1. C

    1978 E27 Fuel Indicator

    Hey! I need to replace my fuel indicator because the receiver wire is missing. I attempted to take it out but gas started to slowly come out so i stopped. I guess i still had some fuel in the tank . Does anyone happen to know the length of the fuel indicator? OR does anyone have a...
  2. jfischman

    Bow pulpit repair

    Hi all, The bow pulpit on my Ericson 29 (1990) got a nasty bend (impact with a dock piling). Does anyone know of a repair show or marine fabricator in the Annapolis Maryland area who might fix this--or know where to get a replacement if it's structurally damaged? (I know about Railmakers in...
  3. Fortune

    Replacement Stove on E35

    Someone replaced the original stove and oven (probably propane) with a small fridge. I don't really like the fridge, but probably would hate the original stove I really like the new Origo Alcohol stove/ovens but don't want to fall into the trap of spending more on my boat than I...
  4. Rick R.

    Replacement Fuel Guage for 1989 32-200

    Took a look at the fuel gauge on the tank in the aft berth this morning and the arrow is missing. Can anyone tell me where to find the replacement? It looks to be mechanical vs electric. Thanks in advance.
  5. V

    Fabric replacement

    I have a 1986 Ericson 35, Mark II and would like to acquire somewhat the same fabric that was originally used. Can anyone help me.
  6. ignacio

    E35-2 Rudder Bearing Replacement

    Hi all, I'm going through the surveyor's findings and recommendations on a 35-2 I'm considering purchase of, and the survey include the replacement of upper and lower rudder beariings. After speaking with a yard about this, it's clear more information is needed. So, how does one go about...
  7. chtaylor

    AC Breaker Replacement

    Hi All, My 77 E-32-2 has house type AC circuit breakers located under the galley sink and I'm thinking of replacing them with a Blue Sea panel to be located on the bulkhead near the DC panel. The current breakers are difficult to see and access, not labled and get in the way when trying to...
  8. footrope

    E38 Traveler Replacement - Harken

    Ending my hijack of Mr. Bugner's Sea Hood thread I've put in about 6 hours of work trying to remove the 20+ screws in the old Schaefer traveler. I have just one more screw left in the starboard side of the seahood before I can remove the track and channel. That one is a bugger because the RT...
  9. Joliba

    E38-200 Electrical Panel Replacement

    We became fed up with trying to deal with the virtually inaccessible rat's nest of wiring behind our electrical panel. As when we bought the boat 2 years ago, the original Newmar breaker panel was working, but in poor condition. The breaker panel along with the VHF, stereo, main AC outlet with...
  10. R

    starter replacement

    Well after getting the old one rebuilt twice in 1 year, me thinks it is time to replace with new as they just do not seem to work. Being in Nicaragua I am wondering if there is a auto type starter that would work on my "88 Universal 25? Lots of Toyota and other kind of import down here. Thanks...
  11. G

    e38 - 1981 - prop shaft stuffing box hose replacement

    Looking for some advice on replacement of the prop shaft stuffing box hose. The original stuffing box and shaft log seem to be 1 5/8". The original stuffing box hose was 4 ply. The 1 5/8" does not seem to be a common size for stuffing box replacements so a new 4 ply hose does not seem to be...
  12. U

    E38 Bulkhead replacement questions galore

    I am replacing pretty much all the bulkheads in my E38 ('83 #77). I'm wondering about the possibility of changing positions (or eliminating) various bulkheads. My plan originally was to restore back to original, but I could also go custom w/ her (I can always change her back)- Obviously I...
  13. mherrcat

    Replacement windows research

    In reference to a previous thread: I just sent emails to Motion Windows in Vancouver, WA and to USA Marine Windows in Florida to get some prices on fabricating replacement fixed windows for my E30+. I...
  14. W

    Steering Cable Replacement

    My 1989 E32 needs to have the steering cables replaced. Has anyone done this job and any advise on doing it? It is an Edson system.
  15. W

    E25 Starboard Bulkhead Replacement

    I recently purchased a 1973 E25 that I am working to bring back up to respectable condition. One of the issues is replacement of the aft bulkheads where the chain plates attach. The port was easy to remove and use for a pattern. However, it appears the only way to replace the other is to cut it...
  16. S

    Sole Replacement Project - Ericson 28+ 1981

    Hello all, I'm in the midst of replacing the sole on my '81 E28+. I had a few soft spots that weren't getting any harder, plus some water seepage from an unknown source appearing at the bast of the galley, so here we go: The floor came up in strips, chips, and fibers, much as has been...
  17. B

    E39 Water Tanks replacement

    Hi Ericsons I'm wondering if anynoe has ever replaced the water tanks on an Ericson 39 before? I'm a little aprehensive the floor is a good inch thick, and I believe the floor take some of the transverse load of the hull? and have no idea how the tanks are mounted? Any tips hints or ideas...
  18. Captain Crunch

    Sun cover replacement.

    I'm planing on replacing the suncover on my genoa and am looking for a resource for material and maybe some advise on what used heavy duty sewing machines people have bought (ebay, Craigslist)to do this kind of job. My goal is to do this repair myself while gaining the tools and the knowledge...
  19. bayhoss

    Replacement Transmission

    After an fouling in a crab pot line it looks as if I may have done some damage to the trans. I'm left with the choice of repair or replacement. Do any of you know of a source for a replacement trans. for the Hurth on my E28? Best, Frank
  20. D

    Shaft tube replacement

    Does any one know which length shaft tube to replace on E-35 II? 9" or 4-5/8". I am only assuming I have a 3/4" shaft on my 1979 boat.