1. Next steps and prep for electrical system upgrade

    E38-200 Next steps and prep for electrical system upgrade

    Here's an update on Quincy's electrical system upgrade. We are currently in the procurement and space planning/layout stage. Before we start tearing things apart I'd love to solicit comments, concerns, and advice. What am I missing? Before getting into the electrical system, last week I...
  2. Step 1 of electrical system upgrade and as-is wiring schematic

    E38-200 Step 1 of electrical system upgrade and as-is wiring schematic

    Last weekend we did the first physical steps of our electrical system upgrade which I've been thinking through and preliminarily planning for the recent past. We added a battery monitor so we can see and list our actual loads for different circuits and devices and calculate what size house bank...
  3. Phasing in a New 12V DC System

    E32-3 Phasing in a New 12V DC System

    Preface When considering a leak in a sailboat's diesel tank, the first step is to rebuild the core of the 12V DC system. Wait... did I already lose you? You might be familiar with the urge to chain projects together. When you remove the diesel tank on some of our boats, the primary 1/0 AWG...
  4. MrChristopher

    Ericson Document E30+ electrical plan, schematic. Redrawn and color coded. A

    This is a cleaned-up, redrawn version of the scanned factory electrical plan with a couple details (like black and water tanks) added.
  5. Adding Additional House  Batteries via the Starter Battery Cable

    E32-3 Adding Additional House Batteries via the Starter Battery Cable

    Summary: If you mount a remote OFF-1-2-ALL (let's call it a OFF-HOUSE-START-ALL) switch to the end of the Starter battery cable, that cable then becomes dual-use for multiple banks. Say, for example, to keep the existing Start battery on the START side of the remote switch and then to add one...
  6. Upgrading Electrical, installing LED Lights and 12V outlets etc.

    E380 Upgrading Electrical, installing LED Lights and 12V outlets etc.

    Since purchasing my 1996 Pacific Seacraft Ericson 380 back in October I've been busy working through my to-do list. The following have been some jobs on the electrical side I've been working on that could be useful for other Ericson owners. The first surprise was when we went to unstep the mast...
  7. Dodger-mounted Solar Panels

    E32-200 Dodger-mounted Solar Panels

    Solar panels meet the standard: “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Really. You just lay these man-made things out in the sun and they squirt electricity out of attached wires. How good is that? Why don’t we all have these always and everywhere? Our most...
  8. Victron LiFePO4 with Smart BMS CL 12-100

    E27 Victron LiFePO4 with Smart BMS CL 12-100

    What began as a reconnaissance mission to trace some wires to learn how my boat ticks and make sure I wasn’t sitting on a electrical fire waiting to happen has turned into the addition of a dedicated house battery, and an eventual all-out revamping of the entire 12v system on June Bug. Whoever...
  9. Engine Instrument Panel - Part 1

    E26-2 Engine Instrument Panel - Part 1

    Just another instrument panel refresh on a 37 year-old boat. There's plenty of postings from other folks around here to draw inspiration from. These are the steps leading up to installation on the boat. I set out for functionality and strength over beauty. I shared this vision with the...
  10. Installing, Programming, and Testing a Balmar MC618 regulator

    E32-200 Installing, Programming, and Testing a Balmar MC618 regulator

    References: Balmar Manuals Section Balmar 2019 Service Bulletins Re Lithium Programming MaineSail – Rodd Collins on Programming a Voltage Regulator PKYS Victron Lithium Programming Example Summary I explain how I (as an inexperienced DIY boat owner) installed, programmed, and tested my...
  11. Balmar SmartLink Network and App

    E32-200 Balmar SmartLink Network and App

    A careful user of a sailboat (or any boat, really) should want to periodically know the answer to the questions: How well-charged are my batteries? Is my alternator operating normally? A careful installer of a system monitoring the batteries and power supply of the same sailboat will ask...
  12. Power Update 4: Yanmar Balmar Renogy Noco Lithium Installation w/Costs

    E32-200 Power Update 4: Yanmar Balmar Renogy Noco Lithium Installation w/Costs

    Summary I recently installed a new power supply system for my sailboat utilizing lithium batteries and a new alternator. The total cost was about $3,600 and it took me about 30 hours to install everything, which was mostly making lots of wires and cables and running them through difficult to...
  13. Power Update 3: Product Selections

    E32-200 Power Update 3: Product Selections

    Product Selection For house batteries I believe I can fit two group 24 style 50ah batteries and a small start battery in my aft battery compartment. House Batteries: Renogy 50ah Lithium 2A These will be separated as “House Primary” and “House Reserve” batteries. There seems to be a...
  14. Power Update 2: System Design Factors

    E32-200 Power Update 2: System Design Factors

    Battery System Requirements Basics The battery/power system has to be safe. The battery/power system should be “set-it and forget-it” as much as possible. The system should have redundancy built in for when things go wrong. Batteries should be able to be recharged without excessive engine...
  15. Power Update 1: Forensic Analysis

    E32-200 Power Update 1: Forensic Analysis

    Until recently I had been ignoring the battery/power supply system of my boat. The previous owner had advised me with some emphasis, “Leave everything set to BOTH!” The ‘Both’ in this case being the four-position 1-both-2-off switch that (in theory) governs which batteries power the electrical...
  16. How to replace a battery charger on a sailboat:

    E32-200 How to replace a battery charger on a sailboat:

    Summary I replaced the battery charger on my sailboat. The most important lesson I learned was the value of using larger diameter wires from the charger to the batteries being charged. I have done AC wiring before and DC wiring before and I am comfortable with how not to electrocute myself...
  17. Battery Systems Upgrade

    E32-3 Battery Systems Upgrade

    My big project for the winter was upgrading most of my battery-related systems. Though some of this had long been on the list, the whole lot got moved to the forefront when my old Newmar 25 AC charger died. At about the same time, one of my flooded LA batteries was having trouble holding...
  18. Solar Arch 1/2 finished

    E26-2 Solar Arch 1/2 finished

    The bases are mounted the side structure are mounted I bent the top tubes and have them mounted temporally I have to weld crossmembers on the top tubes then bolt some cross members to hold the panels. Its coming along.
  19. Going Overboard with the Engine Instrument Panel

    E32-3 Going Overboard with the Engine Instrument Panel

    Before... ...After It's amazing what a little fresh paint and new gauges will do for an engine instrument panel. And, a box of new marine grade wire, some fancy LED-backlit buttons, a grip of heat-shrink ring terminals, a heat gun burn on my upper arm, 1/8" weatherproof rubber matting...
  20. Fixing the Main DC System Part 3 - Adding Solar

    E35-3 Fixing the Main DC System Part 3 - Adding Solar

    It was clear when we bought the boat that it had been designed to sit at a dock with the shore power charger doing the bulk of the work. Then when offshore, I assume it was all about the 100A alternator. However, we weren't going to be having our boat at a dock, so it was imperative that we...
  21. Fixing the Main DC System Part 2 - The Battery Box

    E35-3 Fixing the Main DC System Part 2 - The Battery Box

    So the first thing to do was trace the wires and figure out what was what. Since MOST of the cable was good Ancor marine wire, my plan was to re-use it, and re-terminate it, using the FTZ power lug crimping tool as found on Marine How To. I did this by using electrical tape, then when I was...
  22. Fixing the Main DC system (up to the panel) Part 1 Discovery

    E35-3 Fixing the Main DC system (up to the panel) Part 1 Discovery

    When we bought Rhumb Ration, one of the issues that I had to fix right away was a comment from the surveyor. The main house batteries were not secured in any manner, neither was the engine battery actually. Three batteries were in the original battery box, just sitting there due to friction...
  23. Solar Arch

    E26-2 Solar Arch

    So I'm adding a solar arch on my 26-2 its something to do with a lot of time on my hands. I have a mill and a tig welder to make it less expensive. I'm using 1.5" aluminum tube and making it so I can knock it down without getting to nuts. I just got the bases back from the powder coater and have...
  24. Projects: Voltage, Balls, Bilge, Cold Start

    E32-200 Projects: Voltage, Balls, Bilge, Cold Start

    High Voltage I headed out for a day sail this week and was motoring about 50 yards out of my slip when my remote radio mic on my helm began beeping at me and flashing a “HIGH VOLTAGE” warning. Having blown a fuse in a Standard Horizon head unit during my electronics upgrade, this seemed like a...
  25. When AC Current Runs Astray

    E32-3 When AC Current Runs Astray

    "Noticee" It began one day when I arrived at the slip and found Rumour's shore power cord disconnected... Spelling errors aside, I immediately wondered who was playing a prank on me and why they would do it this way. Upon calling the marina office I discovered the maintenance staff had...
  26. 200 Watt Solar Installation on an E-38

    E38 200 Watt Solar Installation on an E-38

    I’ve been studying adding solar for quite a few years and this summer (2020) I finally purchased two 100 watt rigid panels, two MPPT controllers and the necessary wires that connect the panels to the controllers. Along with the modifications to the lifelines to mount the panels I’ve spent about...
  27. vanilladuck

    Galvanic Isolator mounting location E32-3

    Installing a galvanic isolator on Rumour, an Ericson 32-3: Any suggestions from experience, word of mouth, or hearsay on where to mount this thing? Instructions say to keep it in a dry ventilated area and it only needs to be connected inline of the green grounding conductor from the shore...
  28. Last-minute Solar Install on a 32-3

    E32-3 Last-minute Solar Install on a 32-3

    After my boat splashed again after two months on the hard getting a keel rebed and standing rigging replacement, I had all of three days off work where I had to complete a Herculean laundry list of tasks before we left on our fall San Juan Island's cruise. The biggest one as far as net-new work...
  29. Mast Re-Wiring, Lighting upgrades

    E32-200 Mast Re-Wiring, Lighting upgrades

    Time dedicated: About 7 hours - two yesterday pulling wires and five today messing with fixtures. Edit: 8/5/2020 - Costs: $165 combined on two light fixtures from marinebeam.com. $64 on new tinned wire from Amazon. $81 on the LMR240 coaxial that the boatyard. (does not include the...
  30. Inverting the Cockpit Panel for Visibility, Thelonious II

    E381 Inverting the Cockpit Panel for Visibility, Thelonious II

    On many Ericson models the helmsman can't see the temperature gauge or the tachometer without a swooning, eye-bulging contortion that alarms guests and can cause them to cry out, "Is he all right?" That's because the panel has the ignition, glow-plug and start button on the bottom, and the tach...
  31. Out with the old wiring, notes on Raymarine parts

    E32-200 Out with the old wiring, notes on Raymarine parts

    One of the marks of good craftsmanship is tight tolerances between materials - pieces of wood, metal ducts, pipes, etc.. It seems that Ericson boats came out of the factory with fairly snug fittings all around. To change around the electronics in my boat, I would need to pull some new wires...
  32. Another Engine Panel Upgrade Pt 3

    E32-3 Another Engine Panel Upgrade Pt 3

    Continued from Part 2. Thought I'd post the final chapter of my engine panel upgrade. I finished the wiring back in May and have been happy with the results—mainly, no more surprises during engine start. I had to design a new spray cover because I “flipped” the original panel upside down (to...
  33. sjconnor

    Penta 2002 battery shorting on start

    Hi, Have you ever had a strange feeling that what you were about to do was probably not a good idea and then went ahead and did it anyway ? and sure enough you should have listened to that niggling feeling you had. Well that happened to me on Sunday. I was about to start my engine (Penta...
  34. Another Engine Panel Upgrade - Pt. 2

    E32-3 Another Engine Panel Upgrade - Pt. 2

    (Continued from Another Engine Panel Upgrade - Pt. 1): The original black engine panel frame was in pretty good shape. The panel-back has a slight rim around the mounting flange which leaves a shallow void behind the screw holes. I think this is why it often cracks beneath the screws. I...
  35. U

    General advice on propane (vs. inverter/electric)

    Hi! I’m a longtime owner of a ‘76 E29, recently upgraded to a ‘74 E35 which has been really excellently cared for. First time poster on this forum — was hoping I could get some general advice. I still have a lot to learn. I’m at a crossroads with the E35. It came with a new LP gas stove/oven...
  36. J

    E 30+ Bilge Pump Questions

    I am the new owner of a 1983 E 30+ and still underway in understanding the various systems in my boat. Hoping you all might help, in going over my new boat I have several questions regarding the bilge pump system. First, I'm embarrassed to say that I can't find the powered bilge pump! I can...
  37. jacksonkev

    Battery Charger Location for E30+ (none ever installed)

    Hello All, I'm back! I sold my E29 last year and recently bought an E30+. She's a real peach but I do have a few questions as I get to know her. One of the oddities that came up after I agreed to purchase her was the lack of a battery charger. The previous owner decided not to install...
  38. O

    Blower timer wiring diagram wanted

    I'm looking for a wiring diagram for a Weems & Plath blower timer, I have the panel in the boat (E29), it looks like original equipment, but at some point a PO put in a new blower and bypassed the timer panel. See link for image of panel (I'm not sell it, I just found the image on ebay). Any...
  39. G

    Adding 12v sockets - separate circuit?

    I have a 1989 32-200. There is one 12v socket in the v-berth, added by OP from what I can see. It is wired into the VHF circuit (!). I am planning on adding another socket in the aft cabin with the idea that both can be used for portable Caframo fans. There is one more 12v socket near the...
  40. Andrew Means

    Adding light fixtures - where to get them?

    I've decided I'd like to add an additional light fixture on each side of the boat, and ideally I'd like to keep the same style as I currently have (the "soap bar" style that I think pretty much everyone's boat has) Where can I buy them? Does anybody have any spares?
  41. davisr

    Grounding for AC and DC

    I've spent a lot of time reading Don Casey, Nigel Calder, and the many helpful postings by MaineSail on this and other forums regarding rewiring projects. I have several charts and diagrams that I'd like to pass by everyone soon in order to get some learned opinions. First, though, I would...
  42. M

    E34 Wiring Diagram

    Is there such a thing as a wiring diagram for Ericsons? I bought a used 1990 E34. I have the owner's manual and see a couple vague references to a wiring diagram. The only diagram in my manual is color coding of mast wires. Is there a more complete diagram for the boat's standard electical...
  43. Joliba

    E38-200 Electrical Panel Replacement

    We became fed up with trying to deal with the virtually inaccessible rat's nest of wiring behind our electrical panel. As when we bought the boat 2 years ago, the original Newmar breaker panel was working, but in poor condition. The breaker panel along with the VHF, stereo, main AC outlet with...
  44. C

    E29 Electrical Panel

    I don't know why anyone would want this but thought I'd check just in case. Update: It's gone. Somebody bought it at a garage sale.
  45. F

    Electrical pump wiring conundrum...

    Hi, So I'm feeling a bit stupid...bought a Facet-Purolator solid state electronic fuel pump (the cylindrical type), and it only comes with one wire sticking out the centre front. The instructions say to "connect positive power lead to the ignition switch voltage supply terminal". But there...
  46. C Masone

    Electrical Panel Lights

    I am re-wiring my electrical panel, I have a few indicator lamps that are broken and would like to replace them. 1987 32-3. Anyone know a scource to get exact replacements or a complete set of new indicator lamps?
  47. bigd14

    Electrical System Question

    I have an electrical system question. I am starting to plan my system and running into some confusion regarding grounding. I have no experience with boat wiring so I have consulted Casey's, Wing's, and Calder's books and various other sources (and searched here). And I am getting mixed...
  48. exoduse35

    OK Electrical Gods I Need HELP!

    Here is the deal: My E35-2 is finally getting some much needed help in the power creation and storage department. I have replaced the 2 group 24 batteries with 4 group 31s. I have a 3 bank (10-5-10) charger to install and plan to eventually add both a wind generator and solar panels. Now it...
  49. K

    E28+ Bus Bar

    Hi. The bow, stern, and deck lights all went out simultaneously; we're thinking that the negative wires to these lights were bunched together at a bus bar, and that the wire from the bus bar to the engine block (ground), shorted somehow (indirect lightning strike perhaps). Does anyone know...
  50. erikwfab

    Electrical system upgrade

    Does anyone have any experience purchasing and installing a complete electrical system upgrade? I would like to install a complete new system with an inverter, charger, batteries, switchgear. I would like the ability to add solar panels and a wind generator as well. Right now I am in a slip...
  51. J

    1987 E28 electrical panel

    My E 28 was hit by lightning earlier this month. Dealing with insurance company and the bpoat yard. The elctrical panel sustained some damage. A few blown out indicator lights and maybe more. Surveyor suggested trplacing the whole panel. Spent 3 hours trying to find a replacement - no luck -...
  52. S

    E28+ 12V Electrical Distribution

    I have just bought a 28+ and am running down issues with how the 12V instruments and lights are distributed. The sounder was wired in with the cabin lights and so ran anytime the lights breaker was closed. When I removed the sounder to a different breaker the port side cabin lights went with...
  53. davisr

    E25 shorepower connection

    I am currently researching my options in terms of rewiring my E25. One feature that I would like to add to the boat is a shore-power receptacle, so that, in the modest coastal cruising that I am planning on doing, I may stay overnight in transient slips from time to time for the purpose of...
  54. davisr

    E25 series or parallel circuits?

    In the month since I have purchased my E25, cb, I have been removing deck hardware for rebedding and have been reworking the centerboard. Concurrently, I have been doing research for some other needed upgrades, one of which concerns the wiring. I have been reading Don Casey's two books, This Old...
  55. Lucky Dog

    Expected electrical drain for auto pilot

    I am re doing our electrical system. The different books report different results. Anything from 5 amps per day to over 50. What has anyone discovered?
  56. ragamuffin

    New Electrical and Battery system for E27

    Since the end of the season is closing in I am getting ready for another fall+spring project. This year electrical. My E27 has an older system that I want to upgrade. Any E27 owners have any suggestions. I am thinking of starting with a Add a Battery system from Blue seas run new wire, then add...
  57. Greg Ross

    Electrical ground

    I've just installed a rebuilt Yanmar (3HM35) in my E-31 and have incorporated an isolator/ flex/ protector between couplings in the driveline. Off topic-anyone in need of a reliable 2GM20F? Where I fitted two zincs on the prop shaft the past two years for protection, and they were at least 50%...
  58. B

    DC Electrical Problems

    At the end of last year I discovered my wet cell batteries were no longer wet. Over the winter I tried to resusitate them and was marginally successful with 2 of them; I replaced the 3rd. This spring I also noticed the charger (Lewco 20-amp) was boiling the electrolyte even on the lowest...
  59. F

    E30+ Electrical wiring question

    I would appreciate some help in locating the wiring connections for the lights on the mast (deck, steaming and anchor) at the mast base. None of these lights work on my 1984 E30+, and the bulbs look ok (I know that's no guarantee), but there is no power at the bulbs, so I'm thinking it may be...
  60. J

    Moving electrical Panel - rewiring

    This is the begining of my restoration of a neglected 1972- e35. My electrical panel may be in need of an upgrade? (HA!) The PO had done some "interesting" work over the years and moved the panel - in front of the nav station. I'm thinking of taking out the nav table all together and moving...
  61. Ericsean

    Ericson 38 Electrical Panel.

    My new (for me) 1980 E 38, "Rettsie", hull # 3, has what looks like the original electrical panel. Doing some knocking around the systems, I am assuming that the panel is merely switches, not breakers. Just wanted to confirm that, but I guess I'm hoping someone will tell me those switches are...
  62. C

    Electrical Tool Site

    While ReWiring and making lots of trips to WM, I always looked at the COOL Ratchet Crimp Tool and really wanted one to replace my NAPA Crimp Tool. The old style non-compound tool was KILLING my hand for a good tight crimp. All I had to do was look at the Price to go back to my old ways. Here...
  63. G

    AC Electrical

    I installed a new water heater over the past winter. When I activate the heater though the panel circuit breaker, I noticed that the electrical cord (standard marine grade - 30A) gets quite warm within 10 feet or so of the plug-in to the boat. Is this anything to worry about? Greg 1988 E28
  64. R

    Thoughts on upgrading electrical systems???

    Hello All, I have posted several times regarding alternator/regulator upgrades for my '83 E38. I am "almost" ready to make a purchase. I say almost because I am also reading Nigel Calders Electrical and Mechanical Manual. This has led to thoughts of converting my E38 to a fully 12volt based...
  65. D

    Electrical Grounding Wire - E28+

    While cleaning out the raw water strainer on my boat yesterday, I moved the green grounding wire (coming out of the shore power box) out of the way. Much to my surprise, the wire was not attached to the engine. The connector was still good, but there the wire was, not attached. I don't know...
  66. J

    35-2 : Electrical Panel Question

    My electrical panel is stock and I read alot about isolating the DC and AC connections with plastic shields. Has anyone got any pictures of this retrofit? Seems from all I read here on the exchange it would be a safety issue that needs addressing?
  67. G

    E35/3 electrical panel difficult

    Hi All, I've been doing a bit of rewiring on my boat but am really surprised how difficult it is to get electrical connections onto the hot side of the breakers. All of the wires on my boat are fitted with the flat connectors with the hole rather than spade fittings. This means that you...
  68. F

    E38-200 Plumbing & Electrical Schematics

    I'm the new owner of an E38-200. I do have the general Owner's Manual, but there are scant pictures or detailed diagrams of the plumbing or electrical systems in the manual (in fact, there few that are included are just pencil sketches). Does anyone have or know where I can get detailed...
  69. Q

    @#%* electrical system!!

    So I arrive at my boat after a week of absence, get the boat all ready to go and check the batteries. Battery 1: dead. Battery 2: dead. I go to start the engine: silence, NOT EVEN A CLICK! If I plugged the boat into the shore power the battery meter read full but the engine would still not...
  70. J

    35 -Mk-III Electrical Drawing

    I'm restoring a 1987 35-MK-III and am looking for an accurate electrical drawing for my year. My actual wiring is different from the electrical drawing contained in the 35 manual (drawing dated 4/26/82). I have 3 DC Main Disconnects (one at the house battery bank (port side under dinette seat)...
  71. Mark F


    Does anyone know if you can damage a radio/CD player by using it while the power supply is connected to a battery charger? Thanks, Mark
  72. O

    Ericson 38-200 electrical power mods.

    Hi again everyone, In my last thread of a few moments ago, I was asking questions concerning the addition of refrigeration to my 1989 38-200. My next concern is related to my electrical power system and it's ability to maintain the frige system. I currently have 2 group 27 batteries wired...
  73. G

    Electrical panel housekeeping

    I develop a case of panel envy when I see photographs in the sailing magazines of neat looking flip down eletrical panels with all the wires neatly bundled. Has anyone bothered to clean up his/her Ericson panel which, at least in my case, hides a spagetti-like tangle of wires? One problem is...
  74. C

    Mast electrical wiring

    Hi, am getting ready to replace wiring in mast to suport combo lights on masthead and at location of steaming light. This means what used to be 4? wires will now become 5 wires (common ground, right?). Anyway it seems the wires enter the mast from the overhead in the head. What must I do to...
  75. J

    Ericson Electrical System Upgrades

    Lots of posts about fuses & breakers on other BB's. Caution to all novice electricians/do it your selfers - Don't just install new breaker panels. You need both circuit protection & equipment protection. Breakers generally don't come in assorted sizes to protect your individual loads for the...