

    E27 Rudder head and Tiller Casting

    There is a lot of slop in the tiller on my E27. The entire range of motion appears to be due to either a lot of wear, or a bad fit, between the casting that bolts to the tiller, and the one that bolts to the head of the rudder. I have shimmed it, and messed around with it, but in the end it...
  2. S

    E27 Rudder Problem

    <!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> I know this has been gone over in older posts, but was wondering if any of the people had finished thier rudder overhaul. I am a adult advisor for a Sea Scout ship and we sail a E27. The rudder has had problems such as rust coming from cracks, and...
  3. S

    Buying (maybe) an E32-2 with a wobbly rudder

    Buying (maybe) an E32-2 with a wobbly rudder (And the ensuing tale of repair) Hello world.... First post. Not yet an owner, but have contract on a 1974 E32-2 in San Fran bay. Boat is in overall good shape, but I've found significant slop in the rudder. Survey will be scheduled within 2 weeks...
  4. J

    MK1 keel bolts and rudder

    Hello All. I'm new here on the list, and new owner of a 1968 E23 MK1 (#17). I have to replace all the keel bolts and nuts. One nut, while I was picking at it, just fell apart like a dirtclod!:esad: I need to find out how they are attached to the keel (threaded into the keel or through bolts...
  5. J

    MK1 keel bolts and rudder

    sorry.. duplicated post.
  6. N

    Lube Rudder in E32-3, What I Did

    I finally did a chore that has been on hold for a long time. I lubricated the rudder post bearings in our E32-3. The top bearing was easy. I snaked the flexible hose of a grease gun up thru the steering quadrant and pumped in a few strokes. Joy. The lower bearing was more of a chore. The factory...
  7. E

    Ericson 30-II outboard rudder

    Ahoy mates! I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I am looking for the bushing that goes on the bottom of E30-II outboard rudder. The "rudder bushing", I'd call it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any advice that may be forthcoming. Thanks, Regards...
  8. G

    Lubricate the Rudder

    Just got done pulling the rudder out of my E27. Any suggestions on what or if to lube the lower bushing with? Grant Kiba '73 E27, #406 Antioch,CA
  9. B

    E26 Rudder

    My rudder besides being to small needs rebuilding or replacing . Has anyone had a custon rudder made , by whom and how much. I am looking to increase the lenth by 8" . I had a wing keel model that I cut the wing off and made a new keel shoe 6" deeper than standard. I feel a deeper rudder would...
  10. D

    Autohelm 4000 Rudder Sensor

    Hi Guys I have an 82 E33 with an Autohelm 4000 installed. Like some of the other owners on this site mine doesn`t hold a course very well. This year I made an improvement by relocating the fluxgate compass but the boat still wanders till the control head gets lost. One of the symptoms is while...
  11. N

    E-27 Rudder Post To Tiller Assembly Needed.

    I have a sloppy tiller assembly to my rudder post. Dose anyone know where I might find a new/used one? Gerry
  12. S

    New E25 Centerboard and Rudder

    Just a note to say that my new E25 centerboard and rudder worked flawlessly (pics were shown in a previous post). The new centerboard, made out of High Density Plastic with a lead-weighted tip (about 50# total weight of the board) was a joy to work with. Just a quick pull with the hands and up...
  13. O

    shudder in my rudder!

    hello all. my 1974 E35 rudder seems to shudder when its turned to port. this only happens while the rudder itself is turning and only to port. any ideas?
  14. C

    E29 Rudder Question

    Hi all, Great site! I purchased my 1973 E29 last summer and am in my second summer of living aboard. She has performed very well and seems to be a strong boat. The question is this: My rudder seems to have a little "slop". When sailing parallel to the waves my rudder post moves around in...
  15. R

    FS E23 Sails and Rudder

    Sails for sale: 2 e23 mains at 75 each no holes servicable. 1 yankee that goes on a furler for 50, 150 rf genoa very good condition, 225 Original mahogany rudder, black metal rudder head and tiller complete. It may also fit the 25. This would amount to a very impressive piece of...
  16. Leon Sheean

    Rudder Leak/Replacement

    I replaced the rudder on our 1988 32-200 this winter for $1100.00. It came from Foss which as I understand, made all of the OEM products. Regarding water in the rudder stock, it seems to me (as I understand the situation) that if water is coming up the rudder shaft and over the top of the...
  17. ChrisS

    32-2 Repacking the Rudder Stuffing Box

    Can any 32-2 owners offer advice on repacking the rudder stuffing box? Will I have to remove the quadrant?
  18. S

    E25 New Centerboard and Rudder Pics

    Here are four pictures of the new centerboard and rudder that I had Idasailor Marine build for me out of high density rigid polymer. I haven't sailed them yet but am relieved that the centerboard project is really done now, fixed right, and maintenance free. Incidentally, I took Bob Boe's...
  19. E

    Rudder Packing Replacement

    I appear to have a fair amount of water seeping in from the rudder stuffing box. I've attempted to tighten the bolts, to no avail. I can back them out which means they aren't frozen. I reviewed the 1987 32-3 manual and it gives no info regarding what to use or how to go about doing it. Any...
  20. M

    Rudder stopper

    Hello all! I found one rudder stopper is bent and deck is damaged. Is anyone had this problem before? Please share your experience. Regards Mike G. E32-3
  21. R

    Are any other Ericson rudder assemblies like this?

    At the risk of beating a dead horse could anyone tell me if any other Ericson rudder assemblies are like the one on my 36 RH. Below are four pictures the topside of the top rudder post bearing, the underside of same bearing the quadrant and the vertical play in the rudder (about 3 mm). It looks...
  22. R

    Rudder Bearing Questions (E36-RH)

    Sorry I borrowed a picture until I can get out to the boat and take some... Is the bronze piece in the picture with the arrow pointing at it supposed to rotate with the shaft or is it supposed to stay stationary with the fiberglass tube? I've been finishing up a re-power and I noticed last night...
  23. R

    Which spade rudder for E-35II

    I am presently restoring/refitting a 78 35MKII. I have two (2) rudders available for install. One is the 70's trapezoid-shaped type from a 70 35MKII. The other is the newer hawkbill- shaped type with slightly less surface area. It came un-installed with my boat. I would appreciate...
  24. A

    Rudder head 1975 32

    Any idea of where can I find a replacement?
  25. F

    Is emergency rudder post effective?

    My 1984 E30+ came with an emergency rudder post in the event that the steering wheel or mechanism fails. In reading about offshore sailing, several books talk about how difficult it is to operate jury-rigged rudders/tillers/etc. due to the forces on the rudder. They also say that the normal...
  26. Mindscape

    Mounting a rudder position sensor - E32-3

    I'm in the process of installing a Raymarine S1 (the ST4000 replacement) autopilot. I'm looking for advice, pictures and thoughts on how to best install the rudder position sensor. I searched and found some info, but thought I'd see if anyone had some more info. As always thanks for your help!
  27. B

    leaky rudder packing E-35-2

    I am having a long standing problem with a leaky rudder packing. The way it is designed, the groove for the waxed linen is in the upper removable disk, flange, thingy, and the lower one (that is glassed into the rudder tube is flat on top). No matter how tightly I try to pack it with packing it...
  28. E

    New Rudder For Ericson 32-3

    After reading feedback regarding my saturated rudder I have decided to replace the thing. Does anyone have a source to purchase a new one? I have visions of the existing one falling off while sailing. As previously stated, rust stains 4 yrs ago when hauled led to surface repairs and drying in...
  29. W

    Dropped Rudder Post

    When I pulled my 38-200 for the winter here on Lake Champlain I noticed that the rudder post had dropped about 5/8 of an inch, exposing the s/s post between the top of the rudder and the hull. I'm not sure how that happened but I'd like to get confirmation of how the rudder post is attached to...
  30. M

    E29 in the water rudder removal

    Besides the obvious issues of having to get suited up and in the water for the task, has anyone removed and installed a rudder on a E27 or E29 while the boat was still in the water? There is no stuffing box just a hollow tube that runs from bottom of the boat to the cockpit floor so there is not...
  31. E

    Rudder Bearing Replacement

    I need to replace the upper rudder bearing on my 90' Olson 911 SE. Does anyone have any experience with this ? I would also would prefer to go with a roller bearing to replace the stock friction. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Ed.
  32. HughHarv


    I am looking to upgrade the rudder to something longer and more modern shape. I found FossFoam has made one for an Ericson 39, are you aware of anyone else who can retrofit rudder?
  33. R

    E38 rudder post grease fittings?

    Hey, this may be a dumb question but where are the grease fittings on the rudder post of a '83 E38? I have looked and can't seem to find them.... Not the most accessible area as you can imagine. Thanks, RT
  34. S

    E27 Rudder

    In the forum " For Sale & Wanted", I had a question about the E27 rudder concerning an improved design. Responses revealed that the Foss Foam Company did have an improved design, and would cost $950.00 plus shipping. I would like to know if anyone has this improved rudder on their E27 and what...
  35. I

    Rudder swing on Ericson 36C

    The outboard rudder on my boat has some looseness in it that makes a heavy\dull noise when a wave hits it at anchor. It seems that the pintle that is on the foot of the rudder that sits inside the solid cast bronze shoe (gruntle) of the boat is moving around a little. The way the systerm is...
  36. Joe

    The Rudder and the River

    It's an awful business admitting stupidity in public, but here goes: My wife an I have just bought an old Ericson 25 CB and the PO took us out for our very first sailing lesson today. We learned how to coast in and out of the slip using the outboard and did some sailing. After he left we went...
  37. J

    e35-2 Rudder Post Diameter

    My '77 e35-2 needs new packing around the rudder post and I don't have easy access to measure the diameter - anyone happen to know if the shaft is 2 3/8, 2 7/8 or 3 1/2? Also - any hints from one who has re-packed the 35-2 rudder will be appreciated - ie: can it be done completely from the...
  38. S

    E27 Rudder

    Is there an improved E27 rudder design, or can the existing rudder be modified to provide rudder feedback on E27's with steering wheels
  39. S

    E32 Prop Nut to Rudder Distance

    Can anyone tell me the distance from the end of the prop nut to the leading edge of the rudder on an E32 (1978)? If anyone could make a quick measurement, I would appreciate it. I believe that my shaft is to far aft after an engne replacement. Kirby Ericson 32, Alamitos Bay (Long Beach)...
  40. Steve

    Grease fitting - rudder tube

    My 1984 rudder tube grease fitting just doesn't function anymore.. Lucky to get this far. Anyone have any thoughts on replacement, as you know it's never where you can get to it easy. So my thought is to replace and insert new fitting at a point that can be reached, thus more frequent...
  41. K

    E30+ Rudder length

    I was doing a bottom job on my '85 Ericson 30+ boat when a former Ericson owner stopped by and wondered if I had lengthned the rudder. I did not think about it much at the time, because both the rudder and shaft hole show no signs of stress, but now it has me wondering if any ill conceived mods...
  42. P

    E30 skeg and rudder fell off

    My boat is 1967 E30, hull number 3. In a following sea the skeg and rudder went deep six. It has been replaced by a yard but I would like to check how the new set up matches the original (the prop doesn't sound right at certain rpm's) so I am looking for a photo of that area of the boat. I would...
  43. M

    Rudder turbulance noise

    My 1976 E23 MK II has a montrous slab of mahogony (sp?) for a rudder. Last Saturday as I was enjoying a 10 knot breeze, sailing at about 4.5 knots I had to raise my voice to be heard over the noise of the water going around my transom hung rudder. The boat balances very well, so I was not...
  44. G

    Rudder a cause for vibration??

    Hi All, I recently posted regarding a cyclical vibration I'm getting. "It cycles on and off on with a regular rhythm. It lasts maybe 3 seconds, goes away for 3 seconds and then comes back for another 3. I do notice it happens more when the boat rolls from side to side. I just pulled the...
  45. ChrisS

    E-32-2 Tracking and rudder size

    Hello All-- I am in contract on a 1975 Ericson 32 in really nice condition. I sea trialed it last weekend, and I really like the boat. This would be a family boat/low key racer for the SF Bay. I reading some posts on this design, some owners report that downwind steering in bigger winds...
  46. K

    E30+ Cracked Support Stucture for Motor mounts and rudder cracks

    We were looking at a 1980 E30+ that is for sale on the great lakes and noted that the composite support frame for the deisel motor mounts is cracked . The forward side to side support frame is cracked open along its forward edge over its entire length. The port side forward /aft support...
  47. L

    1978 E30 w/ transom mounted rudder

    I'm considering buying a Ericson 30. The boat has a trasom mounted rudder, Keel stepped mast, and very beefy chain plates. In general, it looks much sturdier than most E 30's and 32's I've seen. In fact, it looks like it could take on blue water with few worries. I see few references to this...
  48. P

    E27 Rudder

    I have a 74 Ericson 27 with a tiller. The last time I sailed, which was in September, the bolt that connects the tiller head and the rudder shaft sheared. I was able to make it back with half a bolt holding the assembly together. I took the bolt and the tiller off when I got back to the slip...
  49. S

    Rudder cracks anyone?

    Here is another issue with my E27, My rudder has developed cracks on the gelcoat, I don't think there is any water sipping on the inside but I would like to fill the cracks before I paint it and launch it for the season. I was wondering if anyone has any experience fixing these cracks in the...
  50. E

    Raymarine Rudder reference data

    Just thought I would pass along a note on what the Raymarine Rudder reference actually is. I am in the process of testing a unit that I have before selling it on EBay. The unit is a 5k ohm 2% linear pot made by Bourns. The part number is 6639s BKS502 and the Bourns site askes that you call them...
  51. E

    Raymarine Rudder Reference Wanted

    I keep looking on EBay for a new or used Rudder reference. They just are out of what I want to spend. So, does anyone have one they want to unload cheap? Thanks, Ethan
  52. A

    WANTED: Tiller mount for thru-hull rudder

    Recently purchased a 1969 Ericson 23 with a thru-hull rudder assembly. The tiller mount fits into the thru-hull fitting and has, incorporated into one piece of metal, two "pin mounts" (small holes for a bolt to slide through) for the tiller. One of these has been broken off (as can be seen in...
  53. A

    Thru-hull rudder, broken tiller mount

    Recently purchased a 1969 Ericson 23 with a thru-hull rudder assembly. The tiller mount fits into the thru-hull fitting and has, incorporated into one piece of metal, two "pin mounts" (small holes for a bolt to slide through) for the tiller. One of these has been broken off (as can be seen in...
  54. A

    Thru-hull rudder, broken tiller mount

    Recently purchased a 1969 Ericson 23 with a thru-hull rudder assembly. The tiller mount fits into the thru-hull fitting and has, incorporated into one piece of metal, two "pin mounts" (small holes for a bolt to slide through) for the tiller. One of these has been broken off (as can be seen in...
  55. H

    rudder 1967 E 30

    Anyone out there pulled a rudder apart on an older (1967) E -30. What can I expect... no apparent problems yet but how is it built. Aloha Mike Dixon
  56. G

    Rudder clunk

    Hi All, We were out sailing a couple of weeks ago in quite heavy weather (gusting 37knots). Yesterday we went out again in very light air - just ghosting along. Now when the boat rolls or pitches with the waves, we can hear a faint clunk at the behind the pedestal right where the emergency...
  57. J

    Water entering rudder post E-27

    I've been trying to determine in the last year where an extensive ammount of water has been coming from in my bilge. Well alas I've found the source.Yesterday while running at excessivly high RPMs on my Yanmar 2GM the stern sits quite low in the water (exhaust outlet is level with water line)...
  58. B

    Er Rudder??

    what do people do for an emergency/spare rudder?? brian smith E25 'sparkle plenty' homer, alaska
  59. Sven

    E23 MKII rudder

    Now that we have new bottom paint on La Petite it has become very obvious that the rudder is 3-4" too low. Either that or the water line on the rudder is too low :-) That brings up two questions: - It looks like the rudder should be liftable (slide up a couple of feet ?). Does the rudder...
  60. B

    Is my rudder on my E26 loose?

    It's my first season with my 68 E26. When I was am perpendicular to the channel, and try to stear into the current, the boat will not respond, it will only respond if I "pump" the tiller. This problem only seems to occur in the strong current. Also I notice that there seems to be a vibration...
  61. J

    Packing - E32-2 rudder post packing

    I have been following threads on this subject for a while, as the packing/connection at the top of my E-32-2 (1971) was leaking last season, and I want to stop the leak! The snow has finally cleared, and so I started to tackle the problem. Regarding the steering system and attachments to the...
  62. C

    E-32 leaking Rudder Post

    Ok...I've read some of the other threads on this problem. Just hauled the old girl and among other things tried to address the rudder post leak. I repacked the stuffing box,checked the play,which was minimal,dropped the rudder, and greased everything. The thing still leaks. Is it the bronze cap...
  63. Paul Scotford

    Replacement Rudder E25

    Could anyone tell me if they know of a company who makes replacement rudders for the E-25 and the prices if they know them. I had a Problem last weekend heading back to the dock in low tide and ran up upon a small table top shoal and snapped my rudder. :esad: (wasnt shown on maps, alot of sand...
  64. R

    e39 rudder

    anyone know whats 'inside' this rudder? or who made them? have just sanded mine down and found some alarming cracks, and wonder whats inside and if i should be worried. thanks all! generally speaking, anyone have a manual for a 39 flushdeck, schematics, etc? would be eternally grateful for same.
  65. G

    E28+ rudder movement

    My 1983 E28+ has a small ( no more than 1/4 inch) fore and aft movement to the rudder. Is this something I need to be concerned about? Is is there an adjustment somewhere I can use to tighten things up or do I need to remove the rudder and replace some bushings or bearings? Is there a packing...
  66. O

    E38-200 Rudder removal / bushing replacement

    Goodmorning All, I am hoping some of you out there have had the experience of removing your rudder for bushing replacement on an E38-200, or similar. Our vessel is a 1989 model. I have a moderate amount of play in the rudder shaft noted first my a hardly noticable "clunking" while the boat...
  67. G

    Rudder Damage

    When I was being towed to a local yard, there was a lot of play in the tiller. After haulout, I could move the rudder slightly without the shaft turning. Anybody any idea how the rudder was built, and what needs to be done? Gareth Freyja E35 #241 1972
  68. G

    Bent rudder post - need help

    bent rudder post - please help :-) We have just got an old (late 70s) Ericson boat, it is a fixed keel looks like an E25 or E25 + We have sailed it from Berkeley, CA toward Moss Landing, CA, and we hit some rocks out of Half Moon Bay, CA ( I know, not a very smart thing to do...) we ended...
  69. F

    25+ Rudder Bushings

    Just hauled my "new" 1983 25+ and a hands on inspection confirmed play in the lower rudder shaft bushing. There is a flat ring loose on top of the rudder that appears like it may have been the rim of a plastic/nylon bushing that no longer exists. Can anyone describe and size what this bushing...
  70. J

    Foam rudder hairline craking

    I recently stripped a 10 layers of bottom paint from the foam rudder on my E32-2, and am noticing some fine hairline cracking. It's not deep but looks as though I should take some precautions before repainting. Any advice by someone who has done this job would be appreciated. ;)
  71. D

    rudder and keel damage

    my 1988 38-200, hull # 276, was recently involved in a 3knot grounding. The bottom trailing edge of the rudder in a triangle measuring 2"x5" was damaged when the boat rocked back on the rudder. The boat is equipped with a shoaldraft keel, a winged keel, the left wing is bent upwards on the...
  72. T

    tighten the rudder

    couple days ago i did a dive under my boat (E 29)and saw that my rudder has a little play, also my propshaft,..... main thing is the rudder , anyone some advice for the how and what.....!!!! thanx tim :confused:
  73. J

    Rudder Tube Repair

    I own an E29, Hull 560. I have had a mystereous leak which, after having a number of people in the boat, I finally located. As near as I can figure the rudder tube is cracked somewhere just above the waterline and just below the berth platform. I can see water coming down the tube where it...
  74. C

    E-32 Rudder stuffing box leak (71')

    Our rudder stuffing box is leaking. Looking at a previous thread the problem is addressed for a 35-2. Is the 32's the same ? Can any 32 owners offer any advice. The stuffing box has the 4 bolts as described in the specs,but ours looks a little different than the drawing. Would like to also...
  75. J

    Rudder bushing E32

    I had to loosen/remove part of the steering quadrant due to alignment and failure of structure. The boat is E32, 1971-72. while the steering is loosened, I tried to check for rudder play from outside the hull. The rudder "play" seems to be about 1/4". Prior to this w/ all steering cables...
  76. D

    E29 rusty rudder

    I and the better half went to look at the E29 under consideration again today. As usual, notice more stuff wrong on the second look. One thing that has me concerned is rust stains on the rudder. The rust appears to be oozing out of small cracks in the rudder, primarily on or around the trailing...
  77. G

    Rudder Spacers & Shaft Play

    Does anyone know of a good source for rudder shaft spacers (one [1]- 4 5/8 OD X 3 17/32 ID X 1/4, and two (2)4 5/8 OD X 3 17/32 ID X 1/8) for a 1988 Ericson 35 III? I assume these must to be manufactured out of Nylatron or Delrin? Also, any recommendations on the best method for reducing shaft...
  78. G

    E23 Mk I rudder slop -- HELP!

    Dear Gang: I just bought a 1968 E23 MkI. There are two problems. 1) the rudder post seems to move around a bit in the shaft hole through the hull--somewhere between 1/8 and 1/4 inch. How can I correct this? I heard something about wrapping teflon tape around the rudder shaft. Has anyone...
  79. S

    E-38 Rudder bearings

    Anybody know a source for rudder bearings for a 38?? I'm sure i can get it fabricated from UHMW or the like but thought there may be an off the shelf part somewhere. Replacing in the spring and wanted to get a jump on the parts. Thx in advance, Ben
  80. O

    Removing Rudder E-27

    Has anyone removed a rudder while the boat was still in the water? We have some delamination on the bottom of the rudder and we would like to remove it for the repair without hauling it (it was just put back in). Anyone have any expierence in this matter or heard anything. It seems the...
  81. C

    Repacking the Rudder Stuffing Box

    Well, it looks like I have to repack the rudder stuffing box on my E35-3. I have the proper amount and size packing material. The question I have is: How is the stuffing box put together? My assumption is that when the upper plate it loosened and raised up, I will have to get some tool...
  82. O

    problems with rudder control

    :boohoo: We are having intermitten problems with steering our E27. When we tack, we sometimes keep going in a circle like we over steered (but we know we haven't). Sometimes the boat is slow to respond, too. It's almost like the rudder isn't snug to the rudder post (my theory). Hubby has no...
  83. C

    E25 ft Ericson, rudder

    Hello Im wondering if anyone might have the spec for the rudder for this boat I would like to make one being I don't have the right one on my boat. Please help
  84. J

    Rudder repair on E27

    Just purchased an E27. Just finished winterizing. I have removed the rudder to repair some surface cracks. Have routed out numerous cracks and removed several areas where water has creeped under fiberglass. Has anyone got any experience with these foam/steel rudder repairs? I would...
  85. M

    E 27 Rudder (bushing)

    My rudder is very shaky and wobbly, Is there a bushing or some sort of sleve that needs changing? If so, is there any one who could enlighten me on how to go about doing this, do I have to haul out or can I do it in the water, Is it a special bushing that I would have to order or can I make...
  86. B

    Ericson 39 Rudder

    We currently have our new 39B hauled out to do a bottom job. In addition to all the bottom paint stuff, we need to deal with the rudder. It has developed a fair amount of play at the lower gudgeon. We will certainly need to drop the rudder, but it is by no means obvious how to do it. Has...
  87. G

    Bent Rudder Posts

    Need Help. Have an 1988, E26. Rudder and post have been bent aftwards about an inch or more. Cannot turn wheel helm from stop to stop. Questions: - if rudder is dropped and taken to machine shop, can the post be bent back into true position without losing the strength integrity of the...
  88. R

    Rudder & Tiller Connection

    The casting on top of the rudder post, where the tiller attaches, of my Ericson 26 has cracked and needs replacing. Does anyone know of a source for this part? Also it seems like a good time to replace the tiller, has anyone used one from West Marine? Thanks Robert Mann E26 Wind Warrior
  89. G

    E28 Rudder Maintenance

    I see where there is a grease fitting on the rudder post. What is the recommended maintenance here? Are there additional fittings not visible that need attention?
  90. D

    rudder play 25+

    I have about a 1/2" vertical play in my rudder. This is all in the shaft. Is this normal ? is there a way to adjust this? inside the hull I have pedistal steering and a fiberglass tube built up around the shaft. any help thanks
  91. T

    Rudder Modification for an E38?

    I have a E-38 and have had problems steering the boat down wind or on a broad reach in wind speeds of 20 knots or more. The boat is very hard to control and demands constant correction to the tendancy of rounding up. I talked to one E-38 owner that mentioned he has problems also, and that...
  92. S

    Rudder repair

    I have an Ericson 35. There are a couple of seeping spots in the rudder this year. I drilled a small hole near one (port forward edge) to drain it and it managed to run dry. So now I can clean it and glass it over. The second spot which is in the middle of the rudder surface on the...
  93. Graham Cole

    Rudder bearing 30+

    I have slop in the bronze bushing/bearing (lower). It looks like a bear to replace this bushing. I tried wrapping the rudder post with mylar film but now want a permanent solution.. Does anyone know how to fix without changing the bearing... Ideas? thanx
  94. M

    rudder stops

    I have an 1986 38-200. In making plans to install a below deck autopilot, I could not find the rudder stops along the quadrant. There was no visible location where they had been. I would think that there were some in the original design. Anybody know if there were some and where they were...
  95. K

    35-2 rudder modification

    I would like to increase the size of my rudder. Foss Foam recommends either the ericson 38, or the cal 40. all comments greatly appreciated.
  96. K

    35-2 rudder

    Looking for information on the much talked about rudder modification for the 35-2. Any an all info appreciated
  97. J

    Ericson 26 Rudder delamination

    I have a 1986 Ericson 26 w/ a composite type rudder. It is delaminating. The area of Delamination is about 8-12" by 14-18" on one side of rudder only. It is a foam core rudder with a plastic skin. I cut a small area open to investigate construction. It looks as if some water collected in...
  98. J

    Olson 34 rudder blisters

    Listmates, I own a 1989 Olson 34, hull number 24. Before I bought it, it had had a blister job on its hull. I don't know if they did anything to the rudder. The hull has held up well, with no blisters to date. The rudder is chock full of blisters, say dime to quarter size. I had them repaired...
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    Rudder shaft stuffing box

    Greetings, All. I once read on an earlier Ericson list, that someone had replaced the flax packing on the always troublesome E32-2 rudder stuffing box with an o-ring. Does anyone have any information on dimensions, material, and where to get such an o-ring? I'm hauling out this year and would...