1. cbeveridge

    E35-3 Replacing bilge hose

    Hi - this is my first post asking for assistance. My (original I believe) automatic bilge hose (Lawrence 3/4 ID) is severely rotten where is exits under the engine. I am trying to remove the old one and instal a new one. It's a tricky job - without much force the aft end of the hose...
  2. LeifThor

    Cabin skylight / portlight replacement glass or plexiglass??

    1972 E 35-2 Before I have again if anyone knows the exact proper nomenclature for this artifact on our boats I would appreciate the right name for it. If I say the word hatch everyone thinks the entry hatch, if I say port light everyone thinks it’s one of the windows. It is the two overhead...
  3. C

    1978 E27 Fuel Indicator

    Hey! I need to replace my fuel indicator because the receiver wire is missing. I attempted to take it out but gas started to slowly come out so i stopped. I guess i still had some fuel in the tank . Does anyone happen to know the length of the fuel indicator? OR does anyone have a...
  4. jfischman

    Bow pulpit repair

    Hi all, The bow pulpit on my Ericson 29 (1990) got a nasty bend (impact with a dock piling). Does anyone know of a repair show or marine fabricator in the Annapolis Maryland area who might fix this--or know where to get a replacement if it's structurally damaged? (I know about Railmakers in...
  5. Fortune

    Replacement Stove on E35

    Someone replaced the original stove and oven (probably propane) with a small fridge. I don't really like the fridge, but probably would hate the original stove I really like the new Origo Alcohol stove/ovens but don't want to fall into the trap of spending more on my boat than I...
  6. Rick R.

    Replacement Fuel Guage for 1989 32-200

    Took a look at the fuel gauge on the tank in the aft berth this morning and the arrow is missing. Can anyone tell me where to find the replacement? It looks to be mechanical vs electric. Thanks in advance.
  7. V

    Fabric replacement

    I have a 1986 Ericson 35, Mark II and would like to acquire somewhat the same fabric that was originally used. Can anyone help me.
  8. ignacio

    E35-2 Rudder Bearing Replacement

    Hi all, I'm going through the surveyor's findings and recommendations on a 35-2 I'm considering purchase of, and the survey include the replacement of upper and lower rudder beariings. After speaking with a yard about this, it's clear more information is needed. So, how does one go about...
  9. chtaylor

    AC Breaker Replacement

    Hi All, My 77 E-32-2 has house type AC circuit breakers located under the galley sink and I'm thinking of replacing them with a Blue Sea panel to be located on the bulkhead near the DC panel. The current breakers are difficult to see and access, not labled and get in the way when trying to...
  10. footrope

    E38 Traveler Replacement - Harken

    Ending my hijack of Mr. Bugner's Sea Hood thread I've put in about 6 hours of work trying to remove the 20+ screws in the old Schaefer traveler. I have just one more screw left in the starboard side of the seahood before I can remove the track and channel. That one is a bugger because the RT...
  11. Joliba

    E38-200 Electrical Panel Replacement

    We became fed up with trying to deal with the virtually inaccessible rat's nest of wiring behind our electrical panel. As when we bought the boat 2 years ago, the original Newmar breaker panel was working, but in poor condition. The breaker panel along with the VHF, stereo, main AC outlet with...
  12. R

    starter replacement

    Well after getting the old one rebuilt twice in 1 year, me thinks it is time to replace with new as they just do not seem to work. Being in Nicaragua I am wondering if there is a auto type starter that would work on my "88 Universal 25? Lots of Toyota and other kind of import down here. Thanks...
  13. G

    e38 - 1981 - prop shaft stuffing box hose replacement

    Looking for some advice on replacement of the prop shaft stuffing box hose. The original stuffing box and shaft log seem to be 1 5/8". The original stuffing box hose was 4 ply. The 1 5/8" does not seem to be a common size for stuffing box replacements so a new 4 ply hose does not seem to be...
  14. U

    E38 Bulkhead replacement questions galore

    I am replacing pretty much all the bulkheads in my E38 ('83 #77). I'm wondering about the possibility of changing positions (or eliminating) various bulkheads. My plan originally was to restore back to original, but I could also go custom w/ her (I can always change her back)- Obviously I...
  15. mherrcat

    Replacing Fixed Windows Research [Master Thread]

    In reference to a previous thread: I just sent emails to Motion Windows in Vancouver, WA and to USA Marine Windows in Florida to get some prices on fabricating replacement fixed windows for my E30+. I did...
  16. W

    Steering Cable Replacement

    My 1989 E32 needs to have the steering cables replaced. Has anyone done this job and any advise on doing it? It is an Edson system.
  17. W

    E25 Starboard Bulkhead Replacement

    I recently purchased a 1973 E25 that I am working to bring back up to respectable condition. One of the issues is replacement of the aft bulkheads where the chain plates attach. The port was easy to remove and use for a pattern. However, it appears the only way to replace the other is to cut it...
  18. S

    Sole Replacement Project - Ericson 28+ 1981

    Hello all, I'm in the midst of replacing the sole on my '81 E28+. I had a few soft spots that weren't getting any harder, plus some water seepage from an unknown source appearing at the bast of the galley, so here we go: The floor came up in strips, chips, and fibers, much as has been...
  19. B

    E39 Water Tanks replacement

    Hi Ericsons I'm wondering if anynoe has ever replaced the water tanks on an Ericson 39 before? I'm a little aprehensive the floor is a good inch thick, and I believe the floor take some of the transverse load of the hull? and have no idea how the tanks are mounted? Any tips hints or ideas...
  20. Captain Crunch

    Sun cover replacement.

    I'm planing on replacing the suncover on my genoa and am looking for a resource for material and maybe some advise on what used heavy duty sewing machines people have bought (ebay, Craigslist)to do this kind of job. My goal is to do this repair myself while gaining the tools and the knowledge...
  21. bayhoss

    Replacement Transmission

    After an fouling in a crab pot line it looks as if I may have done some damage to the trans. I'm left with the choice of repair or replacement. Do any of you know of a source for a replacement trans. for the Hurth on my E28? Best, Frank
  22. D

    Shaft tube replacement

    Does any one know which length shaft tube to replace on E-35 II? 9" or 4-5/8". I am only assuming I have a 3/4" shaft on my 1979 boat.
  23. ignacio

    E27 Replacement Handrails

    Anyone recommend a source for replacement teak handrails on a '73 E27?
  24. J

    replacement depth, boat speed and wind speed instruments

    Hi all You may have read my earlier post about my E-28 getting hit by lightning. :esad:SHort story is I had Signet instruments on the boat from the PO and I made the decision to stay with SIgnet because I supposedly could re-use some of the wiring from the depth transducer and paddlewheel and...
  25. J

    Replacement for Racor 220

    I have an 88 E28 with a M12 Universal. Would like to replace the old Racor 220 unit. The Racor 120AS with 10 micron filter was recommended. Any comments.
  26. ragamuffin

    E27 Port Light Replacement

    I want to replace the forward port lights on ragamuffin has anyone done this on a 27? I would like opening ports on both sides (currently my head window is stuck closed), and maybe even add 2 in the v berth area. I only have one hatch and want more ventilation.
  27. C

    38' 1981 rub rail insert replacement?

    Like everyone else, my white rub rail is past the pale and I am inclined to replace it rather than try to paint it. I'd appreciate any info on manufacturer and specific insert number or designation for anyone who has done this on an '81 38 footer. The cost would also be helpful. Also was it...
  28. exoduse35

    Spreader replacement

    Hi all, I am currently rebuilding the mast on my 35-2. As part of this job the old spreders have got to go. The original specs and demensions are here in the tech, section so so far so good. Now the problem... The drawings call for 1 5/8" sitca spruce. I have searched high and low for a suplier...
  29. S

    '87 E34 rub rail replacement

    Anyone know the best replacement for my 87 E34? See photo. I doubt anybody makes the exact rail.
  30. A

    Datamarine Instrument Replacement

    The 20 year old Datamarine depth and speed instruments functioned well enough for me to bring my boat home, after the PO replaced the paddlewheel and transducer for the speed, but they are both getting very tempermental now. I have spent more time than I want to making sure that they had good...
  31. G

    replacement mast for Ericson 39B

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a good mast for RAMPAGE, Ericson 39 flushdeck, if anyone has any leads, much appreciated... or specs on the mast, boat... Fair winds- Gordon
  32. S

    Replacement boom for E23

    I need a replacement for the boom on my E23. (Second Wind). Any help would be appreciated.
  33. TS Farley

    replacement engine on a E 35 MK II

    Would anyone have advice on what would be a good replacement engine for a recently acquired 1975 E 35 MK II? The current original Westerbeke is working well, but exsanguinates oil into the bilge. The mechanic's advice is to just keep using it until it gives out.....he can't see where the leak...
  34. J

    32-200 portlight replacement

    The two salon fixed portlights are similar but different. A lewmar light fits the front but not the aft. Any suggestion ? Bomon marine in Quebec has a nice web sight and seems very friendly and helpful. the windows would have to be custom made and if there is a standard alternative I would...
  35. erikwfab

    West Marine dinghy oars replacement

    I just picked up a used West Marine/ Zodiac RU 260 inflatable without oars. I am looking for either a used pair or the plastic rowlock pins and collars so I can convert some to fit. Does anyone know of a source? I figure there must be some deflated boats and good oars out there somewhere...
  36. P

    Replacement winches

    Has anyone replaced the sheet winches on an E27 and relocated them further aft? I spent quite a few hours on the boat yesterday removing the old Barlow's ready to replace with a pair of Lewmar self tailers and was wondering if anyone has moved them nearer to the wheel position to aid single...
  37. B

    E27- Replacement for Original Raritan Head?

    My 1974 E27 has a manual Raritan head that is original equipment, as far as I know. I've fixed it several times, but its days are limited, and I'd like to replace it with a new head. Does anyone know if there are any manual heads sold by West Marine or other that fit directly into the existing...
  38. D

    Replacement Tiller

    Does anyone know if the E27 and E29 use the same Tillers? I need to replace my Tiller and contacted H&L Marine. They have a stock tiller (#1157F) for the E27. With my boat being a '71 and passing through multiple owners, I cannot be sure my Tiller is stock or if it matches the E27...
  39. mherrcat

    Flag halyard replacement

    My flag halyard has been missing since I've owned the boat and I finally bought a replacement line. Is there any special knot that is used to join the two ends of the line to make it a continuous loop?
  40. I

    Fixed window replacement

    I am in the process of replacing the "glass" in the fixed windows on my Ericson 38. I have the windows out of the boat. Now I want to take the split frames apart. This is where I am running into difficulties. I am having trouble getting the frames apart. Any advice on what has worked for...
  41. ignacio

    E27 Galley Countertop replacement

    Looks like the galley countertop needs to be replaced. The PO let several years of water intrusion get in there and now it's seriously delaminated/rotting. Aside from simply removing it so I can get the pattern for the replacement, anyone have any tips for how to go about this project? The...
  42. J

    E27 Mast Replacement

    Has anyone replaced a mast for E27, I am wondering what is the ball park cost for such a project? Thanks, Eugene
  43. J

    E27 gas tank replacement

    I just had my gas tank replaced by a friend - genius of mine ...if anyone cares I could discuss online if you are interested...Beautiful job looks like art. Just want to give back for all the help you have given me....
  44. R

    E38 direct hatch replacement?

    Hello All, I have a leaking main salon hatch on my E38, the big 24" by 24" unit just aft of the mast. Its original, looks like its leaking from the frame seam, or catch rivets, bedding, etc. There is enough corrosion to warrant replacement. Does anyone know of a hatch that is a direct...
  45. E

    Ericson 35-2 Lower Spreader Replacement

    Inspection of the lower spreaders on my 1977 Ericson 35-2 has revealed some wear/deformation at inner end of the aluminium tappered spreader (that bolts onto protruding mounting hub welded to spar). Has anyone else experienced this problem and can recommend a suggested repair or better yet can...
  46. E

    Teak plywood replacement E32-200

    Has anyone replaced the teak plywood around the fixed port lights in the main salon? Im not sure if it's glued in or secured by the moulding and ports.
  47. S

    Standing rigging replacement

    I'm closer to owning my 1976 E27,a few more days now! The current owner has neglected the boat somewhat and although the standing rigging looks okay he has no idea how old it is so I would like to replace it. My question is :With a deck stepped mast is it feasible to replace the rigging one...
  48. jreddington

    Yacht Specialties Sprocket Replacement

    The Yacht Specialties steering pedestal sprocket on my '84 E-28 has some damaged teeth so that the steering has a kink in it while the chain passes over those damaged teeth. I remember discussions here years ago about finding replacements. I believe the general consensus was that there were...
  49. bayhoss

    Replacement Lifelines

    Hello to all, After hearing of someone falling onto a stainless lifeline and cracking a rib, I'm giving thought to replacing my 1X19 stainless lifelines with three strand nylon. It has good strength 1,000lbs breaking, but has a stretch of 15%. I know that a line with stretch is not the most...
  50. ignacio

    1973 E27 forward hatch replacement

    Howdy all, This is my first post, so please bear with me! I just purchased a '73 Ericson 27 ... to put it mildly, some areas have lots of "deferred maintenance." The hull, rigging, interior, and outboard were all fine (had it surveyed), but there are a few items that need some help (I got...
  51. F

    New unwelcome vibration after transmission replacement

    Hi, I would appreciate any thoughts and advice on this new problem. We replaced the Hurth transmission on our 1984 E30+ with a Twin Disc transmission, rated at the same 2:1 reduction ratio (whatever that means:confused:) because it seemed the Hurth was slipping occasionally when underway...
  52. T

    Universal 5432 Fresh Water Pump Replacement

    The following is FYI for 5432 owners. The fresh water pump (that's the one that circulates the engine coolant not the "raw water pump") began to leak on my 1981 E38. I was concerned it might be the bearings being near failure so wanted to replace it. The cost of a Universal replacement from...
  53. S

    Coaming Storage Wood Replacement

    I have a '73 Ericson 32. The the wood base in the reach in coaming storage are rotted out. Has anyone tackled the problem
  54. Loren Beach

    Transom Thru Hull Replacement

    Yesterday I removed all the above-water factory thru hulls on our transom. It's been over 20 years and from the outside I had observed for some time that the exterior part of each was getting attacked by UV. One of the 1 1/2" ones had been replaced a few years ago by the yard when a workman...
  55. T

    Data Marine Mast Head Unit repair or replacement

    My original mast head anemometer has slowed to an unbalanced crawl. To make matters worse, a big bird tried to sit on it and when it spun on him, his frantic flapping in getting away, knocked off the directional fin. The dilemma now is what to do. The other original instruments still work well...
  56. S

    Cheap LED replacement for existing cabin fixtures

    I read the posts here and looked at fixture replacement as well as bulb replacement & decided to go a different route. The 9 LED strip I used is $13, guarenteed for life and draws .07 amp. It has the apparent luminosity of the two 10 watt incandecent bulbs it replaces (.833 amps *2) although...
  57. R

    E27 steering replacement

    With the help of the EYO "for sale/wanted" forum, I located a pedestal steering system to replace the one the prior owner of my E27 CE (cruising edition) sold off her during a personal economic downturn. Now I have all the components of an old Yachting Specialties system complete with an...
  58. T

    Mast support without upper shroud

    I have an 1974 e27 and my starboard spreader bracket is broken. I am wondering if it is safe to go aloft to remove the bracket and spreader so that I can take in the broken pieces to be either used as a mold or to have it welded. What this would entail is having the upper shroud eased. Is...
  59. M

    Rub Rail Replacement?

    I have an 1988 28' and the rub rail was banged up by Ike. I want to replace it with the original. Does anyone know where it can be purchased. Thank you in advance
  60. L

    replacement rudder help

    I need to replace the rudder on my 30 foot ericson 1968 year. Also some fiberglass repair work will have to be done where the bottom bracket was. Does anyone have any experience with this and could direct me to a good boatyard in So. Cal to have this done? Thanks Dan L. Santa Barbara
  61. L

    Lost my Rudder! Replacement?

    My 1967 ericson 30 lost the rudder approx 20 miles offshore. I could not retrieve it so lost the support fitting also. We hit nothing and the wind was 18 knots with a 3 to 4 foot swell. I am going to need help replacing this, say where do i find a replacement and how do I rebuild the hull...
  62. D

    E38 Battery Replacement - deep cycle or dual purpose?

    Hello - I was hoping to tap the forum again for a little guidance. I've decided to replace the 3- group 31 batteries on Magellanes this spring... boat is wired with a house bank (2 batteries) and a separate switch for the engine battery. All 3 can be paralleled together. The batteries on the...
  63. mherrcat

    Sherwood impeller replacement

    I was trying to order a replacement O-ring and gasket for the Sherwood water pump on my M-18 engine from Torresen Marine and there was some confusion about the need for a gasket. They are checking it out and are going to call me back, but I thought I would ask here as well. On the drawing, part...
  64. Loren Beach

    zinc replacement article Interesting little article on your Universal Diesel heat exchanger zinc. The Catalina Direct site has other useful stuff, like new lenses for Lewmar portlights, too. Loren
  65. B

    Replacement deck fill caps

    Has anyone ever found a place that sells replacement caps for deck fills for Ericsons? The replacement caps from West Marine and so on don't fit (wrong threads). We'd like to have a spare one handy. We have an 80s E34. If a cap did get lost, the only solution would seem to be getting a new...