1. E29 Galley Extension

    E29 E29 Galley Extension

    Last winter and spring, I committed a few more projects / abominations on my boat. These next few posts confess to some interior modifications that I have been thinking about for a few years and finally executed while the boat was hauled-out and sitting next to the workshop for nine months. The...
  2. S

    Decision time...

    We're approaching decision time on a first boat purchase, after nearly a year of searching. I'm pretty sure we'd be most happy with something in the 34-38' range over the long term, but to start with a 27-29' will get us sailing, and learning what we like and don't like in the design. In about...
  3. S

    Looking for an Ericson 29 - 35 (BC or Wa preferred)

    Hello all, Just in case someone here is thinking of selling, we are looking for our first keelboat. We had an offer on a '76 E29 which got away from us, but are now re-evaluating our size and budget parameters. Having studied most of the Ericson models from 27 through 35 (I love the 38, but...
  4. S

    E29 tall rig and extra ballast

    Hello all, I am still an looking for an E29, and waiting to view a '76 locally that looks promising. I've only been aboard one E29, a '74 model, and I've seen a lot of other boats since then. I am curious how many E29s were the tall rig, and if there are any easily identifiable clues as to...
  5. TimTimmeh

    E29 for sale - Vancouver Island $6500 CAD

    Hi Everyone, I recently upgraded to an Ericson 34 so now my Ericson 29 is for sale in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver island; Asking $6500 CAD. Rather than re-post the add here i'll just add the link to the CL add for more info. deleted Thanks, Tim Update: SOLD in 24 hours, that must be...
  6. T

    E-29 Owners - Help! (backstay/chain plate questions)

    I kicked this around with another member in a private chat, but I wanted to open it up for suggestions. I have nailed down a final design of the chain plates for the shrouds, dry fitting and locating exact bolt holes tomorrow. The Fore stay plate, is pretty strait forward. The back stay...
  7. reelmanmi

    Need help IDing refrigeration on '76 E29

    Hello all, new to sailing (10-16) and working the bugs out of my 1976 E29 (loving the boat & sailing) and could use a hand identifying the refrigerator so I can hopefully get a diagram and a line on replacement parts. Please see pics and thanks in advance for any assistance.
  8. C

    Nice E29 for sale on craigslist

    I found this boat on Craigslist, the guy has owned it for 28 years and it has always been in fresh water. If my wife would sail, I would buy this one in a minute. New sails and a repower with diesel. https://nmi.craigslist.org/boa/5706994583.html
  9. R

    E29 Outhaul Upgrade

    The outhaul car slide on my E29 binds under load, so it is almost impossible to adjust the foot tension. Has anyone upgraded their E29 outhaul? If so, do you have pictures so that I may copy your work? Thanks.
  10. R

    E29 Fuel tank removal

    Has anyone removed the fuel tank from their E29? I'm wondering how much trouble it will be and whether it will come out through the cockpit seat opening. Bonus if you have any photos! Thank you.
  11. R

    E29 Compression Post

    I've looked at a prospective 1977 E29 twice now and on the the second inspection, I noticed a crack in the liner around the compression post. I was surprised I didn't notice it the first time around as I usually go over the bulkhead pretty thoroughly. The door to the head is also sticking, and...
  12. M

    1978 E29 Portlights

    So this is my first time ever posting in a forum, and this looks like a great group so here it goes! I recently (2 weeks ago) purchased a 1978 E29 named Mandalay in the Chesapeake/Norfolk VA area. She has a few small issues, one of which is the port-lights. Obviously due to age, they have a...
  13. O

    Blower timer wiring diagram wanted

    I'm looking for a wiring diagram for a Weems & Plath blower timer, I have the panel in the boat (E29), it looks like original equipment, but at some point a PO put in a new blower and bypassed the timer panel. See link for image of panel (I'm not sell it, I just found the image on ebay). Any...
  14. O

    Help rigging a spinnaker

    I purchased an E29 this summer with partial spinnaker rigging and want to determine what additional hardware I'll need. I have the spinnaker pole, the mast has a spinnaker ring on the front, there is one 2.5" block mounted on the lower starboard side of the pulpit and 1 car on the starboard...
  15. O

    Length of spinnaker pole for E29

    I recently purchased an E29 with a spinnaker pole of about 13'. The PO thought that the pole may have come from a different boat and was likely too long. Any thoughts on what the length of a pole should be on an E29?
  16. S

    Ericson 29 v.s. Ericson 27

    Hello! Very new here... I am in the market for a small liveaboard sailboat during college and after. I am living in the SF Bay area and I came across an E27 and an E29... from what I could tell, there isn't much difference. My real question is, is one significantly better than the other...
  17. davisr

    using Dow Corning 795 Silicone to caulk glass-gasket joint in portlight

    I'm wanting to hang on to my original aluminum-framed portlights with tempered glass. I plan to rebed the portlights to the exterior of the cabin with butyl tape. This question does not concern that part of the job. Instead it concerns the gasket that holds the glass within the frame. I want to...
  18. C

    E29 water tank size?

    Have acquired an abandoned boat that has no water tank under the stbd quarter berth. What's the biggest standard off-the-shelf tank that can fit under there? Chris E29 Mojo, Va
  19. D

    E29 Mack Sails Miter Cut Genoa

    Does anyone have any thoughts, experience, or recomendations? I am shopping for a new 150% genoa. After getting 6 quotes from sail lofts, Mack Sails prepared the best quote... does anyone out there have experience with them and more specifically the "miter cut" genoa? His quote was for 5.77 oz...
  20. A

    Drought stricken E29 whats best!

    I have an E29 on Lake Conroe in Texas. The drought has lowered the lake level significantly. My E29 is stranded at its peir. The water level has dropped to where the keel is in the mud. She is still currently upright, but not much longer. I'm soliciting advice do I let it lie over as the water...